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Can I say, Welcome Back, America!  The land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE!

We do not torture, we know the meaning of hard work, and we understand that with great power comes great responsibility.

Out with the Decider, in with the Commander!  Ah, semantics makes all the difference.

I forgot to get my free abortion donut!  Someone have two for me, eh?

And thus ends the day of loveliness on the political front... )

Have been reading Outliers:The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell.  Doesn't really tell one anything they don't already know (that there are no self-made people out there - no, not even YOU), but it's a great study in demographics.  Also explains why I'm not a) a famous author, or b) a concert French Hornist.

Also, I have tickets to see Morrissey in April!  *cutz*

Am super-tired, overtrained, and ready for a good dose of Persuasion and bed.

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I'm trying to stay awake until 9pm so I don't wake up at 4am, rarin' to go.

I really would like to take a personal day tomorrow, for the dumbest reason - I got yelled at for the first time.  Well, not YELLED yelled at, but told in strong language how I precisely fucked shit up.

Totally my fault, too, and not jack shit that can/could be done about it.  :-\  I just HATE falling down on the job and feeling like a failure.  Boo.  I thought about getting upset, but looked at the pile of work that needs done and decided against it.

Funny how you never want to cry when it's convenient.  Only when you're at your limit and beyond the breaking point and you can't stop that your eyes start to burn.  I persevered, however.

In better news, the Y got new/more bikes for cycling!  They're quite nice, and the classes are tracking their progress leading up to The Big Ride at the start of February - a 3-hour spinfest.  My goal is to make all but 2 lunchtime classes this month.

Only 3 more months 'til Spring....

Even better news - I'm over my salt pica, hopefully my iron levels are approaching normal.  While I do like chicken livers, 3 buckets of them in 3 weeks is a bit much.  Oy.

Somehow I've developed a strange rash on my inner thighs, and I have *no clue* what it is or how it got there.  Very itchy, not too bumpy, but annoying.  Twelve is about the age where having a rash is acceptable in any way.  D:

Hope some of you are enjoying your first days back after the holidays.  I for one am glad for a return to routine.

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Well, that's right. )

Quick check-in:

--Am scared to death about the half. I was okay until I looked closely at the route - it seems a lot longer than 13.1 miles! And even though I know the route like the back of my hand...meeble. Everyone at work knows we're doing it, and I desperately want to finish first out of the four of us doing it. Is that shallow?

--It's supposed to be cold and rainy Saturday. Boo!

--I am looking forward to less sleep. More life. I hope.

--My internet is robust tonight. V. v. frustrating.

--BEST ADVICE EVER: Keep your eyes open, keep your mouth shut, and keep your hands moving. WIN!

--Our new branch library opens this week. I am going to sorely miss the folks we've been training over the past couple of months. They're super. I wish they were mine! <3

--The time for sleep is here! *snores*


Mar. 19th, 2008 01:40 am
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Quicky updateage:

First, MSNBC moved Countdown With Keith Olbermann from its repeat time of 12m to 2am.  FAIL.  :-(

Second, I've been having some major acne issues.  Like cystic acne on my chin and forehead.  I'm afraid that it might be MRSA - these places keep popping up all over, and they just migrate around and make me miserable.

Right now, I'm using toothpaste to try and dry them out, and OOOOOOWWWWW it burns.  Very hurty.  But I've tried everything from Clearasil to Bactine to Neutrogena to Mario Badescu and nothing has worked.  My doctor will probably poo-poo me about it, but I've never had anything like this before, not even when I was a teenager.

A few friends and I went to Claddaugh for St. Patty's Day.  The band they had, however, only played crappy 80s rock.  Boo!  V. v. disappointing first time out on an Amateur Drinker's Holiday.  LOL

In better news, work is improving.  Now that I'm not taking any shit and pulling no punches, well.  My boss has no idea what to do with that, aside from back down.  Sweet.  :-)

Also, I'm very ready for my half-marathon.    The training is in the brutal stage - I have to do 10 miles on Friday - and I'd rather just get the 13.1 miles over with so I don't have to do it ever again!

