Jan. 5th, 2009

quidditchgrrl: (Goddamn paper jam!)

I'm trying to stay awake until 9pm so I don't wake up at 4am, rarin' to go.

I really would like to take a personal day tomorrow, for the dumbest reason - I got yelled at for the first time.  Well, not YELLED yelled at, but told in strong language how I precisely fucked shit up.

Totally my fault, too, and not jack shit that can/could be done about it.  :-\  I just HATE falling down on the job and feeling like a failure.  Boo.  I thought about getting upset, but looked at the pile of work that needs done and decided against it.

Funny how you never want to cry when it's convenient.  Only when you're at your limit and beyond the breaking point and you can't stop that your eyes start to burn.  I persevered, however.

In better news, the Y got new/more bikes for cycling!  They're quite nice, and the classes are tracking their progress leading up to The Big Ride at the start of February - a 3-hour spinfest.  My goal is to make all but 2 lunchtime classes this month.

Only 3 more months 'til Spring....

Even better news - I'm over my salt pica, hopefully my iron levels are approaching normal.  While I do like chicken livers, 3 buckets of them in 3 weeks is a bit much.  Oy.

Somehow I've developed a strange rash on my inner thighs, and I have *no clue* what it is or how it got there.  Very itchy, not too bumpy, but annoying.  Twelve is about the age where having a rash is acceptable in any way.  D:

Hope some of you are enjoying your first days back after the holidays.  I for one am glad for a return to routine.


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