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The past couple of weeks have been a downer for a lot of us, no?

Even the inauguration felt like a short respite from what seems to have been a real soul-sucker of a new year.

I feel guilty for even thinking negatively about my situation, which isn't bad at all, when so many other people are in dire straits or are hurting for more important reasons.

Went out to celebrate a birthday this weekend.  It was great most of the night, but ended up a horrible, morose mess, with all of us crying at some point.  My bestie K is in danger of being deported (she married someone who wasn't actually divorced from his first wife) and she is barely holding on.  I know she's thinking about giving up and going home, and I feel all kinds of horrible and selfish that I can't bring myself to tell her that she has to do the best thing for her mental health, because I want her to be here, with us.

Blah, I hate being in a situation where I do have a voice to make something happen...I just know that what I want to happen isn't necessarily what needs to happen.  Heart broken.

ANYWAY.  It will all turn around, eventually.  As negative as I seem at times, I'm an optimist at heart, pull up the bootstraps, put on the big girl panties, and so on.

I just hope those panties still fit when the time comes.

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I don't know what I did to anger the fates, but I'm sick AGAIN!  *shakes fists at sky*  Same thing - the horrible flu-like chest cold OF DEATH.

Unfortunately, I can NEVER take a day off work because we're so short staffed that even one person gone is a huge burden - and I always open/close alone, so if I'm not there, it's a huge PITA.  Might as well come in and do the best I can while my corpse is still warm and twitching.

However, I can take NyQuil without too many ill effects.  The stuff makes me super-anxious for some reason - maybe the pseudoephedrine does that?  Probably should call the doctor so he can run some tests, since I've not gotten 100% better since I got sick on Christmas Day.

I hate being sick - I take my vitamins, I have a good immune system, I work around diseased children and germy books all the time - bah!

ANYWAY, I've been staying up late to watch Jon and Stephen try their hands at being one-man shows.  Jon I had no qualms about - anyone who's seen him unscripted knows he is best off-the-cuff.  Stephen is struggling, probably because he is much more constrained by the need to stay in character.

Also, I am conflicted about watching when the WGA strike is still ongoing.  Even existential guilt is annoying.  Hm.

This post has been brought to you by the department of whinging, whining, and meh.


Dec. 27th, 2007 10:56 pm
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Urg. Have been horrifically ill since Christmas night.

Fainted in shower on the 26th, but still had to go into work. It's hell week at the library, and no one escapes unless they are literally in the ER or dead.

Doctor says it's a virus, and it will take time.


I feel like I've been smashed with a cricket bat. Tried to get through flist, but had massive FAIL and now I must go to bed. Too tired. Bah!
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The passive-aggressive asshole strikes again...

We're going to Cleveland today with my sister and BiL to have dinner with my cousins and see an Indians game.  It's now 2:29pm and we haven't left the house yet to pick up my sister (30 minutes), get to Cleveland (2.25 hours), meet my cousins for dinner at 5:30pm, and go to the game at 7:30pm.  He's still in the $#&@*^ shower.

So, if I call you for bail money, could you put it in my PayPal account so I can beat my murder rap?  Thanks.

This is the second weekend in a row with The Asshole.  I would like to have a weekend at home without having my soul sucked in a Dementor-like fashion.  ([livejournal.com profile] eibbil_libbie and [livejournal.com profile] rlanto, you know what I'm talking about.)  Work is exhausting, both with the actual work part and the whole political machine, and it would be great to just sit at home and veg or clean or just have a goddamn conversation with someone who answers back.

And, of COURSE, "nothing's wrong."


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Comedy of Errors

It's finally raining here in the O-H, predicting rain for the rest of the week.  Yay.

I made a mistake today.  My hair was getting long and annoying and I really didn't think I had time to schedule an appointment with my stylist this week before I'd be forced to hack at it myself. 

Oh, hindsight...

I went to Fiesta at Graceland, thinking that it would be simple to have a couple inches taken off and undercut.  Not to be.  The guy *swirled* my hair with the shampoo, then seemed stymied that it was snarled beyond belief.  He covered it with conditioner (didn't help), then coated it with detangler (second verse, same as the first). 

Well, it's shorter, anyway, and off my neck.  Now I've gotta call Luann and ask her to fix my hair next week.  :-..

Then, I broke a crown.  A tooth crown.  Ow.  I'm sure that's gonna hurt my pocketbook as well as my jaw.