It is *still* raining here.  Spring, spring, where are you?

Oh hai!  A picture of the Trio from HBP.

I won't be posting on Friday, but more because I'll be busy than any statement of protest.  LJ admin are arses, true, but it's their site and I can get my pr0n about anywhere, heh.

Love you all, I'm reading a little when I can make the tubes work for me. 
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Lately most of my posts start with the usual apologies...busy, tired, busy, etc.  Nothing's changed, yeah.

The good: )

The bad: )

The ugly: )


--Have taken up water aerobics on the weekends.  It's kind of fun, although some of the folks give me dirty looks :(  I hope I never gave anyone those looks in the past (although I doubtlessly did).

--I bought a heart rate monitor to start tracking my calories burned/time in target zones.  I love new toys.  :-)  Also because I can't seem to lose any weight to save my life, even though I'm getting in the recommended 30-60 minutes of cardio 6 days a week (including 3 hours on Monday/Wednesday).  My ass is dragging and I want to see results, dammit.  I do suspect that my step/spinning instructor has ruined me with her take-no-prisoners workouts.  Wah.

--I broke my 10 minute mile the other night.  It's something.

--Have been reading the flist and sporadically commenting.  Much loff to you all, as usual.

'Night.  :)
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I've been busy, yet not...life sometimes does that to you, eh?

Got some great news on the Lodge front.  I'd been trying to arrange to have the carpets cleaned (they are seriously disgusting and probably haven't been professionally cleaned in five years) without having to shell out $5K to get it done.  10000sqf is a lot of carpet; luckily one of the guys who owns a local cleaning company belongs to the Lodge.  Their tech called me on Friday to tell me they are going to do the job FOR FREE.  That is super-awesome.  OMG.  Whew.

Went out with the grrlz on Saturday for [livejournal.com profile] midnightcircle's birthday, to Fujiyama.  Got to meet [livejournal.com profile] wryren's adorable daughter Anna and meet/see the rest of the group ([livejournal.com profile] a2zany, [livejournal.com profile] madlori, [livejournal.com profile] wryren, Anna, [livejournal.com profile] midnightcircle, [livejournal.com profile] pattinthehat, Rachel's Jim and [livejournal.com profile] rachet).  Ren also bought us all Cold Stone ice cream, which was very sweet on his part.

I forgot that I had never posted the pictures of our Harry Potter party at work!  You can see the pictures I took here, and there is a Flikr slideshow here.  Seriously, the amount of work that went into this thing...holy crap.  I bow to those who have the creative wherewithal to pull something that big off.

Other than that...I've not got much to say on the whole LJ/6A deletion wank, other than I'm not planning to go anywhere.  I have journals on the other sites, and I can easily update/check friendslists over at GJ/JF.  Nowhere is safe, people, from the nanny state.  I'm gonna follow [livejournal.com profile] photosinesis' advice and fill up my galleries, do phone posts (maybe), and fill my userpics - make 6A pay to have me here, then let my account lapse to free.

I feel so boring!  Right now it's work, work, work, climb, run, work, work, work, climb, run....rinse and repeat.

This week, however:  I will be going to the fair.  I think I should take my trusty camera along and take pictures while I people-watch.  And eat lots of things that are served on a stick.  Mmm, corn dogs.

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Updateyness!  (And I apologize for the lack of cut tags)

Worthington PL has been chosen as Library Journal's Library of the Year, which meant an early press conference this morning.  Some of our patrons have no clue how good they have it in this state/area, so maybe this will jog their sense...wait, no, nevermind.  LOL

Thing the second:  remember those callouses you would get from riding your bike/climbing trees when you were young?  I've got them again.  Bought a month pass to Vertical Adventures and have been going twice/three times a week.  Not much in the way of cardio work, but it's doing me good just to feel accomplished at doing something sporty.

