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Whenever I start thinking, 'maybe it's time to consider having kids,' some holiday pops up to rain on my thought parade.

I'd mess my kid up.  I have no passion for the things kids need, like holiday traditions.  The thought of wading through thousands of smelly people to find one patch of earth to stand with a crick in my neck looking at explosions that aren't nearly as awesome as the *real* stars makes me feel a little ill.

Don't I make a post like this at every holiday?  Why yes, I do!  :P

Okay, I'll stop kvetching now.  Still not having kids.  With my luck, they'd turn out to be born-again Republicans who celebrate every holiday with materialistic fervor that would make every suburban soccer mom proud.  Or worse, they'd *be* that soccer mom. 

I gotta stop thinking about this.  *om*

Friday was the day I ran errands, because what is a day off for, exactly?  Saturday, I worked.

Sunday, the day of no rest whatsoever.  I got up at 5 to help decorate at the Convention Center for Supreme Council.  Too many supervisors and not enough workers (isn't that the way it always is).  When that was done, my sister and I headed up to see my granny, who was visiting my aunt.  My poor granny.  :(  She's 80 and she has dementia.  She didn't recognize us at all (although it seemed the reason for that was that she remembers us as little kids and not adults and once she got the names together in her head, she knew who we were - or at least who we were supposed to be).  She did recognize my BiL as being married to one of us girls (since he's always looked the same, she "knew" him), lol.  My uncle dropped her off on his way to Florida, so she'll be there another week or so.  He wants everyone to think she has Alzheimer's, for some reason.  She's just an old lady.  There was much love.

My cousin is going to Youngstown State this fall!  :D  I hope she leaves home and never comes back.

We only got to spend 2 hours up there (and that's enough, really), we came back toward home, only to realize that the main route to Grand Assembly will be closed next week.  O.O  Eep.

BUT!  Highlight!  We went to this ice cream place called Sticky Fingers on our way back.  :9  Absolutely, completely true to the name.  Too bad they only had processed ice cream, but I had the BEST fried cauliflower.  Oh, man, fair food, my one true love.

And...I'm tired of talking about my weekend.  Lather, rinse, repeat for today.  Worked, went back downtown, then back to work.  La.

And OMG, hate meme.  Posting to a hate meme anonymously (or at all) is bad karma.  Shame on you.  YEAH YOU.  Yeah, I'm talking to you, you douche.  Douche. 

I still love all of you, screw those douchebags.
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