OH - plug - Stephen Colbert is hawking "Wrist Strong" bracelets with the proceeds going to benefit the Yellow Ribbon Fund, which supports injured servicemen and women while the recuperate at Walter Reed and Bethesda VA hospitals.  Go get one (or donate)!

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Quick life update )

Went over to [livejournal.com profile] rlanto and [livejournal.com profile] generalmanda's house today for Renee's birthday party.  Let me tell ya, if'n you don't already know - Renee is a seriously good cook.  :-9  And [livejournal.com profile] ladybug_rjc made this chili-mint chutney that was good enough to eat with a spoon.  I got some items, both naughty and nice, too.  ;-)

For the first time in a long time, the ride home wasn't marred by life-threatening weather conditions.  Score!

Urg. I feel awkward asking, but: )

Hope you all are having great weekends!
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The building manager was too stubborn to go home yesterday, and now I'm nursing a sore throat. 

People, if you're sick, the most helpful thing you can do is GO HOME and stop spreading pestilence throughout the workplace.  Nothing is so important that it can't be done via phone or tomorrow if you're sick.

Grr.  Arrgh.  Cough.
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Of all the silly, stupid... )

Also, Weiland's Gourmet Market is ON NOTICE for not having Americone Dream ice cream in stock.  Drat!  Not that I could actually eat the stuff itself, but I want it anyway.

Went to my first PT session, and it went well.  My PT is very handsome; just imagine a less rangy Clive Owen type...yup.  *huge smile*  And to think I wasn't looking forward to those 10 sessions.  Bring on the therabands!  :D
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Taking completely inappropriate meds can mess up your head!

[livejournal.com profile] hughroe, you were right! Turns out I had vertigo, but it was a side effect of whiplash )

Other things:

Saw 300 last Friday with the Grrls, had dinner at Buca di Beppo. Wish I could make the good spaghetti with meat sauce they do at Buca, mine just isn't the same. The movie was much with the pretty, mmm-hmmm! There was one thing that made it kinda awesome but spoilery )

Also, one of my staff is going to get into big trouble tomorrow, mainly for running his mouth. I'm going to do the not-kosher thing and talk to him tomorrow morning. He needs to know what he did wrong before he's in the middle of a hearing and what he needs to say, and then DO, to keep his job. Stupid boy.

Our PC crashed AGAIN over the weekend. We Honeybunch got it working again, though we lost everything from the last crash. *waves goodbye to latest Shins CD for a while* *kicks incompetent Best Buy guy*

Going back to work kicked my butt today. Not like my boss' day, which was 12 hours pretty much every day I was gone. *guilty* Now I'm super-tired and need me bed. *fwomps*
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So, vertigo. You know that feeling, when you've tied one a few on, and the room starts to spin? So you close your eyes to ward off that queasy feeling, and when you open your eyes again, you're twice as off-balance because everything looks still but your brain is still whirling on its stalk?

Yeah, that. Started Monday. Now making intermittent appearances at inconvenient times.

I have meclizine for it, but damn that stuff is like Dramamine x 1000.

Not sure why - weak eye muscle, crystalline deposits in my endolymphatic fluid - but I wish it would go away already! Maybe I did scramble my brains when I fell last week.

Vertigo is like migraines - people pooh-pooh it until THEY experience it, then OH BOY OH BOY. No work for me this week, which would be nice if I could actually do anything of substance. I'd rather be at work than bored. No, really. :)

Can't be on the PC too much; the glow gives me a terrible headache if I look at it for more than a few minutes at a time. There are only so many hours one can do crossword puzzles (I did an entire book of Wednesday NYT crosswords today, need to buy some Thursday ones) and listen to NPR in a day. I did get to listen to Nate and Rob Corddry on NPR today, which made me happy. Cute and awkward, both of them.

In good news, I've made it past the HR round in several of my job searches...here's hoping that I'll get a call for even one of those...

I hope most of you are having good weeks...and if you're not, let's shoot for a good weekend. :) *gentle hugs*
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So. I have my PC back. Had to restore 10 DVDs of music, for which I must thank the Geek Squad.

I won't thank them, however, for burning a copy of the trojan program that created the problem to one of those DVDs! >:O Luckily, as soon as I said, "hey, this looks like a...", Norton sounded the alarm. Hopefully it didn't make the jump from the DVD to the HD.

The Geek Squad manager has assured me that if anything happens to my PC because of the damn thing, it'll be repaired no charge (right).

