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I never knew the term "hamstrung" referred to a feeling quite as awful as the literal meaning.

Yep, I've strained my right hamstring. Not quite sure how it happened, since it's been gradually feeling icky over the last month or so. I hyperextended my knee a couple of weeks ago and that started the pain. It's a transverse strain that started out at Level I, but is now up to Level II due to stupidly tweaking it while sleep-jerking (no fair!), spinning (what was I thinking?) and vacuuming (who knew you used your hammies for that?).

I did pilates on Thursday and yoga on Friday, rather than run/spin on my lunch hour. So my abs are tighter and I'm meditated to within an inch of sanity. *twitches*

Go ahead, ask me about my neurotic tendencies and how much I hate ::meditation::

I was on the road to recovery, but yesterday was a big clean-up at the Lodge, where we (and by we, I mean me and a 65-year-old guy with raging diabetes and heart problems) schlepped and spread mulch and planted and did other outdoor work. Then Mr. K and I went to a Clippers game, walking almost a mile to and from the stadium.

Sigh. Yeowch.

What to do? I don't think I can take another "wellness" class without going batshit. Maybe yoga tomorrow (aieee) at lunch and then see how it feels on Tuesday. I think if I can keep from tweaking it for 3 or 4 days, it will recover quite nicely.

It better, 'cause I have a 10K first Sunday in June. D:

ANYWAY. Sleep has been my priority the past week or so. It's amazing to see how much better I look when I get enough shut-eye - my wonky eye is all but gone, my skin is plumper, my eyes brighter. Wish those dark circles would go away, though.

Mother's Day this year hit me hard, for some reason. Usually I don't get down or melancholy around commercial holidays or my mom's birthday, but today - GEEZ. Maybe it's all the Facebook status updates, my sister's birthday and baby shower being in the same week, maybe it's just a cyclical thing with me.

Wondering why the imminent start of uncoupling makes me want to plant a garden and decorate this place. :\ I'll update on this once the TALK has been had and there is a solid plan in place.

GOOD STUFF. The minor league ballpark here in town is new, and nice. We were sitting in the right field corner, so not sure how the new arrangement will affect the heckling. No fun if the players can't hear you!

Going out to drink absinthe with friends on Friday. Never had the stuff, so I'm looking forward to all the paraphernalia and the drinking of it. :-9

Have been slowly trying Dreamwidth - I'm quidditchgrrl over there, too. Hit me up. And THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, [livejournal.com profile] chickadilly, for the code! :D

Getting stuff together for a huge YARD SALE! Finally, get some of the material chaff outta here. Then I can just send the proceeds directly to the damn IRS and let them sort it out.

Hope all you mommas out there were able to relax for a bit today and actually ENJOY being a momma. :-)

Have a great week, y'all.
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Things I have done on my unexpected 4-day vacation: )

Things I have not done on my unexpected 4-day vacation: )

Also, have been listening to Bright Shiny Morning, which is the third novel from the infamous James Frey.  I love stories that deal with the underbelly of life, people outside of the mainstream.  The book is a series of stories about various people in the LA area, interspersed with little historical "footnotes" about Los Angeles, switching from story to story, from a homeless drunk on Venice Beach who meets a young meth addict to a fabulously famous and rich power couple whose marriage is incredibly happy and totally platonic.  The narrator, Ben Foster, makes the story go - so very well-suited for screaming "FUCK FUCK FUCK" or calmly explaining the development of each of southern California's main aqueducts.

Tomorrow, I will attempt to sleep in, then clean house or go to the movies.  Then off to drink alcohol be eaten alive by bugs watch fireworks in Upper Arlington.  Can't think of a better way to celebrate civil disobedience than trying to escape the po-po by drinking wine from paper cups.  :-)

Hope you all have a great holiday weekend, or weekend, as the case may be.  *squishes*


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