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I wanted to make something for our staff this morning, to help with the mood for our "Read to Your Baby" festival (aka the parade of drugged families).

I had a recipe for Apple raisin spice muffins.  But when I added the liquid ingredients to the dry, the result was instant glutenation, like I'd overmixed by 300x.  Milk didn't help, and ew gross.

Rereading the recipe, I see that it calls for whole wheat pastry flour rather than regular.  Yeah, that might cause a little bit of toughness.  :\

*offers up mushroom and onion omelet to baking gods*

*tosses huge quantity of formerly edible food*

*prepares pre-packaged banana bread mix for co-workers*

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Oh. My. God. I had the worst thing happen to me.

I went to tan (yeah, yeah, I know, but I have a slight problem with SAD; I'm only in there once or twice a week for 15 minutes, max) and I put on a sample packet of tan cream. It was called "Tingle", and claimed to have an ingredient that promised "tight, firm skin you can feel".


Christ on a cracker - it started tingling, which progressed to burning by the time my 12 minutes in the bed was up. By the time I got home, I was dancing around, screeching, lobster-red. Showering got the stuff off my skin, and Honeybunch slathered me with sanity-saving gel (Bath and Body Works' Put It On Ice, which they don't seem to carry anymore :O) while I took some Benadryl.

But I took a nap and lo, the redness is gone (you could see the section of my back where I couldn't reach to apply the lotion!) and I'm all better now.


Talk about truth in advertising!
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Er, sorry about my last cryptic posts. I haven't been in the mood to enumerate the various bad things that have happened recently. Add the below to a raging case of PMS, and yeah. Cryptic.

After much ruminating on the year anniversary of Katrina and all of the people still suffering, I have to say to myself: don't get too comfortable with the little inconveniences of life - you know where your family is, and you can go to the space you call home.

Here's the last three months of my life, in a nutshell, cut for the disinterested and for length:

Work )

Taxes )

the car )

Things are looking up at the moment. There's light at the end of the tunnel. )

Thanks to those of you who've heard bits and pieces of these things and offered sympathy and support. It means a lot when you can't go to your family.

I'm so happy to see all of the wonderful things that are happening to people on my flist. New cars, babies, jobs, interviews, decorating, houses. To those of you who are having some angst, you have my sympathy and lots of positive vibes headed your way *eyes [livejournal.com profile] merrydrought and [livejournal.com profile] blue_eye*

Finally, I've been under a small hiatus on news this past week (this is why I've been less responsive lately, [livejournal.com profile] authenticpoppy) - I was getting to the point where I couldn't listen to NPR news without my chin wobbling. The Harry Connick, Jr. single had me flat-out bawling last night, after listening to an interview with a man in NO who is sharing a small trailer with two other men, and who doesn't know where his father, brothers, or 6 year old daughter are. My problems? Not so bad.
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Holy crap, man. I went bowling with folks from work yesterday, and I am SORE. I didn't realize that bowling was such a...sport!

People, my ASS is sore, not just my arm/wrist. Cripes.

I already work out three days a week and do cardio five days. :/ Pro bowlers must have some killer glutes.

I've been lurking around, doing more via email lately. I had a talk with Honeybunch about LIFE SO HARD, and glory be, he's taking action! It's amazing what you can goad a person into when you invoke the "I married my father" salvo. (My dad isn't the most responsible or common-sensical person on earth, let's just say.)

[livejournal.com profile] madlori and [livejournal.com profile] rachet, you all made me wibbly several times this weekend! It's so nice to know people who are such good friends to each other. :)

Hope you all are having a good week so far (Monday's over, so things have to be looking up, eh?)!
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My rant on this is here, but be aware that it will be offensive to anyone who finds themselves jockeying for rank in their pew on Sunday.

RAR. Someone please schedule me for a frontal lobotomy so I won't have to care about this kind of crap anymore.
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I'm alive, barely. Just a GIP and quickie update before my hands give out.

Work has gone surprisingly well this week, now that I've dropped the 'omg I have to do every last thing around here' attitude. Left me more time for shifting and shelf status and getting rid of one of our AV areas. I am soooo sore now; I haven't done much online because my hands are sore at the bone.

Saw this book on a cart and had to give it a second look:

That wide belt gives her a wholesome look, doesn't it? What about the girls without values? Are they allowed to buy vintage clothes? :D

So, the the guy they've cast as a young Remus Lupin? Super hot (though his lips kind of scare me).

Honeybunch and I watched Good Night, and Good Luck together last night. It's funny to watch Andy get so mad about this stuff. We would certainly have been targets of Mr. McCarthy. Because we're not pussies like more and more Amurricans seem to be. I refuse to have my name, SSN and address entered into a database that tracks my cold medicine (and if you pay with a credit card, that database can immediately start looking at your other purchases, not just your Sudafed buys). F-off, commie bastards.

(Very interesting: As we were kind of looking over the McCarthy era online, we were surprised at how late in the game President Eisenhower came out against McCarthy and the Senate. But, if you look at personality styles - Eisenhower was an analytical personality - he looked to be operating in classic Analytic stress mode. When there are not clear-cut rules or precedent, the Analytical leader will avoid speaking out or making decisive statements until he or she feels that their opinion/decision is the right one. Up until now, I'd considered Eisenhower a take-charge, decisive person. Hm.)


Am I the only one who thinks the Arctic Monkeys are vastly horrible, a la The Killers? Talk about overhyped and under-talented.

I am 100% in love with del.icio.us. My listing is here. Too cool (and you can set up buttons on your Firefox toolbar for one-click link additions). I love being able to browse other people's links. *sigh* So little makes me so happy.

