Feb. 28th, 2009

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Oh my, I have had the most fun weekend!  The curse of February is broken!

I went out to dinner with one of my besties to Black Olive, a newish restaurant in a popular area of town.  We were able to be seated without a reservation (which is a true testimony to the state of economy that one can go to any of the dozen restaurants in the Short North at 8pm on a Friday without a reservation), and had the AWESOMEST food!

Really, I usually don't go on and on about eats )

Then, Axis, which was full of fairy princesses *flings hand in air* Whatever.  So, texting for help, we ended up at Sweatin', which is a Friday night hipster dance party )

I dragged my sorry butt up this morning to get to the Y to try out an aerobics class.  It is quite amazing how much easier it is to get up after 4 hours of sleep when you've not been drinking the night before!  I liked the class - it was a lot of different plyometics, step, rebounding, and jump roping - and I'm hoping my friend Shannon will like it too, when she joins me next week.  (Uh, Columbus peeps?  You want to come with me to the downtown Y on Saturday mornings?  Hit me up!)

Then, I made a critical mistake - I decided to stay for yoga.  Ow.  Ow.  Whoa.  OW!  I am not cut out for yoga, man.  My knees and hips do not like it one bit.  *rubs flanks*

But long workouts mean one thing - recovery meal! )

Right now I'm alternating between hot pickled cauliflower and mixed nuts dipped in peanut butter.  Do you think I'm having symptoms of PMS?  Really?  :-P

Tomorrow is Lodge cleaning day, then I'm heading out to see The Airborne Toxic Event.  Can't wait.  Yay March!

So, how was YOUR weekend?


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