Feb. 11th, 2009

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1. My Granny died last night, after more than a week in hospice care. I'm taking it with much more grace now that I've given up anthromorphized religion. As long as you've influenced others, you are immortal.

2. Dad is going in for prostate surgery (some procedure with a cutesy name - why don't female surgeries have cutesy names like TULIP?!) next week. That is, if he can keep from throwing out his hip/back/sciatic nerve every other day. He can barely walk right now, and lying down is out of the question.

3. And to cap off the bad-things-happen-in-threes, my brother was in a serious motorcycle accident earlier this week. Luckily, he's an experienced rider (he had a bike before he had a license, IIRC) and he and his wife managed to survive a 75mph auto sideswipe with non-life-threatening injuries.

If any of you yahoos go riding without a helmet, I'll beat your heads in myself. Call it preempting the inevitable.

Trying to stay up later to stave off nightmares (had a tremendous one this afternoon, mitigated by the bad news and windy conditions), trying keep my sanity in the face of the next two days of family time, and trying to see the brighter side of things, no matter how bad it looks right now.

Also have been feeling rather guilty at the idea of my relative lack of suffering in this crappy economy, wherein I'm paying off bills/debt, saving money for a down payment, planning new savings for trips, giving more money to charity.  I know it's silly, and I certainly don't gloat or flash any bling.  But it seems that my fortunes go up when everyone else's goes down.  Three cycles of that now, hm.


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