Third, this email


You are now booked for The Colbert Report

Show Date: July 25, 2007

Showtime: 6:30 pm            

Number of Tickets: 2                                  

Name Tickets are held under: Donna Kestler


Now, to find a way there, someplace to stay and a way back.  Money would make this easier, but alas, I have very little to spare right now. 


Also, I have to be sure no one else is on vacation at the same time, because I don't want what happened to me post-vacation to happen to anyone else.  Boo.

I found some really yummy strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and ripe (not hydroponic!) tomatoes at North Market.  Too bad my meter ran out and I got dinged $20.  Drat!  But there will be yummy BLT sandwiches at some point this weekend.  (Not that I can eat either tomatoes or bacon, but just one bite should take care of the craving!)


Thing the fourth:  for you swimming fans, and fans of the male torso:



I'm not so much with the abs, but check out the shoulders and the lean biceps...*swoon*

You know, I really AM too young to be having these crazy middle-age surges of lust for people who are just too pretty.  I mean, it's obviously in the realm of possibility...here's Clive Owen and his wife:

Good thing I have Honeybunch to keep me from prowling the streets, LOL.  'Cause I think I compare favorably to Ms. Fenton-Owen!

OH OH OH, I know everyone has seen it, but just in case you live under a rock/don't watch any of the 5462473 SWC/TDS/TCR communities, [profile] i_get_it  has posted her interview with Paul Dinello. 

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how one has a VERY VERY fine day.  :)

I was planning to take a nap...I guess it'll still be daylight if I lay down for an hour before I take a ride.

Have a good weekend, everyone, and Happy Father's Day to you lucky daddies!


Jun. 11th, 2007 11:44 pm
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I think Honeybunch is officially jealous. Read more... )

In other news, the Chemical Brothers have released a single from their album We Are The Night. Video for the first single under the cut: )

In other, other news, my schedule at work has changed. I'm now opening on Monday and closing Tuesday. This really pissed me off at first, but then I realized two things:

1. I will be able to take the Monday night circle step class and toning, which is very nice (no excuse not to go, either).

2. I am opening/closing alone Monday-Thursday, which means that I will be completely responsible for whatever happens during my shifts. (If you know me well, you will understand why I consider this awesome.)

What is NOT awesome? That I will miss the HP-Ohio pre-OotP movie premiere dinner BECAUSE I HAVE TO WORK. *cry* :'-((

This, unfortunately, leaves me with even *less* time to do anything that would be considered "leisure". I pop online, check les blogs, email, then off again to sleep or work. Boo! I haven't logged into AIM/Y!M for a couple of weeks because I'm only here for 30 minutes, if that. Double boo. I think I'm still catching everyone's posts on the fly (but if something has happened and I've not responded, wing an email my way...).

I did download a screensaver and background from OotP from the WB website. I am quite excited about this movie - when I was reading it I figured it would translate well to the screen. This summer is gonna be Potter-licious! :)
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I don't know what it is about mid-April that makes people go insane and commit mass murder.  It kind of pisses me off, especially all the talking heads who immediately begin blaming the media and calling for tighter security.  Eff directly off, this is America, and the reality is personal responsibility, not nanny-culture.

*breathes*  Hell, the way this week as already started, I'll be lucky to make it to Friday without a scratch.  You library people know what I'm talking about...tax week!

Here's hoping the weather breaks tomorrow and I'll get out on the trails and work off some of the tension I've had lately.  It might even break 60*, wow.

Many things are going on here, most of which I can't really talk about on LJ, dammit.  But maybe, later.

And, one month until Phoenix Rising.  Now THAT makes me smile.  :-) 

Hugs and loff to all of you all.
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The building manager was too stubborn to go home yesterday, and now I'm nursing a sore throat. 

People, if you're sick, the most helpful thing you can do is GO HOME and stop spreading pestilence throughout the workplace.  Nothing is so important that it can't be done via phone or tomorrow if you're sick.

