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I've been trying to use the ole ElJay to keep myself awake during the week, but I fell asleep.  Dur.

Went out for Korean last night with friends to Min Ga...oh man oh man I am SO glad I can eat spicy food!  I had Obeng Bokum (scallops and fish cakes stir fried with kimchee and vegetables), and sampled some sweet potato noodles (gelatinous) and seafood pancake (like pizza).

We got to talking about the different kinds of food we've tried, or would like to try.  Cut for the queasy. )

At one point there was an "International Supper Club" among the library folks, and I think we're going to resurrect it...Cbus folks, I will let you know when this is happening.  You will like.  Our next stop will be Spain Restaurant.  My mouth is watering just thinking of the paella....mmmmm.

That meme-y thing that's going around:  Self-knowing Extroverted (REALLY?!) Self-improver )

This morning was our Temple's annual meeting.  Ohio (and central Ohio in particular) is rather well-known for its population of utter pussies when it comes to driving in even slightly inclement weather.  The whining began at 9am on FRIDAY - "are we still having the meeting?  It's gonna be really bad out!"  "Is the meeting still on?  'Cause they're calling for freezing rain and snow!"  Because the local weather stations NEVER exaggerate weather reports and Ohio weather is ALWAYS predictable.

Attendance was sparse, but then again, I need to drive without worrying about people who've never heard of using 2nd gear for traction.  Wimps.

Once that was out of the way, we went to see Valkyrie.  It was decent, mainly because if one can keep others in scenes with Tom Cruise, he can act.  Alone, he comes off as wooden and stilted.  Even though you know how it ends (and if you don't, read the Wikipedia overview), it was still sad to think of those men being reviled as traitors and betrayers by those under their command.  Interesting, worth the watch.

Hopefully you all are having fun-filled weekends.  :-)
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We decided that Bernie (that's our 8-year-old puppy) could have a rawhide bone last night, since his ear is messed up anyway (they cause yeast infections in his ears) and he's been a good boy of late.

Oh, shit. Literally. My poor puppy. :( )

I think karma just sent me a couple of messages.

There's been quite a bit of drama at the Temple this week concerning the HVAC. Tuesday's group was hot and frustrated, but calm and "I hope we get this fixed soon!" Last night, OES called twice, ranting, then I got two more rants, then hung up on, followed by a nasty email.

I am sympathetic to their plight - the Masonic Temple in my hometown still doesn't have AC, so I understand sitting in a hot room in formal dress sucks - but they complain and whine and moan so much that you stop feeling sorry for them and just get pissed. Yet another incident to further solidify my conviction that I will never, EVER join OES. (I doubt they'd have me as they seem hellbent on alienating every person under the age of 50.)

At least the day can't get any worse, right? Right?
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Honeybunch is watching Saw III, and it is turning my stomach (even though my back is to the screen).

I am trying to finish up Chuck Palahniuk's Haunted and having a hard time, as I can't read it while eating/thinking about eating (and without spoiling the book for you, there is quite theeating theme).  The last fifteen pages or so have dragged, though I really want to know how it turns out.

Not sure why this is - I have never had any trouble with gore before.  Actually, I pretty much love realistic violence and gore, being of the MTV generation.

Meh.  Still looking forward to Hannibal Rising.  What a romantic Valentine's Day date movie, eh?!

Done with another clean-up day at the Temple.  Will be calling the advisor for DeMolay to have the boys clean up the unholy mess they left in the bathroom. (note to self:  no painting for those kids, ever again.) 

I had 2.5 hours of sleep last night.  Considering how much sleep I've forced myself to get this week, I thought I'd be able to push through.  Not so!  I nearly collapsed in Home Depot this afternoon - literally so weak from exhaustion and not eating that I had to physically fight the urge to sit down, throw up, and pass out.  Having to brave Meijer a) on Saturday b) at the beginning of the month c) the day before Super Bowl did pump me up with adrenaline, however.

Sushi has fortifying powers, as does 4 hours of sleep.  Feeling much better now, ready to face the prospect of living another day.

