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*falls down* Unf.


1. That big shiny ball appeared in the sky again! \o/ And the foretellers say it will come back tomorrow!

2. Big shiny ball = compulsive time outdoors = no rest days. Even though I've strained my hamstring and my knee hurts...I never feel like not running. Or that I ought to take a rest day - I never think I've worked hard enough, and my new heart rate monitor has crashed me back down to earth (thought I was burning 600 cals/hr in Circle Step? Ha. Or 1000cals on an 8-miler? Nope.). My metabolism seems to be really effed up, or this damn thing is broken.

Or I'm a cyborg.

3. Re: #2, my hamstring is getting better and so is my knee - watch those hamstring exercises, y'all.

4. In other health-related news, I've been reducing my insulin incrementally. Down from 25 to 20 to 18 to 15 to 12, and now I'm ready to take 10 units of Lantus in the morning and see how it goes. My little pen (if I need a "bump" around meals) has dust bunnies.

Seriously, though - how was I even ALIVE taking 25 units a day?!?!? I'm not eating less, or eating fewer sugars/carbs. It's no wonder I quit losing weight - everything that went into my mouth was going into the emergency shelter for immediate use.

Today, 12 units. Post-lunch (complete with a big naan-like piece of bread from Firdous) = 82.

This needs to be researched, but not by me, I freaking hate endocrinology.

5. Weekend = run, run, eat good foods, maybe go to the Spring Game (or just jog by), meet up with my nephew for clothes buying. Then, I will keel over and die. :P
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'Cause I posted it over at Sparkpeople, it's already written:  Things that have changed since I lost weight, volume 1: )

I did have a moment of whoa recently...maybe it will make you think, too.  I was reading an article (and goodness knows I can't remember what magazine it was in - possibly Prevention) and it made the point that most people could not save themselves or their loved ones if they were in an accident/disaster.  Meaning, they do not have the strength to pull themselves out of a shallow hole, the ability to control their exit/descent from a second-story residental window; they could not carry a 50-pound child up or down 5 flights of stairs without stopping.

While I hate those "OMG OMG PANIC PANIC ABOUT SILLY THINGS THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN!" kinds of articles, this really struck a chord.  Going into scenarios would only add to that panic above, but think about it:  if you were in imminent danger, if your kids were in imminent danger, could you do those things above?  And no BS about the adrenaline effect?  Honestly?

I'm starting plyometric work this week.  You know, just to be sure.


Since I work in what most people would consider Eden, I am free to listen to NPR to my heart's content, take a longer lunch so I can work out, etc. etc. (I hear you gagging), I've gotten to listen to our President-elect quite a bit over the last 2 months.

I'm not sure if it's because I've been forced, for eight long years, to listen to a monkey-man talk about policy and planning, or if Obama is just that awesome.  But wow man, I'm psyched for the inauguration and can't wait for the new administration to get in here!

The vast difference (paraphrasing, natch):

Q:  What are you going to do about Gitmo and the allegations of torture and rendition?

W:  Wut?  Oh, uh, I ain't gonna do nuttin.  Dem's bad people down there in, uh, down in Gitmo.  Those evildoers are hiding secrets and we've got to find out what they know by whatever means we can.

Obama:  We're going to close Gitmo.  Yes, I realize that there are a lot of bad people there, and it will take time and effort to work through this complex situation.  But we will do it with all due diligence and as quickly as we can, protecting both the rights of the detainees and the safety of the US.

It's like a tall, cool drink of water, I tell you.  (The rhetoric, not the man.  Michelle would cut a bitch if you stepped to her man like that!)

Finally, Cbus peeps:  I'm going to a water aerobics class on the west side, Saturday 1.17, 9:30am.  I have free passes for the gym.  Buzz me if you're interested.  It'll be fun!
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I've been thinking about you all...there are many of you out there that are actively getting into shape, are maintaining your health, or are looking to get started.

All the information is so confusing, one size fits all, or just plain silly (those foot pads that claim to "detox" your body, anyone?).

I thought about putting up some "before" pictures of myself, but when I looked at them...no.  Just.  I can't.  Not yet.  Maybe not ever.

Thank god I've always felt good about myself and have never cared what others thought of me.  It's a true gift.

So, wise and wonderful friends of LiveJournal:

1.  What are you doing to make yourself feel better and why?

2.  What are some bad habits that you find tough to break?  Or that you don't want to break?

3.  Do you have any goals that you're working toward, health-wise?

My answers )

Seriously, I want to know, and you might impart some knowledge to someone who might be able to use it.
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I JUST commented to [livejournal.com profile] hermorrine that I wanted her HA1c score of 5.6.


Test results from the doctor in the mail today.


NON-fasting blood glucose level:  84

Nice.  ;-)
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Just when I thought life might be looking up...(I know, oh god, here she goes again!)

Went to the optometrist this morning to check my contacts and have my eyes dilated.  This morning, I'd had a lot of trouble reading out of my right eye.  It seemed to have a film over it in some areas.

Why?  I have developed leakages in my ocular blood vessels, especially near the optic nerve in my right eye.  This explains the blurriness in the center of my visual field there (I could see the outer 1-2 letters on the chart okay, but not the middle 3-4).  Right now, though, I can see just fine.  Reabsorption, maybe?  >.O

My opthamalogist had called twice this year to see if I wanted to come in...no, I told him, I don't think it's necessary.  My diabetes is well under control, no problems.  *headdesk*

I'm waiting for a callback, once they have the optometrist's results, so the opthamalogist can schedule me for tests.