Grr.  Arrgh.  Cough.
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I've been kind of offline recently, what with back troubles, work troubles, and my other job...I still loff you all and catch up with LJ as often as possible.

So what is the what:

My husband is being a twatwaffle because I didn't get him the sub that he wanted from Subway (they were out of the marinara/meatball sauce). He's been a peach about doing EVERY LAST THING these past two weeks, and this was his straw, I guess.  Too bad I am finding it annoying, but also seriously amusing.

I discovered one of my true loves betrayed me: )

 In other news, Iggy Pop rules the world.  That is the ugliest, sexiest man on the planet.  Eat your heart out, Mick Jagger.

The Progressive has a great interview with Lewis Black

Life news: )

If you've made it this far, kudos!  Hope you all are having fun wherever you are, whatever you're doing. 
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Taking completely inappropriate meds can mess up your head!

[livejournal.com profile] hughroe, you were right! Turns out I had vertigo, but it was a side effect of whiplash )

Other things:

Saw 300 last Friday with the Grrls, had dinner at Buca di Beppo. Wish I could make the good spaghetti with meat sauce they do at Buca, mine just isn't the same. The movie was much with the pretty, mmm-hmmm! There was one thing that made it kinda awesome but spoilery )

Also, one of my staff is going to get into big trouble tomorrow, mainly for running his mouth. I'm going to do the not-kosher thing and talk to him tomorrow morning. He needs to know what he did wrong before he's in the middle of a hearing and what he needs to say, and then DO, to keep his job. Stupid boy.

Our PC crashed AGAIN over the weekend. We Honeybunch got it working again, though we lost everything from the last crash. *waves goodbye to latest Shins CD for a while* *kicks incompetent Best Buy guy*

Going back to work kicked my butt today. Not like my boss' day, which was 12 hours pretty much every day I was gone. *guilty* Now I'm super-tired and need me bed. *fwomps*
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This weekend has been equal parts great and notso.

I had to pay the piper for not doing this month's deep-clean in stages at the Temple (spot vacuuming!  leather cleaning!  high dusting!), but the place looks great.  This gig is turning out to be a great one.

I've spent a fair bit of time castigating myself about work.  Until tonight, I didn't realize that I'd interviewed for the CML job in the early spring.  I should have been looking to improve at least six months before that.  Why?  Complacence?  Ego?  Sheer dumbassery?  I dunno.

Work Saturday sucked.  So busy, short-staffed.  I left for lunch and the place quite literally fell apart.  Add that to feeling no one likes me at all (which the LM has stated is the case - why I listen to her, I don't know, but the insinuation hurts even if it isn't 100% true - perception is everything), and you get a person who is constantly anxious and marginalized.

Probably not the best time to start listening to Primal Leadership and having Daniel Goleman enumerate the various ways I fail at effective leadership.

BUT, all is not lost.  Please to be directing your positive thoughts to my job search - I applied for a job at the Ohio Board of Regents, one at Ohio State, and one at Battelle King Ave.  Tomorrow I'll call my former boss at Battelle West Jeff and see if she'd be willing to say nice things about me (which might be a stretch, all things considered, but I'm not going to beat myself up over things in the past that I can't change).

I went to lunch at North Market and chilled today.  The Pad Thai from China Market has healing properties.  :-9  I'm inclined to believe that even if I'm jumping ship late, I can still make it out alive. Somewhere there is a headboard to float on in the frigid seas (/bad Titanic reference)!

Tomorrow I'm driving down to Roundtown to the dentist - I have a tooth (one that I had a root canal on) that is scary black under the crown.  Meeble.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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Especially those of you along the northern and eastern parts of the United States who are complaining or wow-ing about the warm weather:

It's because of El nino

I'm going to make a t-shirt to wear to work that says, "It's because of El Nino!!"

