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1. I am already baking like a loaf of bread in the sun, even with sunscreen. By the end of May the summer, my skin is going to look like Pam Anderson's. D: Possibly the glint of the sunscreen is inadvertently causing an intensified photoreaction with my skin?

2. Today I ended my 3 MONTH resolution of not buying clothing for myself! *dances* I did it! I am shamelessly addicted to clothes, workout clothing in particular. I bought a nice little Adidas tank top at Sports Authority (all the better to sear my shoulders into early melanoma).

3. I didn't buy a new pair of pants, which I sorely need. Most of mine are at the point of not fitting at all, which TOTALLY justifies buying black, brown, navy, and khaki pants tomorrow.

4. My sister and I are taking my nephew shopping tomorrow (when I will surrepticiously purchase items for myself). My 18-year-old, bisexual nephew, whose idea of high fashion is skull arm warmers from Hot Topic. -.- He does not understand that in addition to trendy, of-the-moment items, one should also purchase staple items to build a long-lasting wardrobe. I predict this will take a little longer than even I can imagine.

5. My last non-$5 show this year is going to be Jane's Addiction. My nephew has never heard of them. I weep (WEEP) for this younger generation, who believe that Avril and FOB are "punk".

6. One of my former girls saw me running today, and we had a nice long text chat. <3

7. I'm warm for the first time in, like, a year! Woo.

8. Sleep is a priority for the first time in, like, a month. Woo. *collapses*

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Am quasi-watching Burn After Reading while my uterus attempts suicide.  Brad Pitt's character is such an idiot.

I liked the meme [livejournal.com profile] rainpuddle13 posted, so Imma do it:

A. People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blog and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.

B. Tag eight people (SEE BELOW!). Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you. )

Tagging:  Anyone who's arsed to do this.  It's a quick one, promise.

In other news, I'm seriously tired.  Not sure if it's the weather, overtraining (I've picked up another step class and doing water aerobics with various friends, in addition to the daily spinning class) or work stress, but I'm POOPED.  I look terrible (the area under my eyes looks like a croissant - puffy and flaky).  Feel decent, but draggy.  I've been trying to find time to take a day off, but it's not happening for at least another two weeks (when our Admin Coordinator gets back from medical leave).  It would be wonderful to take Tuesday off for the inauguration, but *looks at list* nope.

*chugs Diet Coke*

OH!  I got my feet analyzed at RoadRunner and got a pair of very nice, neutral Sauconys to start the season off in.  On the pad they have you stand on, my feet hardly show up - my arch is very high, and my forefoot is wide - so just the balls of my feet and my heels showed up on the screen.  Interesting.  The person who helped me was quite fetching, and we have the same podiatrist.  We also bonded over our mutual boredom with television in general.  'S nice, if it did set me back a pretty penny.

But this year, I'm going for quality over quantity.

Thursday night I went out for a concert and saw a great band that was opening for Innerpartysystem, called Paper Route.  V. v. good, kind of that indie-pop thing that is big (?) now.

My WMA keeps bringing up French songs...hm.  Je l'aime!

Happy 3-day weekend, y'all.
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*listens to crickets chirping* Boy, nothing like a post about serious real-life dilemmas and issues to dry up the readership, eh!? I figure, though, that it's better to acknowledge the problem, talk it out somehow, and deal with it rather than to indulge in self-denial...that river tends overrun its banks if you don't watch it.

To add to my post about song intros that put you into a mindset..."Run to You" by Bryan Adams.

I STILL haven't finished the last of my holiday shopping...I have to get my dad and his fiancee gift cards, and find them some suitable wedding present (they're getting married on the 29th). This morning I got up at 7am to go to Sam's Club (omgggggg I hate that place, so much) - we have a business membership, so we can go in starting at 7am rather than with the suburban hordes at 9:30 - and it was blissfully quiet. Went to North Market to get popcorn for my dad, then to Polaris for a special Christmas card purchase. Got the hell outta Dodge around 10am, before the previously-mentioned hordes descended.

