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Yes, I live.  I'm upright for short amounts of time right now, getting through email and other things slowly but surely.  Eleven days in the pokey (God, literally, I look like a junkie) will do that to you.

And thank you, thank you, thank you for all your well-wishes and emails, means the world.

The shakedown: )
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Hello All.........Again,
Donna did need surgery after all to remove the blockage and gall bladder. She is feeling much better right now. In fact, she is better now than she was a year ago at this time. Feel free to send your thoughts, prayers, and/or concerns to dmckinniss@wowway.com.
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Hello All.
Donna has been in/out of the Hospital the last few days. She will be discharged some time tommorow. She has been fighting thru a bowel blockage since October, and they (St. Ann's Hospital) finally decided to take action. She is doing much better right now. We will be back in the Hospital soon to have her Gall - Bladder removed, but that is a minor procedure compared to what she has been thruogh.  Thus far, we have spent our Wedding Night and Thanksgiving in the ER. I can't wait for freaking Christmas!
Donna will appreciate your comments and concerns.

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My convalescence is nearly over...I go back to work part-time on Monday. I'm pretty happy about that; I've seen all the movies that interested me and have shopped at nearly every mall in the city. Can't complain. :D

Is it just me, or do any of you ladies' brains go haywire just before THAT TIME? )

Randomness masquerading as an entry:

Much loff to [livejournal.com profile] redblaze, who is communicating with several people who are being Charley-d in Florida so we here don't have to wibble so much. Thanks, Kele!

My HP Stalker loses interest in me and goes after Cho. How depressing. :((

Unsolicited advice of the day: Don't see Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle unless you can procure said Sliders immediately after viewing. Movie = funny. Post-movie White Castle craving = bad, very bad.

Best lunch ever: Gyro salad with homemade cucumber dressing from Firdous Express and a scoop of cucumber fraiche ice cream from Jeni's. Absolute heaven.

Scaring the help )

Also masquerading as a 'little miracle' )

It's amazing sometimes that people think their kids are safe enough to be ignored.


Aug. 5th, 2004 09:59 am
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Went back to work for a couple of hours (well, it was supposed to be just two hours but ended up almost three) yesterday, but cannot go back until I get clearance from my doctor. Dunno if that's going to happen, but those HR problems aren't going to wait until I'm fully healed, darn it.

I'd been kind of bummed out because I'd gotten a few cards from people at work, but no card signed by everyone (we're always good about sending get-well cards and remembering special occasions). But! Yesterday I got a big present from my department!

The booty. How these people know me so well, I don't know. )

I did get out to see Napoleon Dynamite Monday. Jon Heder has the best lips (too bad he's married though) and the hottest dance grooves. :>

And my friend Shannon had her baby!

/boring post
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Whinging, cut to prevent spoilage )

Today was actually pretty productive, though. Went to the gym and walked on the treadmill for 45 minutes (but having to hold my stomach while doing it was a little embarrassing) and have made progress on the wedding front. I should hear back from the officiant by tomorrow, and have my deejay quotes in by mid-week. Go me!

Oh, get this. My sister talked to my aunt (I come from a long line of white-trash nutjobs, fyi) on the phone. My aunt has declared that my tumor was the remnants of my twin! Twins run on the maternal side of my family, but, um, no. No, not my twin. Just some cells. My aunt is not to be put down though, and I have a feeling that I'll be spending an hour on the phone with her and her nutjob theory. *sigh* I so do not have the energy for that.

I totally missed the DNC coverage tonight. Caught some Larry King Live and watched Mo Rocca give his report. I <3 dorks.

Oh, oh, oh - anyone reading a Unitarian Universalist? I went to the official site and didn't get a good sense of what the group was really about. What I saw, I liked, but what are the services like, for example? Just wondering.

I think I'm going to bite the bullet and take a darvocet to try to get some sleep.

'Night all.
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I have decided to use my convalescence to do all the things I would typically not. So, I've decided to unabashedly read trashy gossip magazines, watch all manner of bad TV, and immerse myself completely in the fandom.

Done, done and done. :D

Activity of the day: Visit to Target for hair dye (I have mad, Julia Roberts-like roots) and a little walk. Also bought Bend It Like Beckham and The Sixth Sense. Still am much with the Keira Knightley love, although she'll never beat Thora Birch for my money.

I made a terrible mistake by stopping my Panera to have lunch. I literally fell asleep over my lunch, two bites in. I thought I was doing really well, felt pretty good. Then *boom*, sleepy-time! Lost $6 on lunch/dinner/breakfast, since I was too groggy to get it wrapped to go (my meals typically extend to three sittings. How do you do it, [livejournal.com profile] rachet?). I have much to learn about when to cut my losses and head home.