I had an anxiety attack this morning, too )

Could someone please turn down the vacuum in this black hole?  It's really starting to suck.
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SMRT Update:  I think I took the Lantus - I'm holding steady in the low 100s (102, 109) over the last hour.

Had some toast (I still haven't gotten around to buying sugared jelly, darnitall) and I feel okay.  Foraging has produced chocolate chips and ice cream sandwiches (bad Honeybunch!).

I think I'll sleep on the couch with the chocolate chips close by.  *nods*

Tomorrow will be fun, I'm sure - now to figure out how much Lantus to take in the morning.  Hm, should probably not take any, since I'm getting 4 units (eek!) an hour until 11am tomorrow, then 2 units until 9pm or so (Lantus is a slow-release insulin that acts over a 24-hour period).  That's a lot of food, especially when you can't drink sugared drinks.  Bah.

Great, I'm going to look like an orca by tomorrow morning having to eat all night long.  :-\

Oh, shit.

Jan. 27th, 2008 10:56 pm
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Reason #245 why I shouldn't do important things while I'm distracted:

I took a shot of insulin about an hour ago.

I could have taken:

a) 2 units of Humalog - what I intended to take, will balance out with what I've eaten so far (soon, hopefully)

b) 25 units of Lantus - a HUGE fuckup, but I think I could manage that over time with a good dose of some simple sugars

c) 25 units of Humalog - which could conceivably kill me if I don't head to the ER before I pass out

Last BGL - 52.  Have had an apple and a bowl of cereal.  Might puke if I eat anything else.  Will retest in 30 minutes, head to ER if no change.  Better go wake Andy up, just in case.
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Lately most of my posts start with the usual apologies...busy, tired, busy, etc.  Nothing's changed, yeah.

The good: )

The bad: )

The ugly: )


--Have taken up water aerobics on the weekends.  It's kind of fun, although some of the folks give me dirty looks :(  I hope I never gave anyone those looks in the past (although I doubtlessly did).

--I bought a heart rate monitor to start tracking my calories burned/time in target zones.  I love new toys.  :-)  Also because I can't seem to lose any weight to save my life, even though I'm getting in the recommended 30-60 minutes of cardio 6 days a week (including 3 hours on Monday/Wednesday).  My ass is dragging and I want to see results, dammit.  I do suspect that my step/spinning instructor has ruined me with her take-no-prisoners workouts.  Wah.

--I broke my 10 minute mile the other night.  It's something.

--Have been reading the flist and sporadically commenting.  Much loff to you all, as usual.

'Night.  :)

Who, me?

Sep. 24th, 2007 09:35 pm
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How to tell if your blood sugar is too low:

1.  You start to feel like you've had a couple Cosmopolitans...but you're in an exercise class.

2.  Clear sight is becoming a literal impossibility, even though you're wearing your glasses.

3.  You wonder where you should be getting some food from, but even though you're at a major shopping center on a main road, you can't remember where a drive-through might be.

4.  You're too afraid to go into Kroger or Target lest you be arrested for public drunkeness, and you're not sure you can say much aside from "ice cream, please."  Walking anywhere seems a bad idea, too.

5.  You have to hold the bill up very close to your nose to be sure you have $1 and not $20.

6.  You fall asleep in the drive-thru lane at McDonald's.

7.  The ice cream cone attacks you and you end up with soft serve in both your mouth and nose.  Hork.

8.  You make sure to take the back way home as you're not 100% sure about your driving skills.

9.  Peanut butter is your bestest friend, so long as you remain conscious enough to swallow it.

10.  Dinner never looked so good.

I think I'd rather be drunk...at least you can bargain your driver's license if you're busted for DUI. 

Imma go to bed...I feel like I've been hit by a Mack Truck.
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Been busy trying to avoid spoilers for the movie, book, etc. and have been doing a decent job lurking and evading. I'll be heading out to the Arena Grand tomorrow night with the [livejournal.com profile] hp_ohio crowd to see OotP.

Is anyone else super jazzed for this movie? I know I am, but maybe it's just because I decided that I didn't want to see anything ahead of time - I haven't even really seen the trailer. I would have gone up to Rave tonight, but I have to be up early for work tomorrow, so.

I'm old.

[livejournal.com profile] alissomora, I am SO upset I missed your call! I will be sure to have my cell with me everywhere from now on (I took a bike ride and didn't bring the darned thing with me). :-( This Sunday, I will have that thing stuck to me like glue.

I am also super-jazzed that I'm heading to Pittsburgh on Saturday to spend the day with [livejournal.com profile] nsmom! *dances*

Back on the insulin bandwagon. Have gained 10# of water and sleeping like I've been attacked by a swarm of tsetse flies. Dammit, my HbA1c WILL be under 8 this time, if only to prove my doctor that yes, I can do it. Grump. I hate being diabetic. >:( But pretending that I'm not isn't the best way to handle it, so.

That's that.

Also: Michael Chertoff, go to hell. "Gut feeling" my ass. You better have better than that to back your shit up, buddy, if you're gonna be scare-mongering all summer.

Night, all, and I'll be around on the flip side!


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