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A few random thoughts:

1. I've had two dreams about my old job (I actually have nightmares about that place, believe it or not), and I've decided to let some sleeping dogs lie rather than give Evil a possible upper hand. Yeeebooool.

2. Today I turned NPR off several times. Hearing about people squirting out tax deductions armies for "Christianity" and how the people involved with credit default swaps are the "real heroes" of the financial crisis - oh that we could all be so insightful! *stabbity*

3. I'm quasi-listening to American Idol. That's me, on the PULSE of popular culture.

4. Next week at this time, I will be in the presence of greatness! <3 Mozza

5. There is a HUGE sale going on this weekend, and I am broke as a joke. No fun. *pouts*

6. However, there will be food again, for which I (and the dog) are truly grateful! (Just kidding. Sort of.)

7. I'd planned to go to bed eeeearly tonight. Oops.

8. Hope you all will have better weekends, your kids' heads will heal properly, and that Spring will spring soon!
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First, ILU guys, you make me feel like a million bucks!  *smooches*

Second, I'm spending most of my online time working on job hunting.  Actually, all of my time.

Third, I totally get what you said about breaking up with your job, [livejournal.com profile] mostcurious.  I'm so done.  Just, done.  I have to go to work and smile and pretend that nothing is wrong, when all I want to do is cry and rage and spit.

This is kind of stuff I'm dealing with )

I just want out.  I applied for 54 jobs yesterday, 19 today.  I'll be sending paper resumes out tomorrow for another.  Please please please let me get what I want...I hate feeling like I'm never going to find that elusive "good fit" job, or that I'll keep running into the 3-year blahs.

My current song just came on, and...*orders Girls Just Want to Have Fun from Amazon*

Aaaaah - I hate feeling this this.  Bleh!  I want to feel good again!  I want to run because I want to, not just to stay sane.  Maybe I should start marathon training *dies laughing*

Oh, I know nearly everyone is super-into Twilight, but I tried again this weekend and...nothing.  Not even RPatt as...the dude...could get me interested.  Sigh.  Sometimes, I wish I had enough of an attention span to concentrate on fads, TV shows and stuff!  But then I remember, there's always US Weekly and People.  And Harry Potter.  :-)

One of these days I'll post a light-hearted, happy entry.  Hopefully one that details my new job!

<3 to you all, because reading LJ is something good I can do every day.


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