All the time in the car gave me time to practice my singing for the wedding - they're having karaoke. I'm down to three/four songs that I'm sure I have down pat, and that are sufficiently country enough:
"She's in Love With the Boy" OR "Xxs and Oos" by Trisha Yearwood (yargh)
"Passionate Kisses" by Lucinda Williams
"Safe in the Arms of Love" by Martina McBride
"Kiss Me" by Sixpence None the Richer

Do you know how hard it is to find upbeat country songs!? HARD! I still might do "Strawberry Wine" just 'cause I like it, and it's fluffy enough for me to sing without going the least bit sharp. Anyone have other recommendations? I refuse to do anything Faith Hill after 1996, and while I'd LOVE to do "Jolene", that might go over like a lead balloon, LOL.

Ran 3 miles today, full-stop, in 37:30. If I can get into a groove, I can run. If not, it's a tough row to hoe...I sure as hell hope that I'm in the groove when this half-marathon comes along. Cripes. My boobs are horrifically sore from not having a sports bra on - those little oranges get heavy after a couple of miles!

Now, off to catch up on LJ and read teh pr0n. Happy holidays, and stuff, ya know?
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Trying to cram life into 24 hours is exhausting.  Heh.

Trying to walk on rest days = FAIL.  Who knew that I'd actually prefer to run?  Insanity, I tell you.

Bernie is still not 100%, so we will call the vet in the morning.  Poor puppy; I think he had some bad food rather than bad rawhide - Andy said that Bernie was having tummy trouble before we gave him his bone.  So, my fault.  :(

Went to Dayton tonight to see [livejournal.com profile] rlanto, [livejournal.com profile] generalmanda, [livejournal.com profile] ladybug_rjc and [livejournal.com profile] ciberw0lf, and to listen to Homeland (a Celtic-type pub band) play at Dub Pub.  V. fun!  Met a vegan, buddhist, meditation-practicing AF engineer, which was interesting.  Forgot to pay my bill for dinner, though *forehead slap* before I went home.

There is nothing so terrifying than driving on I-71 at midnight - the sheer number of drunk drivers - I'd wager at least 60% of the cars on the road were being driven by intoxicated drivers.  I just tried to look alive out there.

I have been a witness to three accidents since Wednesday...I feel like the CPD knows me by name when I call...I think I've given reports on 6 accidents this year alone!  Be careful, people - I'm so attractive that people crash into each other when I'm near!  LOL

Karen showed me these two pictures, mainly her before and after (but I think I'm about 10# lighter in the second one): )

I went wall climbing with Martie from work earlier Friday.  Note to self:  do not ride your bike to Vertical Adventures again.  Those two miles home will seem like ten when your arms feel like ground beef!  Martie is a really good climber, though, so hopefully she'll be willing to go with me again. She's also not attached to the notion of sticking too closely to the marked routes, so I didn't get yelled at today.  :-P

Actually,several people at work have expressed an interest in it, which is pretty awesome.  Who says library folks are milquetoasts?!  AND, if any of YOU locals are interested...wall climbing is FUN!  You don't have to be in great shape, you don't have to be a skilled climber (or else I wouldn't be able to do it).

You know you wanna! 

Tomorrow, the gym (ugh, won't be getting much sleep), then we're going to see 1408. I love seeing horror flicks in the theatre, and I think this is the scariest thing Stephen King ever wrote.  So we'll see how it translates to the screen.  Then...maybe I can convince Andy to go to the driving range or something.  Or I'll head down to Comfest.  Hm.

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!!

Ever so emo

Jun. 3rd, 2007 10:07 pm
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Shining like a work of art
Hanging on a wall of stars
Are you what I think you are?

You're my satellite
You're riding with me tonight
Passenger side, lighting the sky
Always the first star that I find
You're my satellite

Elevator to the moon
Whistling our favorite tune
Trying to get a closer view

You're my satellite
You're riding with me tonight
Passenger side, lighting the sky
Always the first star that I find
You're my satellite

Maybe you will always be
Just a little out of reach

You're my satellite
You're riding with me tonight
Passenger side, lighting the sky
Always the first star that I find
You're my satellite
You're my satellite

--"Satellite" by Guster

Video here
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So.  Well.  So.

Leaving for NOLA Tuesday...never will I be so darned glad to get the heck outta Dodge.  Andy showed his arse yesterday, and it's a good thing he's worth more to me alive than dead, else he would be in for some serious physical harm.

