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Jan. 4th, 2007 11:35 pm
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Woo! [ profile] smutty_claus reveals have been made!

[ profile] starrika wrote Observation (Neville/Ginny) for me. I loved it - so descriptive and beautful.

I wrote Moonlight Madness (Harry/Luna) for [ profile] oracleholly.

Interesting that both of our female protagonists were piano players and that we both went with a very descriptive writing style. Not my usual at all. I'm more of a...technical writer.

I thought this year's entries were really well-done, as they typically are, I guess, considering the calibre of folks who participate.

Go, read, review! :)
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*blows dust off journal* Well, hello!

I've been lurking of late, spending some time on MySpace and being busy with things like Holiday cards, baking and shopping.

I got nuthin' to say aside from that.

Oh! Look what some lovely person wrote for me! Observation, a Neville/Ginny fic that is actually HOT. Wow.

Hopefully I'll feel more verbose later. Right now holiday stress, work and family drama leaves me so drained that everything else has kind of fallen by the wayside.

*hugs to you all*
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A bunch of random drivel:

Oh, Stephen, Paul and Amy, how much do I love you? Let me count the ways. )

I've been reading an inordinate amount of Harry/Draco slash lately. By inordinate, I mean I'm actually reading it. Well, like two novel-length fanfics: Transfigurations by [ profile] resonant8 and Left My Heart by [ profile] emmagrant01. Pretty good. Proof that one CAN read any pairing so long as it's well-written.

Also, this fic has me tied up in knots of several different sizes. So angsty!

Thing the fourth: I hate the Christmahanukwanzukkah season. Really. I do. When is January 3rd, again, so we can put all this crass commercialism back into the closet? Bah. Humbug.

One more thing. The soundtrack to The Last Kiss is the best thing to happen to soundtracks for a long, long time.

That is all.
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Strangers With Candy Trailer, w00t! June 28 (finally)! *pathetically excited*

And, TAD was on Cobert this week! *loves on Paul*

Continuing with the slashiness, I read a hot one-shot today: Headlines by [ profile] dramaphile. It's Harry/Colin, which is certainly not a pairing that I would pick up on a whim. But it's, well, yeah. Hot. Read, perv, review. Repeat as necessary.

Ta, y'all. Daily Show is on!
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I love my honeybunch - he buys me candy!  <3

Trent Reznor pwns me - With Teeth is the sex like whoa. 

Oh, wait, this post had a point!  I'm looking for Harry/Luna fics.  This pairing has some possibilities, and if anyone has read/seen decent fic (I'll even read genfic at this point), point me to it, please!

[ profile] rainpuddle13, I got your card!  Thanks so so much!  >:D
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I swear, I'll start more upbeat posts soon.  The holiday season isn't really conducive to that, however (who in the world put forth the idea that Christmastime brings out anything but the worst in family relations?), so I'll rant on.

My former sister-in-law reminded me of something very important regarding one of my medicines:  phenergan is highly addictive.


My stomach is already Audrey II.

Stomach:  Feed me.
Me:  What do you want?
Stomach:  You know what I want.
Me:  Uh...I don't have any more.
Stomach:  Aw, c'mon.  Feed me!
Me:  No, I won't!
Stomach:  I can make things difficult for you...*cue crippling nausea and sleeplessness*
*begins pathetic dance of denial and demand a la "Feed Me (Git It)"*

The bright spot was getting together with the [ profile] hp_ohio t00bs Friday night - yay for yummy food and laughs!  ([ profile] velvet__moon, I will get you a more appropriate gift, since I misunderstood exactly what kind of white elephant exchange we were having)  I am so bad with large groups, and there were so many people there!  :-S


MTV Hits has been feeding my latest addiction:  Alicia Keys.  I just mute and enjoy the pretty.

Went into work Thursday to turn in my return to work notice and everyone was so sweet.  Either they really like me, or they're so delirious from work that they're happy to see (relatively) fresh meat come in the door.  I think it's the latter.

Oh, and yay!  My nose is nearly healed!  (They ripped my left nostril off when they took out my NG tube)  So no more glances of disgust/horror!

Cute rec:  [ profile] likebunnies wrote a Harry/Hermione Christmas Fic.  Go read and review (but only if you're of age, since it's NC-17).

Toodle-loo, y'all.  :)

Not now!

Oct. 27th, 2004 12:40 am
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Disclaimer:  This is a woe-is-me post.  Read at your own discretion.

But first, a fic rec!  It's Remus/Hermione, by [ profile] casirafics.  It's R rated, and I am *still* a little weepy over it.  Certainly one of the best shorts I've ever read.

