Jan. 10th, 2009

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I've been trying to use the ole ElJay to keep myself awake during the week, but I fell asleep.  Dur.

Went out for Korean last night with friends to Min Ga...oh man oh man I am SO glad I can eat spicy food!  I had Obeng Bokum (scallops and fish cakes stir fried with kimchee and vegetables), and sampled some sweet potato noodles (gelatinous) and seafood pancake (like pizza).

We got to talking about the different kinds of food we've tried, or would like to try.  Cut for the queasy. )

At one point there was an "International Supper Club" among the library folks, and I think we're going to resurrect it...Cbus folks, I will let you know when this is happening.  You will like.  Our next stop will be Spain Restaurant.  My mouth is watering just thinking of the paella....mmmmm.

That meme-y thing that's going around:  Self-knowing Extroverted (REALLY?!) Self-improver )

This morning was our Temple's annual meeting.  Ohio (and central Ohio in particular) is rather well-known for its population of utter pussies when it comes to driving in even slightly inclement weather.  The whining began at 9am on FRIDAY - "are we still having the meeting?  It's gonna be really bad out!"  "Is the meeting still on?  'Cause they're calling for freezing rain and snow!"  Because the local weather stations NEVER exaggerate weather reports and Ohio weather is ALWAYS predictable.

Attendance was sparse, but then again, I need to drive without worrying about people who've never heard of using 2nd gear for traction.  Wimps.

Once that was out of the way, we went to see Valkyrie.  It was decent, mainly because if one can keep others in scenes with Tom Cruise, he can act.  Alone, he comes off as wooden and stilted.  Even though you know how it ends (and if you don't, read the Wikipedia overview), it was still sad to think of those men being reviled as traitors and betrayers by those under their command.  Interesting, worth the watch.

Hopefully you all are having fun-filled weekends.  :-)


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