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OMG, watching the first season of The Tudors.

Jeremy Northam + Jonathan Rhys-Meyers = *poof*

I may need to make an emergency panty run here soon.
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RE: The Dan Radcliffe clip

Am I the only person who was more shocked that he seemed to be REALLY, TRULY ACTING than anything else?!

There may be hope for the boy yet.

For me, alas, I have no hope considering my reaction to a nearly grown man wearing a Cub Scout uniform. Straight to hell, straight to sodding hell. O___O
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I was inspired by [livejournal.com profile] claireyfairy1's Jude Law picspam to watch  I Heart Huckabees - cut for spoilers )

I couldn't get my Alfie DVD to play, must re-reserve for more yumminess.  Still have Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and [livejournal.com profile] 1anonymous1 told me that there is full frontal Jude in Wilde.

Um, yeah.  I'll be reserving that, too.  Done and done.  XD

ETA: I just love that my "horny" mood is Mr. Wickham. Hee!

ETA2: I'm number 288 on the reserve list for Alfie! Sob!


Apr. 4th, 2005 02:59 am
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I have no idea what kind of storyline they're going to come up with, but bring it on.  :D


Mar. 29th, 2005 09:41 pm
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In return for my working Sunday, I have tomorrow off.  Thursday, I have to go to a conference in Zanesville, and home after that!  I get Thursday night off once a year (Thanksgiving, if I don't have to go in to take care of the bookdrop), so this is a red-letter day.

Of course, fifteen minutes after this revelation, I get a call for the girls to serve a dinner on Thursday night.  :P  So I don't get to enjoy Thursday night TV, but I have it off all the same.


In other news, Weasley is my King, baby!  I've also been feeling the Dan love lately, too.  Damn hormones.  I blame [livejournal.com profile] taradiane.  *muah*

Now, a question!  I am looking to make some playlists and need some recommendations.  Specifically, I'm making an "If you like [ripoff new band x], try [original/cool band]!" listing.

Who do you think these bands rip off?
--Linkin Park
--Good Charlotte
--Puddle of Mudd/Perfect Circle
--Bowling for Soup
--New Found Glory
--Belle and Sebastian
--The Libertines
--The Killers

Any other ripoff bands?  Who's ripping off who right now?
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I'm going to have to start watching CSIYay Wil!
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I've been getting into these memes lately, I dunno what it is.  Ah, mindless drivel, it's what LJ is all about.

I'm doing the lyric meme again, because I like shuffling around my library and coming up with weird lines.  Answers from the last lyric meme are here.

C'mon, you know these songs!

And now, the Super Hits of the 70s )

Only 6 this time, since I'm tired.

My 5 character crushes?
-Peter Tork from The Monkees
-Gordie Lachance (Wil Wheaton's character in Stand By Me - Wil is my marriage "out" - if he ever showed up on my doorstep, Andy would just have to go! :P)
-Pretty much any good Jane Austen hero - Mr. Darcy, Col. Brandon, Capt. Wentworth, you name him
-Jack Deveraux from Days of Our Lives
-Mork from Ork *cringe*

Erg, my stomach is pumping around.  Time to run away from the keyboard and toss the proverbial cookies.
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This boy is hot.

Meow.  And he's legal, yeah?  :-9


Nov. 17th, 2004 11:52 pm
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They are playing the video for the Lemonheads' remake of "Mrs. Robinson."

Evan Dando = the pretty.

I have been transported back to high school and all those emo crushes...bless you, VH1 Classics.


Aug. 24th, 2004 12:27 am
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I have done little that would make interesting reading, so I'll just give you some randomness:

1. When you find a file called Ho Chi Minh Trail in your Downloads folder, it likely is part of the reason Netscape is all fuxxored.

2. I can't lust after a guy who has to tuck his ears into his swim cap.

3. Wankity wank, too bad I can't be [livejournal.com profile] fandom_scruples. That girl guy sockpuppet gets all the attention. *pouts*

4. Hmmm, Olympic reruns. So many menevents, so little time.

5. Of course, Happy Birthdays to Percy Weasley and Rupert Grint. :D

6. Thank goodness for [livejournal.com profile] folk, who has provided many drool-worthy pictures of Ian Thorpe. Yum.



[livejournal.com profile] abigail89 - Sorry about Annie. Losing a pet is so tough to deal with. ):

[livejournal.com profile] hastyent - good luck with your interviews!

[livejournal.com profile] sunshyndaisies - you deserve all the positive vibes you can get!

[livejournal.com profile] nsmom - great mom, great woman. It'll get better, so long as you stay away from ebil staplers! :D

I go sleep now.

ETA: Much loff to [livejournal.com profile] chickadilly, who is always awesome and in no way ebil. At all.
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Ah, good food, movies and friends! Visited [livejournal.com profile] 1anonymous1 and [livejournal.com profile] hastyent in their 'hood, ate pizza and watched the pretties the Olympics.

I never realized how sexy men's floor exercises were. *cough*

Also completely in agreement with all favorable statements about the Hamm twins. Guh. They're my new mental Gred-and-Forge. *studiously avoids any and all jokes about food!sex*

Swimming heats, aptly named. Have never seen a person from Japan look quite so yummy.

Er, back to coherent post. Good food day - ate 3 slices of pizza and had cake batter ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery - yum!

Cait got us in to see The Bourne Supremacy for free, so we were able to absorb the hotness that is Karl Urban and Matt Damon. Jason/Kirill - OTP! <3 The stare, so slashy (although part of that might be the fact that it was the only time the camera was somewhat still during the film).

I really need to get back on a normal sleep schedule, but I can't cause [livejournal.com profile] chickadilly keeps putting ideas into my brain! You should move here Lea, I'd never get sick of you!!!!!! *loffs*
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...just thought you ought to know.

Am crushing majorly on the glasses, thanks a lot, [livejournal.com profile] authenticpoppy. Just about everything strikes me as sexy right now, actually. Unfortunately there is no one to be sexy with at the moment, as Honeybunch is totally uninterested in sex (he's too busy sleeping).

So, am washing clothes so I will have an extra pair of pantyhose to wear up to Kenyon tomorrow, and reading bad pr0n.

/boring post
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In 1975... )

And because the answers to this are too funny... )

In other, random thoughts:

I want to marry Morrissey and have his little emo babies. He's just that hot.

For those of you who've been socked with my general crabbiness lately, deal. :D I do get irritated with the fandom from time to time, especially when people confuse fanon with canon. Work is also kicking my ass, but that's a rant that wears me out and makes me want to quit.

And finally, John Kerry picks his running mate! I also saw a great bumper sticker today - "No one died when Clinton lied!" We'll never know, will we, Mr. Starr? *evil laughter*

And yes, even suburbanites hate Starbucks. Viva Scottie MacBean!

Now, some fic recs - watch out folks, they're slash!

The Same Coin by [livejournal.com profile] meri_oddities (Snarry, R, a little bit fluffy). After being injured as a Auror, Harry Potter returns to teach Defense Against Dark Arts at Hogwarts.

Mischief Manifest by [livejournal.com profile] iscaris (Fred/George/Harry, Remus/Harry, NC-17, all the usual kinks).

And [livejournal.com profile] rushlight75's newest fic, Spoils of War (Harry/various, NC-17, non-con) is up at RS.org. Slaveboy!Harry considers his fate.
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I have the latest pic of Dan Radcliffe up as wallpaper.

Thank goodness no one is asking why I keep looking at it.


I feel like a pervy old lady but I just can't help it.


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