Oct. 13th, 2005 12:25 am
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So, I finally figured out what screwed up my Lumos registration - had my 3-digit codes screwed up between my credit cards. It is all taken care of now; and I'll see you all in Vegas. Muahaha.

To those of you I mentioned my panel idea to, I'm gonna submit it soon. Lea, if you want to know what it is, I'll shoot you an email. Top sekrit (although I was telling anyone who would listen all day Sunday and Monday. Sorry, y'all).

The obligatory picture post o' d00m will be forthcoming. [ profile] notasecretagent has some really great shots up right now.

I bought some tree-free notecards at the Red Lion shop in Salem - by Amy Brown - and they're beautiful. Not that I spend a lot of time writing, but I think I can manage to find 12 people to write short letters to. *nudgesendmeyouraddressnudge* I also bought a tee shirt from Salem Cycle. Very nice.

Ah crud. It's after midnight, AGAIN, and I'm up. Must sleep. Night, all.
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I'm not going to do too much long, rambling posting about TWH, since I'm pretty much skimming the f-list myself, trying to catch up and get on solid ground before I have to go back to work tomorrow morning.

So, we have:

The Good )
The Bad )
The Ugly )

Night, all.
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Finally home from Witching Hour. Can safely say I am Potter-ed out. Two hours of sleep + flight delays + two-hour drive home = dead.

I know I owe a couple of phone calls and emails; will try to get to them when my fingers aren't double-typing every other letter.

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I'll be back up in five hours so's I can make my flight from Cleveland to Boston...maps and itineraries are printed, bags are packed, cell phone charged.

AFK until at least Monday night. Excited? Yeah. :-)
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Well, okay, not really. I don't have an IPod to shuffle, just a little MP3 player for bike rides. But, lyric meme!

Here are some lyrics of songs I've recently ripped to my PC. Oh, CML, how I love your vast selection of free music!

These are all singles new and old; please, no Googling.

Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody )

Totally excited about Witching Hour, nervous as usual, and wondering if I should just forgo trying to decide ahead of time what to go to and just go wherever I want to...I have some things I know I'll be at (fanfic readings, banquets and such), but there are SO MANY CHOICES!

Talked to [ profile] authenticpoppy via phone tonight. V. good conversation. Must try Neil Gaiman and Christopher Moore.

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Okay, as far as I can remember, here's the folks on my flist that are going to Witching Hour. Let me know if I've left you off:

[ profile] nmalfoy
[ profile] fiendling
[ profile] annearchy
[ profile] abigail89
[ profile] tonksnymphadora
[ profile] hastyent
[ profile] heidi8
[ profile] ladybug_rjc
[ profile] didi75
[ profile] hermione_like
[ profile] jacyevans
[ profile] longtimegone
[ profile] eibbil_libbie
[ profile] truesalcove
[ profile] leftsockarchive
[ profile] thetreacletart
[ profile] thaliachaunacy

Anyone else?

Oh, and [ profile] authenticpoppy, I have a hotel room, extra bed, and rental car, if you want to make the drive out to Salem. You know you want to!!!
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I have been having a blast with [ profile] redblaze and [ profile] tonksnymphadora this week!  I'm so happy to have fandom friends around who are all about the Ron lurve.  I think it's awesome that I can say I've known Kele for years now, and Josie nearly two (via LJ)!

I'll probably visit the two of them Monday morning at the fair, when they might have a few spare moments without swarms of customers clamoring to buy their Honey Bee lotion. 

And they're going to Witching Hour!  Yay!  Let's see, it's gonna be Kele, Josie, me, [ profile] abigail89, [ profile] annearchy, [ profile] jacyevans, [ profile] nmalfoy...who else is coming?

This fandom is an awesome place, on the whole, isn't it?  :)

I so rock.

Apr. 5th, 2005 02:31 am
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Motivated by this to do some more searching of airline rates, I got the hookup.  Less than $200 round-trip on a what amounts to a business flight.

It also helped that I got a new credit card in the mail (which will be used to book TWH stuff and otherwise saved only for emergency use).  Yay!

I kind of wanted to do that AmTrak thing, but I'm a little too anxious about being on a train for 13+ hours.

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Whoa.  Witching Hour is going to cost a pretty penny, let me tell ya.

Transport (taking AmTrak):  $110
Car Rental:  $150-$200
Hotel:  $250

I guess it's about as much as I spent on Nimbus, just allocated differently.  I have to say I've gotten very, very good at getting really great internet deals for hotels/cars/travel with all these HP things.  I should be a travel agent!

Now, to find the money to pay for this...I may end up trying to locate a roommate/car share to defray some of this, but I really don't want to have to hook up with someone I don't know in a city I've never been to.  Last resort, unless one of you are looking for a roommate/car share?
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I got my 'First in Line' Witching Hour t-shirt today! :D

And, I saw The Village tonight.

Possible spoilers and insults for people who thought the movie Signs was about aliens )

ETA: Oh man, I'm going straight to hell. When, exactly, did Zac Hanson turn into such a w00bie? *seeks therapy*


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