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1.  Muchas gracias once again, friends, for all of your kind words and encouragement about Bernie dog.  He is doing very well.  The vet agreed with our decision in light of that, and listed him as not requiring further vaccination.  We have some "oncosupport" food supplement, and the vet cleared him to eat rawhide and popcorn again.  My puppy is a happy boy!

2.  A group of former co-workers and I have started a new tradition for first Fridays - International Supper Club.  This month, it was Spain Restaurant, which is one of those places inside a hotel where you could never imagine there could be food so good, yet you realize that culinary yumminess is inevitable.  Next month is Ha Long Bay.  *anticipates*

3.  1,000-calorie Saturdays are back!  I did my Spinning class, then an aerobics class Saturday morning with my friend Shannon.  I will get her to join a gym yet - I know she loved the Y, if she was a little salty with me about the intensity level of the aerobics class.Read more... )

Next week will be the Dublin Irish Festival 4-miler, then I should be back to 8-milers on Saturday mornings.  Ah, warm weather!

4.  I promptly ate up my 1,000 calories by having lunch at The Dube, and dinner at Bonefish Grill.  (Hey, I was carb-loading!)

5.  Today I ran the Arnold Classic 5K with my friend Andrew (who is the cutest, sexiest, and NICEST gay man on the planet).  Set a new PR, too - 29:42!  I know it doesn't sound impressive, but that's about 6 minutes faster than my last 5K, and I am a big girl.  But yay me!  My inner thighs are super-sore though (WTH)?

Being at the Arnold is very, as Andrew put it, distracting - imagine every type of person, of every fitness level, walking around - and this is the important part - confidently and without judgment.  It was crazy, I loved it!

The 'roided out women are also crazy, I couldn't stop staring.

6.  Then I went to The Dube, again, for lunch.  Mmmm.

7.  Uninterested in Watchmen.  Utterly.

8.  Totally interested in Chester French.  Totally.

9.  In the realm of the shitty, I'm now deep within the life of quiet desperation illuminated by Henry David Thoreau as regards my marriage.  Literally no conversation, and sometimes I just leave off in the middle of a sentence because it is so obvious that I'm wasting my breath.  There are times when I am so lonely I want to cry, and I don't cry.

10.  Other than that, life is great.  Really.  :-)
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I've been a mite upset that my winter weight gain (I always gain 8 pounds in the winter, never fails) has refused to budge even through the addition of massive amounts of spinning, water aerobics/swimming, Zumba (HAHAHAHAHA, I looked like a rampaging elephant!) and massive reductions in calories.

Today I went to the Y and their scale said 172, a full 6 pounds less than any other scale I've been on recently.  (Am weighing myself at the North Y FOREVER.)  The digital at my full-time club said 178.4 on Wednesday.

Then I found out that one's scale should be on a hard, flat surface.  *moves home scale*

WOOOOOOOO, 172 baybee!  I'll take it.  6 pounds lost!  Now, 22 more to go.

This reminds me that I need to adjust my savings account deposits and get ready for the near-certainty that any work done on my stomach will not be covered by insurance.  Pout.


In other news, [livejournal.com profile] daily_snitch has posted their list of adult Percy fanfics.  *pervs*

Alas, time for bed.  *bookmarks*

ETA: OMG, thank you [livejournal.com profile] soawen for the lovely card and WONDERFUL drabble! Eeee! :D

Have a great week, you all!

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*rubs wrists*  You know, I need to schedule time to read the flist - catching up on nearly 3 weeks of posts is way too much to attempt in one sitting.

But, uh, hey - how YOU doin'?

As this is my birthday month (yeah, 'round these parts, we have bday months), I've been out with various groups of friends and family, getting the Temple ready for the winter season, getting the house ready for winter (brrrr), working, working out, racing and sleeping.

details )

My job is still making me happy, I'm slowly but surely digging my way out of debt, I cannot WAIT to get to Baltimore to see [livejournal.com profile] salemdipity and [livejournal.com profile] zsazsa101, then NYC and Equus!

Journal comments will come along, as I get through the flist...I do think of you all every day though...truly!  Especially when I'm at work and itching to check in, knowing that I can't.  :-P
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I've been thinking about you all...there are many of you out there that are actively getting into shape, are maintaining your health, or are looking to get started.

All the information is so confusing, one size fits all, or just plain silly (those foot pads that claim to "detox" your body, anyone?).

I thought about putting up some "before" pictures of myself, but when I looked at them...no.  Just.  I can't.  Not yet.  Maybe not ever.

Thank god I've always felt good about myself and have never cared what others thought of me.  It's a true gift.

So, wise and wonderful friends of LiveJournal:

1.  What are you doing to make yourself feel better and why?

2.  What are some bad habits that you find tough to break?  Or that you don't want to break?

3.  Do you have any goals that you're working toward, health-wise?

My answers )

Seriously, I want to know, and you might impart some knowledge to someone who might be able to use it.
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My in-laws are coming over for dinner on Sunday.  First time at our place - after nearly seven years of living here.

D: )

In other news, the work transition is going nicely. )

Terminus hotel room is now taken care of...looking to either buy/trade a registration, and then scout some places to look for decent parking.  I've been lucky in the past, and assume that I will be again.  (Overly optimistic, yes?)  V.v. excited to see everyone, especially [livejournal.com profile] roguebitch, [livejournal.com profile] rlanto, [livejournal.com profile] smilie117 and the rest of you all!  :)

Have a good weekend, youse guys!

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I finally got around to checking the website for my finish photo from the half marathon...

Not too bad for being half-dead, I'd reckon:

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It's ironic that I started this entry at 5am, because I was up and couldn't sleep!  (Actually, I caught a bit of cold at the race on Sunday - 45:16, pace 11:19/mile - which is why I was awake.)

Anyway, I'm giving this whole get-8-hours-of-sleep thing a real try.  I picked up Sleep to be Sexy, Smart and Slim because, well, I work at the lieberry and I can reserve skim the newest titles.

I've read many books about the hows and whys and wherefores of sleep, but when you don't sleep/can't sleep/never feel like sleeping, well.  The advice seems very restrictive (no caffiene 8 HOURS before bed?!) and kind of staid (what do you MEAN I can't peruse the internets right up until I nod off at the monitor?!).

I haven't heard anything on how the axe will fall on the job front, but I'm not too worried.  If anything, it will be a vacation, and I have temporary work lined up for whatever time I am off.


Apr. 12th, 2008 12:47 pm
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I did it!


(Edited from active.com website chip time)



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