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Something more like an actual update:

1. I've shrunk an entire INCH! Am now 5 feet, 8.5 inches, due to skeletal "readjustment" after weight loss. Quite surprising, since it never crossed my mind that this would/could/does happen, but it makes sense - less to cart around, less bone needed for supporting structure. My doctor is not concerned with bone loss, because I get plenty of calcium, high-intensity exercise, and am in generally good health.

I started intensive Vitamin D therapy (uh, intensive for me in that I'm taking supplements for it) and have added Omega-3 supplements to my regimen over the past 6 months. My serum vitamin D was low with my last CBC, even with the extra, which the doctor is concerned about, but kind of makes sense given the whole "readjustment" scenario.

This must be why people who've lost a lot of weight and kept it off sometimes look completely different. My college roommate and I were looking at pictures - one of us when we lived together (at 225 and 275 lbs respectively), one of us in 2006 (at 190 and 220), and looking at ourselves now (170 and 200) - and it is insane the difference even between 2006 and 2009 in what we look like.

2. Now that my BMI, RMR, and BMR has been adjusted, I really need to jumpstart losing those last 20 pounds! Read more... )

3.  This weekend is the weekend of eating but mainly regurging whatever I want!  So far, I've had:  McDonald's ice cream (it's non-dairy!), pizza, Raising Cane's chicken fingers, and a donut.  Tomorrow, pad thai and Jeni's.  Then, on the wagon (if I can get up on the damn thing).

4.  Listening to Ministry and Erasure just makes me happy.  <3

5.  I love crossword puzzles and Augusten Burroughs.  The end.  :-)
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First off, THANK YOU for all of your positive energy, thoughts and prayers for my big-three issues from earlier this week.

SECOND - I am fine.  Yes, really.  I'm functioning (albeit VERY ready to go back to work on...Tuesday  D:  I may be stuck to the ceiling by then) and getting things done in their courses.

Funeral stuff went as well as can be expected, and the cousins have decided to get a family reunion together in the next year or so.

Super-creepy death stuff unsuitable for the romance of VD )

OH, but the Universe is not finished with me, not by a long shot!  Read more... )

In slightly more normal life news, we went to see "Taken" today.  It was decent, but I was definitely wondering at using a 26-year-old actress to play a 17-year-old girl.  Liam Neeson FTW.

And thanks to [livejournal.com profile] ishie, I am re-reading It Hardly Signifies when I should be texting friends and hitting the town.  I am laaaaame.  But also addicted to Jane Austen fanfiction, so there you go.
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'Cause I posted it over at Sparkpeople, it's already written:  Things that have changed since I lost weight, volume 1: )

I did have a moment of whoa recently...maybe it will make you think, too.  I was reading an article (and goodness knows I can't remember what magazine it was in - possibly Prevention) and it made the point that most people could not save themselves or their loved ones if they were in an accident/disaster.  Meaning, they do not have the strength to pull themselves out of a shallow hole, the ability to control their exit/descent from a second-story residental window; they could not carry a 50-pound child up or down 5 flights of stairs without stopping.

While I hate those "OMG OMG PANIC PANIC ABOUT SILLY THINGS THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN!" kinds of articles, this really struck a chord.  Going into scenarios would only add to that panic above, but think about it:  if you were in imminent danger, if your kids were in imminent danger, could you do those things above?  And no BS about the adrenaline effect?  Honestly?

I'm starting plyometric work this week.  You know, just to be sure.


Since I work in what most people would consider Eden, I am free to listen to NPR to my heart's content, take a longer lunch so I can work out, etc. etc. (I hear you gagging), I've gotten to listen to our President-elect quite a bit over the last 2 months.

I'm not sure if it's because I've been forced, for eight long years, to listen to a monkey-man talk about policy and planning, or if Obama is just that awesome.  But wow man, I'm psyched for the inauguration and can't wait for the new administration to get in here!

The vast difference (paraphrasing, natch):

Q:  What are you going to do about Gitmo and the allegations of torture and rendition?

W:  Wut?  Oh, uh, I ain't gonna do nuttin.  Dem's bad people down there in, uh, down in Gitmo.  Those evildoers are hiding secrets and we've got to find out what they know by whatever means we can.

Obama:  We're going to close Gitmo.  Yes, I realize that there are a lot of bad people there, and it will take time and effort to work through this complex situation.  But we will do it with all due diligence and as quickly as we can, protecting both the rights of the detainees and the safety of the US.

It's like a tall, cool drink of water, I tell you.  (The rhetoric, not the man.  Michelle would cut a bitch if you stepped to her man like that!)

Finally, Cbus peeps:  I'm going to a water aerobics class on the west side, Saturday 1.17, 9:30am.  I have free passes for the gym.  Buzz me if you're interested.  It'll be fun!
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I'm trying to stay awake until 9pm so I don't wake up at 4am, rarin' to go.

I really would like to take a personal day tomorrow, for the dumbest reason - I got yelled at for the first time.  Well, not YELLED yelled at, but told in strong language how I precisely fucked shit up.

Totally my fault, too, and not jack shit that can/could be done about it.  :-\  I just HATE falling down on the job and feeling like a failure.  Boo.  I thought about getting upset, but looked at the pile of work that needs done and decided against it.

Funny how you never want to cry when it's convenient.  Only when you're at your limit and beyond the breaking point and you can't stop that your eyes start to burn.  I persevered, however.