In the Turning

Now for the 'why me' part of the post; or, I'm really scared right now )

Also, in the interest of being totally manic in my panic (rhymes!), I have a couple of new icons for the election.  They're nice and vanilla, but anti-antiChrist, of course.  No, I'm not voting for Nader, why do you ask? 

Ahahahahaha, I need to take a pain pill and try to sleep.  Yes.
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Handwriting Meme )

Oh, you know you want to go take it.

Oh, nearly forgot:  Congrats to [ profile] queenkatiett for getting the job with CML!  All are agreed that we have never heard of a person being hired off the street into the CML machine, so those hours you spent studying up paid off!  Yay!

And many thanks to [ profile] deirdre_riordan for the "Republicans for Voldemort" bumpersticker!  What would you like in return (postage?  paypal?) for that?  I'm already receiving comments.  :)

Ooh, and two Snarry recs!  [ profile] rushlight75 has posted a sequel to Through a Shattered Mirror called Walking the Mirror's Edge.  And [ profile] mousewrites has put up Chapter I and Chapter II of Corvus Fallere, Book II.  Looks like it'll be another late night for me.  :>

There are some things I hate about customer service )
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I have decided to use my convalescence to do all the things I would typically not. So, I've decided to unabashedly read trashy gossip magazines, watch all manner of bad TV, and immerse myself completely in the fandom.

Done, done and done. :D

Activity of the day: Visit to Target for hair dye (I have mad, Julia Roberts-like roots) and a little walk. Also bought Bend It Like Beckham and The Sixth Sense. Still am much with the Keira Knightley love, although she'll never beat Thora Birch for my money.

I made a terrible mistake by stopping my Panera to have lunch. I literally fell asleep over my lunch, two bites in. I thought I was doing really well, felt pretty good. Then *boom*, sleepy-time! Lost $6 on lunch/dinner/breakfast, since I was too groggy to get it wrapped to go (my meals typically extend to three sittings. How do you do it, [ profile] rachet?). I have much to learn about when to cut my losses and head home.


In Touch magazine is only $1.99! This bodes well for my plan to follow the Olsen Twins until they get to NYU!

And dude, Percy/Tonks at [ profile] triumvirate. Damn, that's hot. Does anyone have recs for Percy/Tonks fanfic?

You Oughta Know was about DAVE COULIER?! Well, that little nugget of info takes the impact of that song down several paces. Alanis sure does like older men who treat her badly, doesn't she? Dave Coulier. *shakes head*

You know, I can feel my brain cells deserting me. *mad laughter* And I'm too anxious about feeling achy/queasy when I wake up to lie down and sleep. *twitches*
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In 1975... )

And because the answers to this are too funny... )

In other, random thoughts:

I want to marry Morrissey and have his little emo babies. He's just that hot.

For those of you who've been socked with my general crabbiness lately, deal. :D I do get irritated with the fandom from time to time, especially when people confuse fanon with canon. Work is also kicking my ass, but that's a rant that wears me out and makes me want to quit.

And finally, John Kerry picks his running mate! I also saw a great bumper sticker today - "No one died when Clinton lied!" We'll never know, will we, Mr. Starr? *evil laughter*

And yes, even suburbanites hate Starbucks. Viva Scottie MacBean!

Now, some fic recs - watch out folks, they're slash!

The Same Coin by [ profile] meri_oddities (Snarry, R, a little bit fluffy). After being injured as a Auror, Harry Potter returns to teach Defense Against Dark Arts at Hogwarts.

Mischief Manifest by [ profile] iscaris (Fred/George/Harry, Remus/Harry, NC-17, all the usual kinks).

And [ profile] rushlight75's newest fic, Spoils of War (Harry/various, NC-17, non-con) is up at Slaveboy!Harry considers his fate.
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Harry/Ginny-ers on my flist, we need your help!

Can you rec me and [ profile] littletort some well-written, dark Harry/Ginny fics? Ones where they come together because of their shared dealings with Tom Riddle/Voldemort. I'd prefer R or NC-17, but anything that is well-plotted will do. I've really been jonesing for some darkfic, but it seems to be in scarce supply lately, and it's nearly impossible to find in Harry/Ginny.

Just because I can't pimp it enough (and so all the folks who emailed me about it will know), Chapter 6 of A Night in Paris is up at


May. 11th, 2004 09:32 pm
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Yes, I'm alive! Trip to NC, RL issues, lack of internet access from home - all of these things have been conspiring against my spending every waking moment time reading LJs.

Currently I'm on a news embargo. Crying while on the Arc Trainer is Not Good. Fucking Bush. Fucking useless Iraq war. Fucking useless Don Rumsfeld. Saw a tee-shirt Ben Jelen wore that said "American Psycho" with a pic of Bush. I really want that shirt now.