Lesson learned: don't waste your money on the service plan, since it does not cover anything but the most unlikely of scenarios.

What really burns my toast is that we are meticulous about security. Norton and SpySweeper are always running, we are constantly updating/upgrading with the latest and greatest to keep our system clean. And we get hamstrung by a low-level trojan. :\

But right now I'm listening to tunes and typing in my little Semagic window, and all seems a lot right with the world.
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Holy mother of...

I will hopefully, finally, get the PC back tomorrow night.

More proof that I'm addicted to the internets? You bet.

And hopelessly addicted to music. That's been the worst part! They did recover all 38 gigs of music, thank goodness!

I'll be able to see graphics and watch embedded...hell...any video.

Will be back in the swing of things soon, I hope.

*squishes you all*


Feb. 13th, 2007 08:59 am
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PC imploded last week.  :(

The Geek Squad is trying to fix it, but they're not 100% sure what's wrong with it.  Probably something expensive.  Drat.  Already paid $160 for them to save the 30gigs of music on there.

Sorry to all who've emailed me this past week - I'm getting online pretty much to pay bills and that's it.

Snowing today, roads are passable, and they've closed work.  Mmm, not going to argue that.  A one-day work week this week, I'll take it. 

Hope you all are digging out or grooving on!

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Dear Columbus Drivers,

Please die in a snowdrift, you hacks.

No love,
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Honeybunch is watching Saw III, and it is turning my stomach (even though my back is to the screen).

I am trying to finish up Chuck Palahniuk's Haunted and having a hard time, as I can't read it while eating/thinking about eating (and without spoiling the book for you, there is quite theeating theme).  The last fifteen pages or so have dragged, though I really want to know how it turns out.

Not sure why this is - I have never had any trouble with gore before.  Actually, I pretty much love realistic violence and gore, being of the MTV generation.

Meh.  Still looking forward to Hannibal Rising.  What a romantic Valentine's Day date movie, eh?!

Done with another clean-up day at the Temple.  Will be calling the advisor for DeMolay to have the boys clean up the unholy mess they left in the bathroom. (note to self:  no painting for those kids, ever again.) 

I had 2.5 hours of sleep last night.  Considering how much sleep I've forced myself to get this week, I thought I'd be able to push through.  Not so!  I nearly collapsed in Home Depot this afternoon - literally so weak from exhaustion and not eating that I had to physically fight the urge to sit down, throw up, and pass out.  Having to brave Meijer a) on Saturday b) at the beginning of the month c) the day before Super Bowl did pump me up with adrenaline, however.

Sushi has fortifying powers, as does 4 hours of sleep.  Feeling much better now, ready to face the prospect of living another day.

I've been craving chicken wings for some reason.  Please to be stopping this, insula!  Do not want!

Hope you all are having a good weekend and enjoy the Super Bowl, if you care.

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This weekend has been equal parts great and notso.

I had to pay the piper for not doing this month's deep-clean in stages at the Temple (spot vacuuming!  leather cleaning!  high dusting!), but the place looks great.  This gig is turning out to be a great one.

I've spent a fair bit of time castigating myself about work.  Until tonight, I didn't realize that I'd interviewed for the CML job in the early spring.  I should have been looking to improve at least six months before that.  Why?  Complacence?  Ego?  Sheer dumbassery?  I dunno.

Work Saturday sucked.  So busy, short-staffed.  I left for lunch and the place quite literally fell apart.  Add that to feeling no one likes me at all (which the LM has stated is the case - why I listen to her, I don't know, but the insinuation hurts even if it isn't 100% true - perception is everything), and you get a person who is constantly anxious and marginalized.

Probably not the best time to start listening to Primal Leadership and having Daniel Goleman enumerate the various ways I fail at effective leadership.

BUT, all is not lost.  Please to be directing your positive thoughts to my job search - I applied for a job at the Ohio Board of Regents, one at Ohio State, and one at Battelle King Ave.  Tomorrow I'll call my former boss at Battelle West Jeff and see if she'd be willing to say nice things about me (which might be a stretch, all things considered, but I'm not going to beat myself up over things in the past that I can't change).

I went to lunch at North Market and chilled today.  The Pad Thai from China Market has healing properties.  :-9  I'm inclined to believe that even if I'm jumping ship late, I can still make it out alive. Somewhere there is a headboard to float on in the frigid seas (/bad Titanic reference)!