In better news, the Y got new/more bikes for cycling!  They're quite nice, and the classes are tracking their progress leading up to The Big Ride at the start of February - a 3-hour spinfest.  My goal is to make all but 2 lunchtime classes this month.

Only 3 more months 'til Spring....

Even better news - I'm over my salt pica, hopefully my iron levels are approaching normal.  While I do like chicken livers, 3 buckets of them in 3 weeks is a bit much.  Oy.

Somehow I've developed a strange rash on my inner thighs, and I have *no clue* what it is or how it got there.  Very itchy, not too bumpy, but annoying.  Twelve is about the age where having a rash is acceptable in any way.  D:

Hope some of you are enjoying your first days back after the holidays.  I for one am glad for a return to routine.

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I've been a mite upset that my winter weight gain (I always gain 8 pounds in the winter, never fails) has refused to budge even through the addition of massive amounts of spinning, water aerobics/swimming, Zumba (HAHAHAHAHA, I looked like a rampaging elephant!) and massive reductions in calories.

Today I went to the Y and their scale said 172, a full 6 pounds less than any other scale I've been on recently.  (Am weighing myself at the North Y FOREVER.)  The digital at my full-time club said 178.4 on Wednesday.

Then I found out that one's scale should be on a hard, flat surface.  *moves home scale*

WOOOOOOOO, 172 baybee!  I'll take it.  6 pounds lost!  Now, 22 more to go.

This reminds me that I need to adjust my savings account deposits and get ready for the near-certainty that any work done on my stomach will not be covered by insurance.  Pout.


In other news, [livejournal.com profile] daily_snitch has posted their list of adult Percy fanfics.  *pervs*

Alas, time for bed.  *bookmarks*

ETA: OMG, thank you [livejournal.com profile] soawen for the lovely card and WONDERFUL drabble! Eeee! :D

Have a great week, you all!

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Know what's cool?  I went through and deleted my Bush icons.  Feels pretty darned good, clean sweep.

Now I can waste a bunch of time searching for and uploading shiny new icons (see above/left/right).

Know what's not cool?  Both Blur and The Smiths teasing us with possible reunions.  C'mon, for old times' sake, gents!

Have been listening to The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb, and have found myself on the blind edge of tears several times.  His writing does that to me.  The subject matter (centered around the Columbine High School shootings), the pacing, the horrible banality of life amid tragedy, and yeah.  That'll do it.

Doctor will be called Monday.  I need to figure out what to do about the iron malabsorption issue (no duodenum = loss of 90%+ ability to absorb iron), get my thyroid tested (I feel like I'm freezing to death while everyone else is basting in their own juice), and try to get him on the medically-necessary abdominoplasty wagon (the case could be made - I can't lay on my stomach without scar tissue pressing on my diaphragm).  A girl can dream of insurance-approved plastic surgery, can't she?

(Someone asked me if having a tummy tuck would, quote, make me happy, unquote.  No, *I* decide my own happiness.  But it would be nice to a) not have to worry about turning over in the night and inadvertently asphixiating myself; b) move one way and not have my stomach undulate in another; and c) not look like a topographic map when I'm naked.)

Oh, and if you didn't see the news, Equus raised $203,000 for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, a new all-time record!  Watch the video, if for nothing else than Harvey Fierstein announcing the winner.  :-)

Also, also:  Emma's latest photoshoot - how great does she look?  Wow.

Have a great week, all!
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I've been thinking about you all...there are many of you out there that are actively getting into shape, are maintaining your health, or are looking to get started.

All the information is so confusing, one size fits all, or just plain silly (those foot pads that claim to "detox" your body, anyone?).

I thought about putting up some "before" pictures of myself, but when I looked at them...no.  Just.  I can't.  Not yet.  Maybe not ever.

Thank god I've always felt good about myself and have never cared what others thought of me.  It's a true gift.

So, wise and wonderful friends of LiveJournal:

1.  What are you doing to make yourself feel better and why?

2.  What are some bad habits that you find tough to break?  Or that you don't want to break?

3.  Do you have any goals that you're working toward, health-wise?

My answers )

Seriously, I want to know, and you might impart some knowledge to someone who might be able to use it.
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I don't know what I did to anger the fates, but I'm sick AGAIN!  *shakes fists at sky*  Same thing - the horrible flu-like chest cold OF DEATH.

Unfortunately, I can NEVER take a day off work because we're so short staffed that even one person gone is a huge burden - and I always open/close alone, so if I'm not there, it's a huge PITA.  Might as well come in and do the best I can while my corpse is still warm and twitching.

However, I can take NyQuil without too many ill effects.  The stuff makes me super-anxious for some reason - maybe the pseudoephedrine does that?  Probably should call the doctor so he can run some tests, since I've not gotten 100% better since I got sick on Christmas Day.

I hate being sick - I take my vitamins, I have a good immune system, I work around diseased children and germy books all the time - bah!

ANYWAY, I've been staying up late to watch Jon and Stephen try their hands at being one-man shows.  Jon I had no qualms about - anyone who's seen him unscripted knows he is best off-the-cuff.  Stephen is struggling, probably because he is much more constrained by the need to stay in character.

Also, I am conflicted about watching when the WGA strike is still ongoing.  Even existential guilt is annoying.  Hm.

This post has been brought to you by the department of whinging, whining, and meh.


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