Long, boring RL update, what I've done in the past two or so weeks )

And can I ask a question of you Southerners? What is up with the suspicious attitude? We were followed about by the owner of a tea shop, then I was criminalized by the Wal-Mart checkpoint man, and finally tailed by the perfume lady at Belk's. WTF? I felt, felt...well, Black. Is it like that everywhere down South or do you all think it was just the area (Fayetteville doesn't have the greatest economy)? My gentle Northern sensibilities were offended *sniff*

So, that's it for me.


All right, if you haven't read Dark Directed, click on that damn link and start! [ profile] fearthainn, I'll be reviewing soon, once I've digested the epilogue properly and can do more than squeal fangirlishly.

PoA previews: All I can say is, move over Dan, Rupert is turning into the heartthrob! Yum. Yum..not perving at all, nope, not at all. :-P~

[ profile] chickadilly - love ya hon! I haven't been on YM lately to chat, but I've been thinkin' about you lately.

Hugs and love to those who need them, especially [ profile] rainpuddle13 who lost her mother very recently.
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Since I used this to answer [ profile] lissinthecity's request for favorite HP fanfics, I might as well post it up here. And since I've been up since 3:45 worrying about my endoscopy, I figured it would use up some time and stomach acid energy, and it has (two hours and seven minutes, gulp).

Here's a list of the ten fics I come back to over and over again, in no particular order:

1. Dark Directed and The Past Didn't Go Anywhere by [ profile] fearthainn. Best redeemed Draco, ever, in DD.

2. Roman Holiday, Jewel of the Nile, Last Tango in Paris; also the Harry/Trelawney outtake All That Glitters by [ profile] coldcoffeeeyes

3. Through a Shattered Mirror by [ profile] rushlight75

4. What are Friends For? Part 1 and Part 2 by [ profile] ravenclawgrrl. Harry/Tonks, yum!

5. Several of [ profile] lissinthecity's shorts, including It's the End of the World as We Know It, Requiem, and Absolution. Read 'em all the time.

6. Cleverness Has Nothing to Do With Love by [ profile] shellyk

7. Control by [ profile] capitalslash (Percy/Fred/George, warnings of non-con, violence, and incest). Not everyone's idea of good fic, but it works in its context. You prefer the violence. The identical fists raining down on you, the kicking and the sensation of a knee in your groin. You can shut your mind off from that, disconnect, let the passing of time fade until you are left alone afterwards with aching joints, feeling numb inside. Yes, you prefer the violence.

8. Pretty From Behind by [ profile] jlh

9. Moving Pictures by [ profile] coldcoffeeeyes

10. The Fire and the Rose and Fire and the Rose Part II, by Abby and Domina on Witchfics
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Boy, I know how to bring the drama, don't I? *facepalms*

Let's just forget that last entry ever happened. I'm fine. Really. Yes.

Let's just say this fandom can wank like no other; I can already tell that my diplomacy skills will be put to the test this week.

[ profile] lissinthecity, I guess "fluttered" wasn't the word we should have debated. :D Your story rocks, hands down, as usual.
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I beta'd this fic a little while ago, and it's so unusual (and well-written) that it deserves some pimpage.

I normally don't pimp stuff I beta, since I tend to beta first-time fic writers writing gen fanfiction.

This story is titled Keeping Up Appearances. Pairing contains Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, and Arthur Weasley. Sound intriguing? It is. Go read and let [ profile] kirixchi know what you think! :-)
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If you don't belong to [ profile] the_psych_ward, you may have not gotten the call to read and critique [ profile] beccafran's new story, Happily Ever After.

It is Harry/Ginny, and rated PG to boot, but it's extremely well-written, if a tad sugary. I can take a little sugar with my fic as long as there is good plot and characterization. She delivers.

You all know that I would not recommend H/G unless it was decent stuff.

So, what are you waiting for? Go, read and review!
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Had early birthday party at my sister's house today. I'm so lucky to have a family that is generally nice. Well, there are evil elements like my older sister, the Queen Bitch, but all in all, I don't dread family functions.

*hugs [ profile] nmalfoy and [ profile] chickadilly*

So, had v. yummy food, got money from Dad, a framed photo of the Eiffel Tower and a baking sheet from my sister and her hubby. Ate cake. Much feline love given and received - Mal has four cats, including Ray-Ray, her "tard kitty" (who took head trauma from a gamecock when he was a kitten) and Pedro, the stray Jay found at Taco Bell a week ago.

Had good news - my youngest older brother is interviewing with the CIA. My brother is one bad mo-fo. )

I have been writing sporadically, but with no real progress made on any front. Hey, do you want to read this fic meme? )


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