(Although one guy did say, "I know! The last time El Nino happened, I was in South Florida. Not a great year for me.")

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Oh, my love of Christmas knows no bounds...

The week before Christmas, as anyone who's worked in retail/public service knows, is the literal definition of hell.  People behave so badly and act so crazy, even a seasoned professional ends up shaking their head in disbelief.

Yesterday was the screaming banshee, for whom I ruined Christmas by making them pay $7 in late fees, then not letting them take 15 videos on one card so everyone would have three movies to watch on the trip to New York.  And yes, the quote was, "are you going to ruin our Christmas trip for us?"

Since you put it so nicely, YES I AM!  :-D

Today.  Well, today was the march of the mentally unstable.  Crazy lady #1 wanted to schedule a poetry reading at the library.  She's been writing since high school, she says, and she would like to read it for people.  HUNDREDS of poems.  Then she walked around talking to herself for about an hour, engaging anyone who came within ten feet of her.  Kind of hilarious.  Okay, really hilarious.

Crazy man came in to discuss our new increase in borrowing limits and fines...ad infinitum...I still don't think he understood that if you bring your items back on time, you won't have to pay anything.  That wasn't so funny.  -.-

Crazy lady #2 also wandered around, talking to herself in that crazy, distracted way that many post-menopausal women do.  She also wanted a job, and thought that maybe I would put in a good word for her, since we'd just met.  I told her I'd see what I could do.

Also:  if you don't bother to call the library and ask if we accept replacement items, don't get pissy when I tell you no, we don't accept replacement copies.  I don't care if you paid extra for a library binding.  And when you sneer "Merry Christmas" in my face, don't be surprised when I don't return it.  You'll just have to be satisfied with a mild "have a good day."

I think Merry Christmas is the worst thing anyone can say to me anymore.  There is always an agenda behind it.  "Happy Holidays" rarely comes with an expectant stare.

Please, treat people nicely all year 'round.  But most especially around the Holidays! 

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Surfing Fark provides all the amusement one needs on a Saturday night.

Well, all the amusement a person not able to drink can have.

Ten verses never preached on If only the Sunday school teacher had mentioned these, I might have been a believer.  Or not.

The top 15 strangest coincidences.  As someone who experiences a lot of deja vu and coincidence, this is kind of cool.  I believe in the attraction of people and fate.

Anyone else think that Time's
Person of the Year is super-lame?  Way to cop out, Time-Warner.  We all know it should have been Stephen Colbert!  But he just mattered.

Today I got a Holiday card from someone I am most CERTAINLY not friends with, nor will I ever be friendly with again.  It was like looking at a scar - you see the mark, but it doesn't feel like it happened to you, really. 

Here are the
Top 50 Singles of 2006.  I'd say 99% of them are puke-worthy.  Though I do dig Gnarls Barkley and I love me some JT.  Shut up.

Ahahaha!  That Laffy Taffy song is on the list!  Can anyone tell me what the hell they mean by that?  I love misogynistic rap music as much as the next 'ho (as my addiction for David Banner's
"Play" shows), but even I couldn't make that out.

I had a massage Friday - painful!  Even my facial muscles were sore; how is that possible?!  But I'm not sore at all today.  I could get used to that.

I'm tired.

Hope you're having a good weekend!
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Before teh emo: Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] snoopypez! :)

I think, rather than being depressed, I'm just suffering from a change in the way my body manifests PMS.

Because I was okay for the past couple of weeks, and now I want to curl up into a ball and moan for a week or so.

Work: position descriptions are changing, which means a new job title for me. It might be more money, and more variety of positions supervised, but probably the end of professional development. Sigh. Time to start looking for a new job Y/N?

We hit a million check-outs about 6:45 tonight, three weeks earlier than last year. 125% increase in circulation since 1995 (meaning the annual circ is 125% of what it was in 1995) with ZERO increase in staff. Hey, who cares if the staff is hollow-eyed automatons? Smile, dammit!

