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Ugh. Long week, long weekend!

Sorry that my posts are generally life-updatey, and not fandom-squee-updatey, but there you have it.

True Blood has slightly lost its luster, but hey, I got to see Anna Paquin naked. *grins* I love her. I mean, she's cute. Gah. You know what I mean. >:) I just don't have time to watch TV. Thursday night had me near tears because I just had so much STUFF to do, and I needed to get two episodes in and OMGFREAKOUT.

I will be the FIRST person to have a cable feed implanted directly into my brain/optic nerve.

Have been perusing apartments in the areas of town I'm looking to move into, and I now know: I am spoiled. I want central air. I want washer and dryer hookups (or at least an on-site laundry). I need a place that will allow pets (or will allow them intermittently). And I also want 2 bedrooms, AND to pay less than $650/month with most utilities included.

Oh yeah, and I want to live in the hippest neighborhood in the city. BWAHAHAHAHA. I will prevail. Eventually. Dammit.

Saturday a few friends and I went to the Asian Festival, which is held just outside of downtown Cbus at the Franklin Park Conservatory. I drove, and we came in from the north in order to find side-street parking. The conversation in the car went like this: )

I got a parasol, too, which made the 5-year-old girl in me very happy. :D

For some reason (reason being one of my toenails finally came off), I got it into my head this weekend that I needed to clean my feet up for bare feet/flip-flops/sandals. Runners? You understand what this means. Black toenails. No toenails. Blisters in various stages of healing. Callouses in weird spots. It took me three days, but I got those dogs looking pretty spiffy, good enough for polishing, which I haven't bothered to do since 2006.

I kinda sorta musta forgot how to do the poilsh, because I tipped the bottle while I was painting along, and poured half a bottle of DARK RED NAIL POLISH on the carpet. Yeah, just call me Grace. :P

The night ended with many hours of hanging on the stoop of my friend's place, shooting the breeze and being eaten by mosquitos, debating the use of vibrators and what constitutes cool.

Today, I cleaned, I weeded, I watered (to ensure those afternoon t-storms, dontcha know), and I shopped.

Tonight, I will sleep with acetone fumes charging my dreams.

What are you all up to? :)


May. 21st, 2009 02:40 pm
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I've got SPRING FEVER! Or it might be swine flu, who knows?

Either way, today has been busy and all about being inside rather than out enjoying the sunshine. Booooo.

Trying to come up with ways to call in sick tomorrow, but make it look legit. Can't think of a thing (and calling in with swine flu might be seen as inducing panic). Guess I'll have to come in. Sigh!

I am having to work harder and harder to keep myself unspoiled for the HBP movie - no trailers, no photos, no interviews - but OH MAN. Cannot wait.

Still considering hitchhiking cross-country for Azkatraz, but I think I might just go and consider it ultra-ultra-ultra marathon training. :P

My sister had her baby shower (she didn't actually want one, but her spoiled neighbor/friend who is also pregnant roped her into it) last weekend, and HOO. My ovaries have shriveled into peanuts and I think my brain shrank a few cc's, too. I can only take so much toddler-speak and discussion of American Idol.

Tried absinthe last weekend - and I liked it. Very strong flavor of licorice, not nearly as bitter/awful as I'd heard. Not really an aperatif (eating a veggie wrap was like chewing black Twizzlers of differing textures), but definitely a libation I will try again. Much better than most beers, or chugging some girly malt drink.

I'm not doing anything after the gym tomorrow aside from grocery shopping. Saturday, maybe Asian Festival? Then karaoke. Sunday is filled with endless possibilities, like cleaning at the Lodge and cleaning out the house for the RUMMAGE SALE OF DOOM on June 13th. Monday, I think will be a day of running. Just so.

Oh crap, I have to find time to watch True Blood! *cries* *starts rearranging schedule* Must.find.techie.friend.who.can.hook.me.up!

Counting down the minutes...what are you all up to this weekend?


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