In Touch magazine is only $1.99! This bodes well for my plan to follow the Olsen Twins until they get to NYU!

And dude, Percy/Tonks at [livejournal.com profile] triumvirate. Damn, that's hot. Does anyone have recs for Percy/Tonks fanfic?

You Oughta Know was about DAVE COULIER?! Well, that little nugget of info takes the impact of that song down several paces. Alanis sure does like older men who treat her badly, doesn't she? Dave Coulier. *shakes head*

You know, I can feel my brain cells deserting me. *mad laughter* And I'm too anxious about feeling achy/queasy when I wake up to lie down and sleep. *twitches*
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Hey, I'm home. :)

I got home yesterday, after spending a week in hospital. The offending tissue has been removed, and it's benign. My stomach had elongated at the bottom, so that portion was removed, leaving my stomach normal-sized. I have to take an H2 (acid) blocker everyday from now on, since I don't have a pyloric valve to separate my stomach and small intestine.

God, it feels good to type. And to get up and take a shower and put on moisturizer and...well, you get the idea.

The hospital did have basic cable, so I could watch CNN and A&E and every variety of horrible morning television. Had I the energy, I would launch a campaign to have Katie Couric removed from TV. She is atrocious.

A million thanks to all of you who emailed well-wishes. Andy brought them to the hospital for me to read and they lifted my spirits considerably, especially during the lonely nights when the only option was to wander the halls or try to get comfortable in a chair to relieve the pressure (the gas was actually worse than the operation itself, because I couldn't have any meds to help).

[livejournal.com profile] hastyent, Andy reminded me you called (I remembered!), so thanks. I fear I wasn't very gracious on the phone due to the combo of pain and meds. Bad shiny, very bad. But I do have the prescription for percoset that I was given *nods to [livejournal.com profile] nmalfoy* so the possibility of shiny posts is there. I'm going to try and stay away from the narcotics since they slow the digestive tract.

All is well. I am exceedingly tired and sore, pinched together with surgi-tape (they removed the staples before I left yesterday), but glad I'm on the other side now. Looking forward to rehab - my plan is to give myself little errands each day that require me to walk around and do things for a couple hours each day, working up to normal activity. Right now I'm doing about an hour before I crash out (I'm trying not to fall asleep at this point, seriously). If anyone in the area would like to get together and just walk around or something, I'm game. I'm planning to see some movies (woo King Arthur, Bourne Supremacy, The Manchurian Candidate and The Village) too, since I can't spend my weekends at Cedar Point, Kings Island or the State Fair.

I think I'll take a nap. Yes.


Jul. 14th, 2004 08:41 pm
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Hello everyone. I wanted to let you know that Donna is doing well and the surgery went as planned. The tumor removed is still believed to be non-cancerous. We will know for sure Saturday or Sunday. She is staying at St Ann's Hospital in Columbus and her room number is 334. She said if you guys want to pass on your thoughts and support to please send your emails to dmckinniss@wowway.com.


Andy (Her Fiancé)
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That last line? Totally on the mark. The rest, eh. )

Went to see The Lion King last night, twas quite a nice show. <3 the costumes, Julie Taymor is a goddess. My sister and I were shocked to see how many people had showed up to the theatre in jeans and tee shirts. I was wearing a spaghetti strap floral dress and worried that I was under dressed. Um, nevermind.

The girls had their Founder's Day picnic this evening. Minor moments of panic when we realized that our planned group of 30 had swollen to 44, but sending the troops for reinforcements cleared things up right away. But 44 people! We had most of our Pledge group, all but one of our girls, and 3 prospects. Yay for progress!

Gearing up for Grand Assembly next week. Kenyon College is haunted, y0. We're taking the girls on a tour of the cemetary and the other haunted places on campus. Gonna be lots of fun, I can tell already.

I have surgery the week after that, and my recovery time. Have started my core training program. I was surprised that I passed 8 of 10 of the trouble spot exercises and found that my hips are my weak point, not my abs (they are in pretty damn good shape, actually).

Goals for post-op recovery:
Wake up
Remove all tubes and lines from body
Go home
See King Arthur - who cares about the legend? It's all about Clive Owen and Keira Knightley...I may spontaneously combust, or pop a couple of stitches.

Big hugs to [livejournal.com profile] tonksnymphadora, who really, really needs them right now.

And I miss [livejournal.com profile] hastyent even more after I talk to her. :-(

/another long post
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Have had this together for about a week, just haven't had time to get it up anywhere, but for those of you in the GG...

Chapter 6 of A Night in Paris is up!

