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Seriously, is it possible to have Seasonal Affective Disorder after the season is over?  IT'S SNOWING IN APRIL.  Gnar.

I am considering Twitter after a convo with a friend I ran into at the library today.  Usually I'm so up on new technology, but even I don't have time to update every GOSHDARN second of my boring life.  Does Shaq do anything else?

Still in the dark about my in-laws' vow renewal thingy (did I mention that?) as to times and expectations.  Will probably end up looking like an idiot in some way due to Mr K not obtaining details.

Eating clean is going well, other than needing to learn how to read a scale.  On the upside, I lost like 10 pounds in 3 days!  :-D

All of my photos, icons, and picspam were lost in one of those crazy PC crashes that happen when your husband downloads pr0n.  But my 18000+ music files were recovered (and imminent homicide averted). \o/

I don't know if I want to see a Rupert Grint sex scene.  Just sayin'.  I think Equus scarred me for life when it comes to kid actors' bits.  D:

Did some Spring cleaning of the ole journal, updated icons.  Might redo some headers with lyrics/titles from Years of Refusal.  Hm.

How are you all doin'??
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Know what's cool?  I went through and deleted my Bush icons.  Feels pretty darned good, clean sweep.

Now I can waste a bunch of time searching for and uploading shiny new icons (see above/left/right).

Know what's not cool?  Both Blur and The Smiths teasing us with possible reunions.  C'mon, for old times' sake, gents!

Have been listening to The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb, and have found myself on the blind edge of tears several times.  His writing does that to me.  The subject matter (centered around the Columbine High School shootings), the pacing, the horrible banality of life amid tragedy, and yeah.  That'll do it.

Doctor will be called Monday.  I need to figure out what to do about the iron malabsorption issue (no duodenum = loss of 90%+ ability to absorb iron), get my thyroid tested (I feel like I'm freezing to death while everyone else is basting in their own juice), and try to get him on the medically-necessary abdominoplasty wagon (the case could be made - I can't lay on my stomach without scar tissue pressing on my diaphragm).  A girl can dream of insurance-approved plastic surgery, can't she?

(Someone asked me if having a tummy tuck would, quote, make me happy, unquote.  No, *I* decide my own happiness.  But it would be nice to a) not have to worry about turning over in the night and inadvertently asphixiating myself; b) move one way and not have my stomach undulate in another; and c) not look like a topographic map when I'm naked.)

Oh, and if you didn't see the news, Equus raised $203,000 for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, a new all-time record!  Watch the video, if for nothing else than Harvey Fierstein announcing the winner.  :-)

Also, also:  Emma's latest photoshoot - how great does she look?  Wow.

Have a great week, all!
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Girly meme )

Also, [livejournal.com profile] thalialunacy linked to it last week, but really, it's been sekritly posted everywhere I could perv over it see it:

P-professor Potter?

Amazing, my depressive mood seems to be lifting every second recently.  Hm.  :-D


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