Me, I plan to hit the talks my friends are giving, work out, swim in the rooftop pool, and take a few tours of the city.  Bring back photographic proof that George Bush hates black people.  Have a po' boy and some muffaletta.  Eat beignets at 9am on Friday at Cafe du Monde.

At least I have a good base tan from planting for six hours yesterday.  Sore, though, dang!  Today is a recovery day, for real.  I will never, EVER own a place where I have to do ANY yardwork.  Too much work is anytime I can't put my hands up to wipe sweat off my face.

I also ran face-first into a dumpster lid.  So I have a big slice on the bridge of my nose, and my eyelids are a little swollen.  Yargh.

OH - DC Madam - Susie Bright's take.  Ilu, Susie!  (NSFW ads in there)

Today is also Stephen Colbert's 43rd birthday and I'm discovering all sorts of gems - like Jon Stewart is God & Stephen agrees.  And seriously, if you've never seen the Responsible Drinking clip:

Another great comedian's birthday was yesterday - George Carlin.  You can find his 101 Greatest Quotes here.  My favorites:

--Religion has convinced people that there's an invisible man…living in the sky,who watches everything you do every minute of every day. And the invisible man has a list of ten specific things he doesn't want you to do. And if you do any of these things, he will send you to a special place, of burning and fire and smoke and torture and anguish for you to live forever, and suffer and burn and scream until the end of time. But he loves you. He loves you and he needs money.

--The real reason that we can't have the Ten Commandments in a courthouse: You cannot post "Thou shalt not steal," "Thou shalt not commit adultery," and "Thou shalt not lie" in a building full of lawyers, judges, and politicians. It creates a hostile work environment.

--Capitalism tries for a delicate balance: It attempts to work things out so that everyone gets just enough stuff to keep them from getting violent and trying to take other people's stuff.

--And now, in the interest of equal time, here is a message from the National Institute o fPancakes: It reads, and I quote, "Fuck waffles."   Muahaz.

That is all.  Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there.</td>
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All manner of miscellaneous crap here....

First, remember on top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese, I lost my poor meatball when somebody sneezed? They have the lyrics here. Hee! Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] fiendling!

Also, a database of song covers! Too bad you can't buy Mp3s of them (either the covers or originalsongs). I really want the Foo Fighters' cover of "Darling Nikki."

Douchebags of 2006: I think they left several off the list, but I guess they had to stop atworst ten. Someone geld Flava Flav before he breeds again.

Susie Bright Talks Britney (NSFW images and ads): Right on!

Last.fm is telling me it crashed...okay...back up! Whew, for a minute there I was worried I wouldn't be able to triple-task!

New Order had better not split up. I need to see them live!

Goingto lunch with my friend Mo on Saturday, then Rainbow thingy, thencollapse onto couch and sleeeeeep. Or stay up half the night andstumble into work Sunday, bleary-eyed. Yep.

Oh, just because I want someone else to get into it: Library Thing <-- catalog your books online!
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Holy crap, has Jonny Lang gotten SMOKIN' HOT or what??

I'd hit that in a New York minute.

Oh, and his new album is good, too.
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Okay, I'm not going to panic and angst over the fact that my SWC box set just shipped today and I might not get it until Friday.

Nope, not going to think about it. Not. *consoles self with Lewis Black standup CD*

Lately I've been discovering these strange music genres and bands that I never knew existed. Or, if I did, never paid attention to before.

This week: The Coup, Built to Spill, Rachael Sage, and Purple City. Strangely, the Purple City tracks I burned last week have disappeared from my PC. (I suspect Bill Gates monitors my music burning.)

I also, finally, painfully, admitted to myself that I like Death Cab For Cutie, after five years of denial. I never had a problem liking Postal Service.

Question: does anyone know about a song that has "Miss new booty" in it? These three words were in my head, complete with background, but I have NO IDEA where I would have heard such a thing. Help?

Back to watching your SWC box sets and mocking me.
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*crawls out from hidey-hole* Hey! Did I miss anything in fandom this week?! 8-|

I've been listening and burning tons of new stuff to my PC this week. I've gotten (from the library, natch):

Eyes Open, Snow Patrol
On The Jungle Floor, Van Hunt (Anyone else a fan? He's kind of awesome, in an old-school Prince kind of way.)
Songs From Black Mountain, Live
Chocolate and Cheese, Ween
Surprise, Paul Simon
How We Operate, Gomez

Those are the ones I'll burn wholesale. The rest (like Under the Iron Sea and Are You Nervous?) I'll have to screen for the non-sucky tracks.