Much thanks to [livejournal.com profile] seakays and [livejournal.com profile] nsmom who provided beta help. >:D<

I'm hoping to be able to devote some time to writing during my recovery period in July and August. I've decided to take the entire six weeks if possible. My job sucks so badly right now, I'm glad I'm having surgery to get me away from the place.

Busy weekend, Friday night Installation (which is always a hellish endeavor), working out and running errands Saturday, and going to the zoo today. I dislike the zoo, although it's a nice zoo, the animals just never look happy to me. Although we did get a good look at a silverback gorilla who ran by our viewing area thumping his chest, and another silverback who perched right against a window and watched us watching him. I just...I dunno, I just don't like to see animals caged up.

Just for the record, Cheney = Voldemort, Dubya = Wormtail. Discuss.

I am so jealous of [livejournal.com profile] rachet, who met Sean Astin this weekend! Wah, I wanna see him too. :'-(

It's late, and [livejournal.com profile] triumvirate has a zillion new posts. Good thing I have to be in at noon tomorrow. *reads*
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Thought about doing the "ask me nosy, boring questions" meme, but thought better of it. Wanna know something about me, you can ask anytime.

I don't have a favorite color or favorite book, I dye my hair, and I'm a pretty damn boring person in real life. So, that's that! :)

My surgery is scheduled for July 14. I'll be off for 4-6 weeks after that (eep!) for recovery. Yeah, my summer's shot - no Cedar Point or horseback riding for me. :(

Random thoughts:

I love, love, love Morrissey's new CD. It rocks my little cotton socks. I really need an IPod so I can pirate download stuff to listen to, since Honeybunch hates emo music.

No-carb chocolate? Such a rip-off. Seriously, the nastiest stuff I've ever eaten, and I will eat just about anything that vaguely resembles chocolate. I have discovered the joy of sugar-free caramel Nips, though. :-9

I am always amazed at how many people will freely admit that they check CDs out from the library so they can burn songs and make innumerable copies for themselves and their friends. I guess they don't think about the fact that library workers are undoubtedly among the most upright people in the community. Sometimes I feel like reporting them to the RIAA, just for giggles, but darn it, I'm hemmed in by our records privacy policy! I just can't win. :P

Two of the saddest songs I've ever heard are dance songs - "Days Go By" by Dirty Vegas and "Missing" by Everything but the Girl.
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Whirlwindy kind of day. Stayed up half the night playing about on the 'net, trying not to worry about doctor's appointment (yes, I know this is counterproductive, but it's better than staring at the ceiling going over worst case scenarios for eight hours).

More info about tummy trouble, cut for those who are tired of it or already know )

Today I also met [livejournal.com profile] lissinthecity, [livejournal.com profile] rachet and [livejournal.com profile] madlorivoldmort for lunch at Cap City Diner. The food was wonderful, and the company even more so. :D Hit a couple of thrift stores, then met back up with the trio at the North Market. Much fun, so glad to put faces with names at last!

[livejournal.com profile] rachet, [livejournal.com profile] madlorivoldmort - we REALLY need to set up something to get the Columbusites together once in a while - there are so many of us in the area.

Went to spinning and conditioning tonight, and now feel rather oogy and tired. I certainly don't want to call off tomorrow, so I shall call it a night. Maybe. After I take care of some online errands. And read LJ. And...*thunk*
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Honeybunch said something very wise last night regarding the entire [livejournal.com profile] ladyanabelle mess.

I've been keeping my mouth firmly shut about it, since he gets upset when I spend too much time playing on the 'net now or if I get upset at fandom goings on (did you know myeloblastomas are exacerbated by stress *snort*). Yeah, I know, I shouldn't let it get to me, but sometimes it does.

I'm explaining this to him, and comparing the HP fandom to SW or LOTR or Star Trek, who have more than their fair share of nutters. I look upon the HP fandom as a more 'mainstream' fandom - a lot of people here have kids, spouses, and lead fairly 'normal' lives. Not many Comic Book Guys, if you catch my drift. And the HP fandom is pretty young in comparison.

"Well, you need to start paying more attention to people," says Honeybunch.
"Oh yeah, but..." I go into my 'people in this fandom are expected to be somewhat genuine' speech.
"But it's slowly developing the same way those other fandoms did, I'm sure. More people, more websites, more anonymity to be whoever you want."

And damn it, he's right. And here I am hoping this would be a one-off. It wasn't. It won't be. *chants Constant Vigilance!*

Oh, and myeloblastoma? That's what I have - smooth muscle tumor - growing in my abdomen at the moment. They are 99% sure it's not cancerous but that's what they told my cousin ) so yeah, we'll wait and see. I see the surgeon on Monday and maybe, just maybe, I can be in for surgery before heading to Grand Assembly with my girls on July 8. I'm not holding my breath though. But hooray for progress anyway.

