Mar. 8th, 2009

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1.  Muchas gracias once again, friends, for all of your kind words and encouragement about Bernie dog.  He is doing very well.  The vet agreed with our decision in light of that, and listed him as not requiring further vaccination.  We have some "oncosupport" food supplement, and the vet cleared him to eat rawhide and popcorn again.  My puppy is a happy boy!

2.  A group of former co-workers and I have started a new tradition for first Fridays - International Supper Club.  This month, it was Spain Restaurant, which is one of those places inside a hotel where you could never imagine there could be food so good, yet you realize that culinary yumminess is inevitable.  Next month is Ha Long Bay.  *anticipates*

3.  1,000-calorie Saturdays are back!  I did my Spinning class, then an aerobics class Saturday morning with my friend Shannon.  I will get her to join a gym yet - I know she loved the Y, if she was a little salty with me about the intensity level of the aerobics class.Read more... )

Next week will be the Dublin Irish Festival 4-miler, then I should be back to 8-milers on Saturday mornings.  Ah, warm weather!

4.  I promptly ate up my 1,000 calories by having lunch at The Dube, and dinner at Bonefish Grill.  (Hey, I was carb-loading!)

5.  Today I ran the Arnold Classic 5K with my friend Andrew (who is the cutest, sexiest, and NICEST gay man on the planet).  Set a new PR, too - 29:42!  I know it doesn't sound impressive, but that's about 6 minutes faster than my last 5K, and I am a big girl.  But yay me!  My inner thighs are super-sore though (WTH)?

Being at the Arnold is very, as Andrew put it, distracting - imagine every type of person, of every fitness level, walking around - and this is the important part - confidently and without judgment.  It was crazy, I loved it!

The 'roided out women are also crazy, I couldn't stop staring.

6.  Then I went to The Dube, again, for lunch.  Mmmm.

7.  Uninterested in Watchmen.  Utterly.

8.  Totally interested in Chester French.  Totally.

9.  In the realm of the shitty, I'm now deep within the life of quiet desperation illuminated by Henry David Thoreau as regards my marriage.  Literally no conversation, and sometimes I just leave off in the middle of a sentence because it is so obvious that I'm wasting my breath.  There are times when I am so lonely I want to cry, and I don't cry.

10.  Other than that, life is great.  Really.  :-)


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