Comfest is this weekend, and it's raining. *makes grumpy face* I'm oooooold. If it's raining, I don't want to be outside.

NIN and Bauhaus next week! And I am NOT staying late at work that day. Not.

I'm bored. I had all of my errands finished, plus ALL of my grocery shopping (meaning I hit KMart, Kroger, Wild Oats AND Dollar General), and had lunch before 1:00 today. o.O I wanted to go and see Brick, but I have to pick up Honeybunch at 5:30.

Maybe I should go and clean something. I was reading a terrible story today, and one of the police officers remarked at how clean and neat the house was. I thought, "if I was murdered, they'd think I was a lonely cat lady who never cleaned anything!" So, I must conquer the dust 'round here and get into the habit of cleaning. Getting new carpet right after Lumos, too.

My life, a thrill-a-minute.

/mind-numbing inanity
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[livejournal.com profile] lissannej, there will be goodies on the way by Saturday. I wish I could wave a wand or perform some magic for you, too. *hugs*

Aaaand, I accidentally deleted my last entry. I will email you, Michele. -.-

Also, Lost. -.-

The exhaustion from the weekend is (finally) gone, but the sleep deprivation is still getting to me. Must sleep...can't sleep. If it were 10am, I'd barely have my eyes open. -.-

Does anyone have confirmation that Terry Gillam will direct HBP? 'Cause that would be pretty sweet.

Listening to Goodbye Alice In Wonderland, and it's good! Certainly living up to the hype (unlike Fiona Apple's latest, which was atrocious, IMO).

Did someone rec "A Night In Paris" somewhere? 'Cause I've gotten almost a dozen emails about it in the last week. Hm. I haven't looked at it for nearly two months. *sigh*

I think I shall attempt sleep. Night, all.
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A band whose lead singer is an established Hollywood actor? How good could they really be?

Well, pretty good. 30 Seconds to Mars is kind of rockin'. And Jared Leto!

I am embracing my inner Angela here.

And, as mentioned by [livejournal.com profile] annearchy, I'm kind of digging All-American Rejects, too.

Hm. I must be embracing my angry inner emo kid, too.

/spam entry
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I'm really sick and tired of Girl Scouts attempting to extort $3 out of me for cookies. Whatever happened to selling door-to-door, at church and to the family? Molesters don't bother kids whose parents chaperone them. *I* bother girls who holler in my face and heckle me when I say no, thanks.

I bought ten boxes of cookies this year; don't mess with me, greenie.

Other news, other news...

Music: If you don't have this little gem, you're missing a great compiliation set. And there's a DVD companion *adds to Amazon wishlist*

Books: Have been reading When She Was Bad: Violent Women and the Myth of Innocence. Heavy stuff, pretty damning. While the author has a clear conservative bent (not Conservative, mind), the points she makes are right to the point. Women can be just as evil as men, more so, and society does all it can to enforce the stereotype of women as helpless victim, even in the face of clear sociopathic behavior (such as Karla Homolka's).

Movies: Watched Walk The Line. Not sure it lived up to my expectations, but it was worth the watch. Reese Witherspoon = my hero.

Sex: yes, please.

Drugs: Need to remember to take my Protonix every.single.day. (Note to self: that burning feeling? That's your stomach eating itself.)

Rock N Roll: I want to see NIN. I do not have money to see NIN. *pouts* I have no idea how I ever managed to see 15+ concerts a year in college (oh, yeah, running every credit card I could get into the ground. I remember now.), but there are several bands coming to town in the next few months.

Love: I love Honeybunch, even when he breaks his glasses trying to clean them. Anyone who knows Honeybunch knows why this is to be expected.

Money: *sigh* Owe ~$1500 in taxes. Bloody marriage penalty for not filing jointly (by which the Feds would make a cool $8K from us). >:-O Andy's brakes are shot, my deductible has to be paid tomorrow, we need a new couch, and Bernie has to go to the vet for his shots. Not to mention the geriatric PC and my ratty, ill-fitting clothes. The lottery is the only way we're gonna get out of this mess. But eh, while it's stressful, I can deal with it. It will work itself out eventually (and so long as we have DSL and something to route it through, we'll survive).