Am taking the girls to see PoA on Friday :> I so only asked them, and they all wanted to go! *grins* Went to the IMAX showing on Monday with [livejournal.com profile] ishie and her friend Maryann. Much fangirliness was had, IMAX v. awesome. I have figured out that I lust (and I'm using the term very loosely here) for Dan only when he's Harry. This is normal and good, yes? Glasses off = no good. Glasses on = oh yeah. < /random thought of the day>
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Hey all. *waves* So much to say, so few minutes to say it in.

First off, that thing in my stomach? Rogue muscle cells (don't ask, I have no idea how they got into my abdomen or why they've decided to set up shop and reproduce). *chants "it's not cancer, it's not cancer"* My GP (the one whose mantra seems to be 'all this is caused by obesity and diabetes') has been awfully fucking sheepish on the phone. Bastard. Will call gastroenterologist tomorrow to schedule surgery. But YAY! There's something there, it can be taken care of, I'm not a hypochondriac (which I think my GP also suspected of me).

And now, a little rant about my dad )

I have June 3-7 off. I had orignally planned to go to NYC *bawls* but I decided that my niece and my wedding were pretty damn important things to have money for, so I had to scrap the Big Apple trip. But, vacation! I'll be at the midnight line party at the Arena Grand Thursday night, seeing the PoA matinee on Saturday, and maybe meeting up with [livejournal.com profile] ishie and friend on Monday night. I am going to be PoA'd out.

But, but, but. Before I get any more email, I swear I'm gonna get something out over this next week or so. I've been getting nasty emails asking when I'm going to update [insert any of my zillion WiPs here]. *pulls hair out* So I'm gonna buckle down and get something done. *refuses to acknowledge Fred/Tonks/George plot bunny*

Random thoughts:

I thought I'd bought some of that really good port wine cheese the other day only to discover it's 'cheese food.' Um, WTF? *bins it*

I made it through my flist since I last read it! Go me.

[livejournal.com profile] nsmom, sorry not to hear from you. Hope your weekend went well! :)
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I am way too tired to update in any way, shape or form. Things on the tummy front are progressing nicely.

It's not so much fatigue as annoyance that has been draining my energy. I'm irritated with just about everything at the moment.

But just so this isn't a completely wasted entry, here's some randomness:

Good luck [livejournal.com profile] archchancellor and [livejournal.com profile] tonksnymphadora on meeting up in London! Should things go very well, a modicum of details, please. *coughyouknowweallwantdetailsyesspill*

No one in Columbus wants to see PoA on Saturday afternoon. Well, who cares? I'm goin' anyway! Woe.

[livejournal.com profile] hastyent has left for summer camp. Now with whom will I squee about PoA? It'll just have to be online - my sister simply does not understand my intense lust love of Dan and Rupert Harry Potter.

And all you people who've already seen PoA? DIEDIEDIE. ;)

Congratulations to [livejournal.com profile] 1anonymous1 and [livejournal.com profile] strangerface who have made it through high school and undergrad, respectively.

I am at skip=160 filtered and getting nowhere. And honeybunch wants to get online. Bah.

'Tis bedtime. *snores*
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Very quicky update.

Going to see another gastroenterologist Thursday to have scope crammed down my throat yet again. This time I'm a little more optimistic about it.

Modem has crashed, and we'll not have internet access from home until Wednesday *gnashes teeth and pulls hair out* Well, time to finish up one of those WiPs, eh?

I'll be checking online sporadically when I have the time at/after work, and I'm accessible through email.

Hope everyone is well! >:D
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Here's the report from the endoscopy/CAT scan )

Will give report on visit south of Mason-Dixon line soon. Am at skip=one zillion right now, I'll never be caught up. I'll try to bang out emails to those who need them in the next couple of days.
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Since spinning class has started, I can start keeping score... )

Random thoughts:

I am the only female in the US who doesn't like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Gay stereotypes annoy me.

Clay Aiken is a freaky looking guy. Ew, freaky. He needs to make country records so they'll quit playing him on MTV Hits.

Liam Lynch is a god. "Still Wasted From the Party Last Night" - OMGFUNNIESTSONGEVAR.

I've been woken in the middle of the night twice this week with a serious Draco/Hermione plot bunny. IT WON'T LEAVE ME BE, probably won't until I've written it. *wails at the zillions of WiPs waiting for attention* The next chapter of my George/Hermione is 60% done, and I'll be plugging away on that as well, so will not be around so much. Will try to read LJ couple times a week though. Am very reachable through email.

ETA: Darn you, [livejournal.com profile] fearthainn for posting the last chapter of Dark Directed! Now I have to read it before I go to bed. I am going to be a tired (but happy) chica tomorrow. :P


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