New second job/position is going well. Place is filthy, but everyone seems patient. Building-wide cleaning is Saturday, and after that I'll have a better idea of where to start the deep clean. The people who were cleaning before me cleaned out the place; they even took a measurement/substitution card from the kitchen. Strange.

Why do people write insincere thank you notes? I got a thank-you card from a recently retired staff member. A lot of the time I've pulled together a card, gift collection and going-away party at the last minute, which is perfectly okay. Saying thanks is nice, but I don't get upset if it doesn't happen. Leaving me a note with several backhanded compliments is just mean, period. I got along okay with this staff member, I don't think she truly liked me very much, but it stung. Maybe I'm just being oversensitive.

Time to sleep, Keith Olbermann is on!
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There is nothing so thrilling as having to do a presentation that will determine the future of your department and your job for the next five years.

Other than having a whole three hours to prepare it. -.-

Now that the primaries are over, I see gas prices are creeping back up. Rar.

I'm tired and I have to get up early and buy a cake. Night.
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Er, sorry about my last cryptic posts. I haven't been in the mood to enumerate the various bad things that have happened recently. Add the below to a raging case of PMS, and yeah. Cryptic.

After much ruminating on the year anniversary of Katrina and all of the people still suffering, I have to say to myself: don't get too comfortable with the little inconveniences of life - you know where your family is, and you can go to the space you call home.

Here's the last three months of my life, in a nutshell, cut for the disinterested and for length:

Work )

Taxes )

the car )

Things are looking up at the moment. There's light at the end of the tunnel. )

Thanks to those of you who've heard bits and pieces of these things and offered sympathy and support. It means a lot when you can't go to your family.

I'm so happy to see all of the wonderful things that are happening to people on my flist. New cars, babies, jobs, interviews, decorating, houses. To those of you who are having some angst, you have my sympathy and lots of positive vibes headed your way *eyes [livejournal.com profile] merrydrought and [livejournal.com profile] blue_eye*

Finally, I've been under a small hiatus on news this past week (this is why I've been less responsive lately, [livejournal.com profile] authenticpoppy) - I was getting to the point where I couldn't listen to NPR news without my chin wobbling. The Harry Connick, Jr. single had me flat-out bawling last night, after listening to an interview with a man in NO who is sharing a small trailer with two other men, and who doesn't know where his father, brothers, or 6 year old daughter are. My problems? Not so bad.
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It's funny what you can glean from some small thing left behind.

We've had a makeup bag in lost and found since June 28. I'd put a note on it that I would take the bag if it was unclaimed, and lo, today said bag was on my desk.

It's a plastic bag, black and white plaid, the kind you can pick up at Target for $4. Inside were the beauty products of a young teenage girl:

An Estee Lauder eyeshadow case, empty of both eyeshadow and applicator, and a Lancome travel mirror. Probably castoffs from mom, although I'm not sure why she would need what essentially amounts to two mirrors;

Things that she might have bought herself - a Wet n Wild creme shadow in Iced Out, a silver shade that is only worn by 13-year-olds or old Jewish ladies, and a cheap roll-on cologne scented "Ocean Song". The side of the bottle says, "Pray for Peace" and is just one step up from patchouli. Two stained sticks of Chapstick, a staple of young girls everywhere (at least until they can afford better).

Two tubes of mascara, one for thickening and one for separating/lengthening - I can only imagine the kind of raccoon eyes this girl might have been sporting. Maybe she got one from her mother, if it clumped too much.

Hollister August fragrance for girls, which might have been a Christmas gift and smells vaguely of the Debbie Gibson Electric Youth perfume that was so popular fifteen twenty years ago.

And a tube of bubblegum pink Clinique glossware for lips, which matches the stains on the Chapstick tubes. I wonder: did she use the Chapstick to tone the shine down, then?

I don't exactly know what this all means about this girl's life, but I know what it says about me: I spend way too much time analyzing other people's lives.


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