Health: Feeling frisky. Bike needs a tune up and new seat (no more butt blisters) before I hit the road this season. Goal: 10-15 miles, twice a week, with no "bonk". Must invest in low-calorie power bar of some kind.

Family: Niece still pregnant. Brothers still crazy. Dad still acting like 16-year-old. Nat had her ears pierced (and only cried for ten seconds before giving everyone a gummy smile, the stinker).

Friends: Loving all of you. Hitting the town for Gallery Hop (maybe?) for birthday bash next weekend. I haven't seen the birthday girl since she was in the clinic for her WLS...and she's almost 100# lighter. Wow. :)

I think that's every last thing I can think of! *brain empty*

Good night!
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In honor of the second-most crassly commericalized holiday, I present the best Valentine's Day song EVER:

Song For The Dumped, Ben Folds Five
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I feel like I'm debasing Michael Hutchence's memory; I actually like the new lead singer for INXS. Their new album isn't half-bad, either.

Concert-going is where I'll draw the line. Might break a hip or something.

Looking around, my house is cleaner than it has been for at LEAST a year, probably 18 months. And it's not even really spotless, just neat and tidy. You could eat out of my refrigerator and use my keyboard with impunity. I even decluttered our upstairs coat closet - Honeybunch was speechless - so our vacuum cleaner would fit.

It's amazing what a little extra time and lack of stress can do for the soul (and the house)! Sometimes I feel like I'm slowly letting out a breath I've been holding for a long time.

Maybe I'll be able to sit down and work for a few hours on A Night In Paris. Writing has been a luxury of late. Or the last two years, give or take.

I'm really in love with the girl they've cast as Luna Lovegood. She's very cute, and very girly. I agree with [livejournal.com profile] heidi8's assertion that Dan should play James...it just fits, doesn't it? The actor cast for Tonks looks good too - she was Marcus' crush in About A Boy.

I dun wanna go bed...
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Am I really far behind the times? This link was posted to Moby_Journal:


You can enter a song/artist you like and it will create a radio station with artists that match what you've chosen. Dude.

I put in The Smiths and oh yeah, I'm one happy girl. :) It's not really giving me new artists per se, but you really can't go wrong with the Smiths.

Once you've heard a few songs, you can register, and create your own radio stations. Rawk!

Cheap Post

Dec. 13th, 2005 01:14 am
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Tagged by [livejournal.com profile] sarahkitty:

"List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your LJ along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to."

1. A Girl Like You by The Smithereens

2. Fahrenheit by At The Drive In

3. Love In A Trashcan by the Raveonettes

4. John The Revelator by Depeche Mode

5. Gold Digger by Kanye West f/Jamie Foxx And when he get on/he leave your ass for a white girl

6. Breathe by Erasure

7. Parklife by Blur - my favorite song of theirs, for sure. Well, that and Tender.

Tagging (link me to your post if you've already done this):

[livejournal.com profile] lonetimegone
[livejournal.com profile] killerbeautiful
[livejournal.com profile] roguebitch
[livejournal.com profile] claireyfairy1
[livejournal.com profile] thaliachaunacy
[livejournal.com profile] harumph

C'mon, pony up some YSI files. :)


Nov. 8th, 2005 12:39 am
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Happiness is a new release from Blur in 2006.
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Why is it that At The Drive In (defunct as they now are) and Coheed and Cambria, to mention two bands of late, sound like Rush?

Am I crazy? Or not? Listen for yourselves:

The Suffering - Coheed and Cambria

Fahrenheit - At The Drive In

The last thing we need are more bands that sound like Rush. Ick.

Oh, dear.

Sep. 29th, 2005 03:37 am
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They're playing Death Cab for Cutie on VH1, and I heard "Soul Meets Body" on CD101 this afternoon.

Weezer's "Beverly Hills" was playing on WNCI when I flipped past yesterday.

Could someone please come over and kill me so I don't have to listen to 50 people tell me about "this cool new band!" or "the new Weezer song!" Ack.


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