Aug. 21st, 2005

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I love living in the Midwest. Columbus, despite the fact that it's in the Midwest, is a pretty happening kind of place. I can get bubble tea, pad thai, fresh cucumbers, and organic guava without putting up with some holier-than-thou hipster attitude.

ANYWAY. Recap:

1. Violent Femmes. Awesome. Dissonant. Crowd full of people Trying Too Hard. Got squirted with lotion/sunscreen (you can imagine what flashed through my mind when I ended up covered with thick, white goo). [ profile] hastyent gets the Good Friend Award for coming along with me!

2. Lodge Bar. Worst.drinks.ever. Don't order from the bar there - just drink bottled beer. Gah.

3. Car wash. I remember why we don't do these things to make money - too much time, energy and sun. We do it for "donations" - a guy driving a Corvette gave us $3 to wash his car. Boo. My face and neck are burnt; I'm using the Honey Bee cream now, for sure! And we have another planned for September 10. *headdesk*

4. Naps. Naps are nice.

5. Ice cream. I have developed allergies to most preservatives, so my choices for ice cream are down to nearly nothing. Nothing but Jeni's Ice Cream, that is. I've been at the North Market at least twice a week all summer long. Today I had basil & pine nut, which was great. The sweet corn and blackberry rocks, too. They have regular flavors, too, but their specialty flavors are wonderful.

6. Cucumbers. 'Tis the season. *crunch, munch*

That is all. Hope most of you had great weekends, or that you can forget that this one ever happened!

ETA: The answers to my last lyric meme are here.


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