Stretch Island Fruit Leather + Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper = Crazy Delicious

Andy's car died one day after I got mine back from the shop. *headdesk* I thank my lucky stars that I got a replacement ID from OSU, so I can ride COTA gratis, 'cause it might be a while before we have two cars. I'm kind of figuring out why people take drugs, because I really want to escape from the daily worries of life once in a while. Anyone know about a free crack giveaway? :D

How are YOU ALL doin'?


Feb. 5th, 2006 10:39 pm
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Thank goodness (almost goonless) the Super Bowl is over.
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I think I should reconsider that yoga class...'cause if the president thinks it's up to us to ensure a "free and democratic Iran", I'm gonna need to be flexible enough to kiss my ass goodbye. Tho', they DID manage to elect their leader, so I'm the President must be a little confused.


In other news, I wonder if Ed Helms could get a good helicopter going. :utterly evil: I am liking him more and more every day. :>
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He's either fucking brilliant or fucking stupid, but he's got balls, that's for damn sure.

How does he get those things in his pants, anyway?
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I'm starting to feel like [livejournal.com profile] likebunnies - I seem never to come and make a nice, happy entry, only to bitch and whine and moan.

Whinge, etc. )

Ooh! Something good! They played "California Uber Alles" this morning during the Andyman-a-thon! It's the little things, I tell ya.


Dec. 14th, 2005 10:48 pm
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I slipped and fell today. BUSTED my ASS, big-time. >.o Slammed my shoulders into the curb to break my fall. Good times.

God, please kill me now.

I have painkillers, and I plan to be quite shiny in a few minutes' time.

Wish me luck!

Oh! Honeybunch update )

Oh, and my cookies? Toll House recipe cookies are SUPPOSEd to be that way, all flat and crispy. The folks at work praised them to heaven. Yay karma! It was meant to be.

Mmm, shiiiiny now.


Dec. 12th, 2005 05:21 pm
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I am angry like whoa. It's not going to do me any good to scream and yell at my husband (note that he is IN TROUBLE when I go from Honeybunch to MY HUSBAND).

So, kind reader, I must rant to you )

I know it sounds bitchy, but I, the original shopaholic, can keep myself under budget. If he can't, we're going to have more WORDS.
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Help! Call the *waaahhhhbulance*!

I'm having cookie trouble!

I've attempted the recipe on the Toll House chocolate chip cookie bag. No nuts. So far, so good.

When I bake them, however. They seem to have flattened out, with a ring of dough around the edges and the chocolate chips in the middle. The chips have melted along the bottom and the dough is a bit greasy/shiny.

The oven was at the right temp (although it's electric and can randomly change temp) for the cookies, 375 degrees for 9 minutes.

*wails* Advice! I'm desperate! Ransom will be considered.
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Some people are truly special. Like people who demand that I read The Five People You Meet In Heaven or who tell me I'd love Kathy Reichs' books.

Then there are the Left Behind people, who seem to think that we've incorrectly classified those books as fiction. Rawr.

Certifiable, I tell you.

I've been trying to find a stat that I'd seen somewhere, but now I can't verify it: only 37% of regular churchgoers - people who attend religious services two or more times a month - have actually read the Bible from cover to cover. That seems like such a small number; it would surely go a long way to explain a lot of the nutty Christian fervor that seems to have taken over this country.

Please, if you're a Christian, read the Bible yourself, once. I know it's boring and not as steamy as, say, Danielle Steel, but slog through so you at least know enough to call shenanigans when people try to tell you that Jesus referenced homosexuality and said it was okay to kill brown people without provocation. We have the entire thing on CD at the library!
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I'm glad to see that if anyone (other than [livejournal.com profile] allichan, and I KNOW she's not a H/Hr shipper) on my friends-list commented on this post, they logged out before doing it.

Of course, I won't be commenting, since sane, well-thought out responses are not really what she wants. And considering I married a man very much in the vein of one Ronald Bilious Weasley, I take offense at just about every "OMG Ron iz liek sooo meen! He could never love Heeerrrmiooone! He iz an ABUSER!" And Hermione and Harry never have experienced growing pains or acted like arses - they sprung fully formed and perfect from book 1.

When did the H/Hr ship become the old H/G ship? Please stop acting like asshats, KTHX.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] camillabloom for the link to the above. I needed to stew a little bit today!


Sep. 27th, 2005 01:16 am
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Wal-Mart Looking to Buy Tommy Hilfiger
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...But I'm still boggling.

DeLay: shelters "like camping"; asks kids, "Isn't this kind of fun?

This is all you need to know about how out of touch most of our politicians are. And yes, "most" covers both reigning parties.

(Just in case you missed the memo: I'm a left-wing Constitutionalist without affiliation, and I am not a big fan of Michael Moore, but I think Kanye West is pretty much on the money, kthx)
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I found out why the staff at the Cross-Country Inn was in no hurry to replace/repair your desk, [livejournal.com profile] tonksnymphadora...drove by today and they were dismantling the hotel. Like, taking the doors and windows off and just leaving the shell of concrete.

Whoa. Guess the wobbly desk was the least of their worries! Eep.
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Interesting question.

Aw, look!  A [livejournal.com profile] happy_troll!  Go spread the love.

I am way too tired to comment on the drama and angst on the flist.  Everyone has a right to have an opinion.  People can tell you your opinion sucks.  C'est la vie.  Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, and never turn your back on either.

I'm sickeningly Midwestern, aren't I?

In other news, )

I convinced [livejournal.com profile] 1anonymous1 to get someone to look at her face and see if she needs to go the emergency room.  It sounded like a very serious case of sun poisoning to me.  She was having trouble seeing out of her left eye, and her blisters were leaking.  *worries*  I hope she goes to the emergency room to at least have it looked at.  :(


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