Tomorrow I'm driving down to Roundtown to the dentist - I have a tooth (one that I had a root canal on) that is scary black under the crown.  Meeble.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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Oh, my love of Christmas knows no bounds...

The week before Christmas, as anyone who's worked in retail/public service knows, is the literal definition of hell.  People behave so badly and act so crazy, even a seasoned professional ends up shaking their head in disbelief.

Yesterday was the screaming banshee, for whom I ruined Christmas by making them pay $7 in late fees, then not letting them take 15 videos on one card so everyone would have three movies to watch on the trip to New York.  And yes, the quote was, "are you going to ruin our Christmas trip for us?"

Since you put it so nicely, YES I AM!  :-D

Today.  Well, today was the march of the mentally unstable.  Crazy lady #1 wanted to schedule a poetry reading at the library.  She's been writing since high school, she says, and she would like to read it for people.  HUNDREDS of poems.  Then she walked around talking to herself for about an hour, engaging anyone who came within ten feet of her.  Kind of hilarious.  Okay, really hilarious.

Crazy man came in to discuss our new increase in borrowing limits and fines...ad infinitum...I still don't think he understood that if you bring your items back on time, you won't have to pay anything.  That wasn't so funny.  -.-

Crazy lady #2 also wandered around, talking to herself in that crazy, distracted way that many post-menopausal women do.  She also wanted a job, and thought that maybe I would put in a good word for her, since we'd just met.  I told her I'd see what I could do.

Also:  if you don't bother to call the library and ask if we accept replacement items, don't get pissy when I tell you no, we don't accept replacement copies.  I don't care if you paid extra for a library binding.  And when you sneer "Merry Christmas" in my face, don't be surprised when I don't return it.  You'll just have to be satisfied with a mild "have a good day."

I think Merry Christmas is the worst thing anyone can say to me anymore.  There is always an agenda behind it.  "Happy Holidays" rarely comes with an expectant stare.

Please, treat people nicely all year 'round.  But most especially around the Holidays! 

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Surfing Fark provides all the amusement one needs on a Saturday night.

Well, all the amusement a person not able to drink can have.

Ten verses never preached on If only the Sunday school teacher had mentioned these, I might have been a believer.  Or not.

The top 15 strangest coincidences.  As someone who experiences a lot of deja vu and coincidence, this is kind of cool.  I believe in the attraction of people and fate.

Anyone else think that Time's
Person of the Year is super-lame?  Way to cop out, Time-Warner.  We all know it should have been Stephen Colbert!  But he just mattered.

Today I got a Holiday card from someone I am most CERTAINLY not friends with, nor will I ever be friendly with again.  It was like looking at a scar - you see the mark, but it doesn't feel like it happened to you, really. 

Here are the
Top 50 Singles of 2006.  I'd say 99% of them are puke-worthy.  Though I do dig Gnarls Barkley and I love me some JT.  Shut up.

Ahahaha!  That Laffy Taffy song is on the list!  Can anyone tell me what the hell they mean by that?  I love misogynistic rap music as much as the next 'ho (as my addiction for David Banner's
"Play" shows), but even I couldn't make that out.

I had a massage Friday - painful!  Even my facial muscles were sore; how is that possible?!  But I'm not sore at all today.  I could get used to that.

I'm tired.

Hope you're having a good weekend!
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*blows dust off journal* Well, hello!

I've been lurking of late, spending some time on MySpace and being busy with things like Holiday cards, baking and shopping.

I got nuthin' to say aside from that.

Oh! Look what some lovely person wrote for me! Observation, a Neville/Ginny fic that is actually HOT. Wow.

Hopefully I'll feel more verbose later. Right now holiday stress, work and family drama leaves me so drained that everything else has kind of fallen by the wayside.

*hugs to you all*
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If you haven't signed up for Holiday cards, please to be doing so here.

I really do love to send Holiday cards, and cards at other times of the year, so add your address!

All the cool kids are doing it.

I need to get my [livejournal.com profile] smutty_claus submission in by Wednesday...I am feeling NO motivation to do so, however.  Maybe tomorrow.

Today was spent running around to various appointments (podiatrist, GP, pharmacy, haircut, etc.) and then to workout.

Spinning/cycling has taken a heavy toll on my quads.  They are so tight that I can barely move through a full range of lateral motion.  It hurt so much to do simple leg lifts, I was in tears during toning class.  Suckage.  Myofascial stretching, here I come...


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