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I just saw a scan of a photo from Stephen Colbert's Vanity Fair photoshoot.


I think I may need to replace my chair and my keyboard.  Heavenly freckles, wrinkles and undereye circles...the makeup never does him justice.

So, time to get off the internets.  Heh.

(Damn it, I'm gonna have to find a way to hide this photo from Honeybunch, 'cause he's gonna know why I'm perusing a Vanity Fair for hours on end.  :P)
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When I'm ovulating and I still think you're nasty, you are fug.

In this state, I could possibly be talked into having kids, if the right guy were offering. Like, say, Stephen Colbert. Or Keith Olbermann. Nerdy guys in general?

*grabs straightjacket*
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WOO! I FINALLY got my copy of Rolling Stone!!!! :D

I sooo want to sit and perv don't want to go back to work now.
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Can I just say how lovely Jon, Stephen and Steve look sans stage makeup? SO LOVELY. (ETA: And Stephen's hand hair is growing back! Um, don't ask >.>)

In other news, life has taken me by the arm and slammed me into several walls. I'm sporadically reading LJ; if you have important news to impart, please drop me a line.

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Sometimes I get the feeling that Fan Service Monday is just an excuse for Jon and Stephen to pretend that they're not really getting it on.


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There is still much talk about Stephen's performance at the WHCD. The general consensus is that the man has balls.

I definitely hold last night's speech up as one of the best TV news moments ever. Maybe even the best, just for the verbal bitch slapping the president received. Pwned like the pansy-ass he is (the president, not Stephen).

There was interesting conversation during the AIM chat about RPF/RPS. It's not something I've ever been able to get into; I don't know why. Even though it's not real, it taps into the only part of my brain that says, "ew! That's not right!" I took a gander over at [livejournal.com profile] tds_rps, but didn't see a whole lot.

I kind of think Ed/Sam would be cute. Or Demetri/Nate.

IS there a TDS fic archive?

I have to get dinner done before 7 so I can settle down to watch 60 Minutes. It's been a nice weekend for Stephen-mania. Not so good for marital relations. (Honeybunch gets irrationally jealous when I squee too much over any celebrity. He's weird.)

Took my first bike ride of the year today. Remembered that I promised myself that I would buy a new seat. Owwie, butt blisters. :( No long rides until I have a new seat, or callouses on my upper thighs. *waddles*
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[livejournal.com profile] nmalfoy is an evil, evil woman.

Who knew that an innocent question could cause me to think really, really nasty thoughts about Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

Stephen making filthy hand gestures and grabbing his crotch is SO NOT HELPING.

Having Paul on the show SO NOT HELPING STEPHEN. Nutz cola. *combusts*

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Before my spew of random thought: If you'd like a selection from my music collection, comment with a number between 1-2169 (which are arranged in the order they were added to my PC, so truly random), and I shall send it via the upload site of your choice! Or, if there's a particular song you've been looking for, I might have it. Just comment. :)

At work, we ladies often speak of our manly crushes (much to the consternation of our menfolk, as they are library-working types rather than the Jack Bauer-types).

My picks for the week:

TV: Stephen Colbert and Kiefer Sutherland (a definite resurrection from my younger days) - I decided I could have two this month! They wouldn't let me have Matthew McFayden on the list, tho. >:-(

Movie: Mark Feuerstein from In Her Shoes. Gah, that scene where he's reading the book out loud?! Uh, wow. :>

Music: Moby. My music boyfriend must have either lots of hair or none at all.

Internet: [livejournal.com profile] authenticpoppy. Not in THAT way, just that she and I think alike, sometimes. At times it feels like the two of us are the only sane people out here.

Oh, and the cover of ESPN the Magazine has a picture of Sydney Crosby from the Penguins(?) - too bad you don't ever get to see the hockey players' faces during the game. He's awful cute. Almost as cute as my two sports boyfriends, Jim Thome (look at those forearms *rowr*) and Richie Sexton.
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Shiny and awake. That can't be right.

I watched a LOT of Letterman in order to catch Stephen Colbert, who gives Dan Radcliffe a run for his money in being a complete and total spazmonkey in interviews. Stephen is much cuter though.

Honeybunch has discovered my obessession with Mr. Colbert. I think it was when I brought home Sesame Street All-Star Alphabet, in which Stephen features prominently as the letter Z.

There is nothing wrong with that, nothing at all. Jon Stewart is in Elmopalooza. Perfectly legitimate.

Saw The 40 Year Old Virgin last night. V. good, but the ending was schmoopy (when will they learn that kissing is bad for an ending). Mandickies are the sex.

I can't write a shiny post - I'm too concerned with spelling and coherence. Grammar has nicely decided it's influence is not needed, but adverbs most certainly are. :P


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