I've been craving chicken wings for some reason.  Please to be stopping this, insula!  Do not want!

Hope you all are having a good weekend and enjoy the Super Bowl, if you care.

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Whenever I start thinking, 'maybe it's time to consider having kids,' some holiday pops up to rain on my thought parade.

I'd mess my kid up.  I have no passion for the things kids need, like holiday traditions.  The thought of wading through thousands of smelly people to find one patch of earth to stand with a crick in my neck looking at explosions that aren't nearly as awesome as the *real* stars makes me feel a little ill.

Don't I make a post like this at every holiday?  Why yes, I do!  :P

Okay, I'll stop kvetching now.  Still not having kids.  With my luck, they'd turn out to be born-again Republicans who celebrate every holiday with materialistic fervor that would make every suburban soccer mom proud.  Or worse, they'd *be* that soccer mom. 

I gotta stop thinking about this.  *om*

What I really did over the holiday weekend )

And OMG, hate meme.  Posting to a hate meme anonymously (or at all) is bad karma.  Shame on you.  YEAH YOU.  Yeah, I'm talking to you, you douche.  Douche. 

I still love all of you, screw those douchebags.
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So tired from Grand Court )

I really, really need to go to bed. 
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Hey, [livejournal.com profile] 1anonymous1, do you still want to go to the Red Brick on Sunday? It's at 2 in London & I can pick ya up, np.


In other news, still at Grand Court and I want to kill the Grand Lecturer because she keeps HUMMING along with the music! Four hours of intermittent humming, I tell you. *stabs*
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I think most of you are aware of this:

I don't know how many of you out there know this, but Supreme Assembly is compiling a cookbook to raise money to replace the central air at the Supreme Temple.

Let's Get Cooking! )

I hope that each person in the community will take a couple of minutes to at least enter a recipe into the database. 

Thanks!  :)

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Hey all. *waves* So much to say, so few minutes to say it in.

First off, that thing in my stomach? Rogue muscle cells (don't ask, I have no idea how they got into my abdomen or why they've decided to set up shop and reproduce). *chants "it's not cancer, it's not cancer"* My GP (the one whose mantra seems to be 'all this is caused by obesity and diabetes') has been awfully fucking sheepish on the phone. Bastard. Will call gastroenterologist tomorrow to schedule surgery. But YAY! There's something there, it can be taken care of, I'm not a hypochondriac (which I think my GP also suspected of me).

And now, a little rant about my dad )

I have June 3-7 off. I had orignally planned to go to NYC *bawls* but I decided that my niece and my wedding were pretty damn important things to have money for, so I had to scrap the Big Apple trip. But, vacation! I'll be at the midnight line party at the Arena Grand Thursday night, seeing the PoA matinee on Saturday, and maybe meeting up with [livejournal.com profile] ishie and friend on Monday night. I am going to be PoA'd out.

But, but, but. Before I get any more email, I swear I'm gonna get something out over this next week or so. I've been getting nasty emails asking when I'm going to update [insert any of my zillion WiPs here]. *pulls hair out* So I'm gonna buckle down and get something done. *refuses to acknowledge Fred/Tonks/George plot bunny*

Random thoughts:

I thought I'd bought some of that really good port wine cheese the other day only to discover it's 'cheese food.' Um, WTF? *bins it*

I made it through my flist since I last read it! Go me.

[livejournal.com profile] nsmom, sorry not to hear from you. Hope your weekend went well! :)
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Discovered my gall bladder problem may have been connected to the ice cream Honeybunch brought home last week...peanut butter fudge...40% of one's daily fat intake in one scoop! Well, who in the world eats only one scoop of ice cream? Put your hand down, you're lying.

So, my tummy feels much better. The green goblin will remain inside my body for now.

An aside for Misha and my RL friends )

I'm trying to force myself to stay up and get some beta work out of the way, play with the Checkmated queue, and clean out my inbox. Good luck on that one. *snores*
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