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The girls organization I help with has put together a cookbook to raise funds.

This is a great cookbook a la the tradition of church cookbooks.

There are 476 pages of recipes, with variations on popular dishes and TONS of really good stuff.

There isn't a lot of frou-frou stuff (I hate to get a cookbook and they call for things that a normal person would never have on-hand at home), it's all easy to make.  I can already see why many of these things are probably traditions for carry-in dinners and working moms who want fresh food without hours of prep work.  The recipes come from all over the US, so there is a lot of variety in styles of dishes and ingredients.

My personal favorites (aside from my own contributions):  Puppy Chow (Chex and chocolate chips mixed with peanut butter), Mushroom Bisque, Boston Baked Corn, Ghost on a Stick (pear halves dipped in white chocolate), and my sister's TO DIE FOR Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing.

The cover is very colorful, there are information pages/equivalency charts.  It's obvious a LOT of work went into this.  Totally worth the $20, you'll actually USE these recipes!

To order your cookbook:  Send a check for $20 (made out to Rainbow Cookbook - IORG) to:

International Order of Rainbow for Girls
PO Box 1868
McAlester, OK  74502

Be sure to include the name and address where you want your cookbook sent.

Rainbow is a non-profit, service-oriented organization for girls between 11-20 that teaches three basic virtues: Faith in a Supreme Being and other people (membership requires only the belief in a Supreme Being, and prospective members can be assured that there is no pressure to become Christian during the Initiation ceremony, or as an active member), having Hope in all that they do, and Charity toward others.  We emphasize public speaking and organizational skills necessary to succeed in today's society.

The seven colors of the Rainbow represent seven teachings:
        Red:         Love - In all its forms
        Orange:         Religion - Though Rainbow is not a religious organization
        Yellow:         Nature - Its importance in daily life
        Green:         Immortality – An understanding of death as part of life
        Blue:         Fidelity - An emphasis on being honest and reliable
        Indigo:         Patriotism - Encouraging citizenship
        Violet:         Service - The lesson that ties all others together

Through service projects, members learn first hand the joy that comes from helping others. Rainbow teaches its members to be charitable at all times.

Many states support a different charity every year. Some charities include: Scottish Rite Hospitals, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and the American Cancer Society.  This year Ohio is raising money for Miracle Flights for Kids.

On the local Assembly level, girls plan and follow through with service projects on an ongoing basis. Members enjoy activities like supporting Ronald McDonald House of Columbus, Capital Area Humane Society, and Make-A-Wish Columbus.

Many members, after their experiences as a Rainbow Girl, continue serving their community, church, and home for life.
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