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(Note:  if you've responded to this on [livejournal.com profile] zorb's, [livejournal.com profile] abigail89's or Penny's journal, you don't need to respond here.)

Anyway, we will be presenting in a panel this week at Portus (www.portus2008.org), a discussion of the fandom history of the H/Hr ship.  I didn't do this as an "official" LJ poll; nice, long answers might be required for some of the questions.  :)

So, please, answer the questions below.  Some, any or all of them, depending on your preference.

1.  Whether you are still involved in fandom or not, is (or was) H/H your primary ship of preference or was it a secondary ship or one of many ships you could support?

2.  Are you still involved in fandom?

a.  If so, why?
b.  If so, why not?

3.  If you remained in fandom, have you gravitated to other focuses or other ships, and if so, why?

4.  If you left the fandom, what was the primary reason for leaving?

a.  Boredom
b.  New interests
c.  Lack of time
d.  The negative tone directed at H/H within the fandom
e.  Any combination of the above

5.  Do you believe the negative tone toward the H/H ship in fandom has stayed constant, increased or decreased in the last year?

6.  If you do still participate in fandom, do you read or write H/H fanfic?  If so, do you read and/or write H/H from the standpoint of pre or post-epilogue, affair!H/Hr, Epilogue-what-epilogue, do you ignore HBP/DH/the IoD completely, etc.?

7.  Do you still ship H/H in fanon, canon or both?

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Apparently, Rita Skeeter's assertion that Dumbledore's relationship with Harry Potter was "inappropriate" was more sinister than we all thought.

I dunno how I feel about it, aside from the usual feeling I get from JKR that she just throws things out there as she thinks of them, in interviews/Q and A.  Not for a second do I think she had that plotted out.

But it's something, yeah?
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I've been busy, yet not...life sometimes does that to you, eh?

Got some great news on the Lodge front.  I'd been trying to arrange to have the carpets cleaned (they are seriously disgusting and probably haven't been professionally cleaned in five years) without having to shell out $5K to get it done.  10000sqf is a lot of carpet; luckily one of the guys who owns a local cleaning company belongs to the Lodge.  Their tech called me on Friday to tell me they are going to do the job FOR FREE.  That is super-awesome.  OMG.  Whew.

Went out with the grrlz on Saturday for [livejournal.com profile] midnightcircle's birthday, to Fujiyama.  Got to meet [livejournal.com profile] wryren's adorable daughter Anna and meet/see the rest of the group ([livejournal.com profile] a2zany, [livejournal.com profile] madlori, [livejournal.com profile] wryren, Anna, [livejournal.com profile] midnightcircle, [livejournal.com profile] pattinthehat, Rachel's Jim and [livejournal.com profile] rachet).  Ren also bought us all Cold Stone ice cream, which was very sweet on his part.

I forgot that I had never posted the pictures of our Harry Potter party at work!  You can see the pictures I took here, and there is a Flikr slideshow here.  Seriously, the amount of work that went into this thing...holy crap.  I bow to those who have the creative wherewithal to pull something that big off.

Other than that...I've not got much to say on the whole LJ/6A deletion wank, other than I'm not planning to go anywhere.  I have journals on the other sites, and I can easily update/check friendslists over at GJ/JF.  Nowhere is safe, people, from the nanny state.  I'm gonna follow [livejournal.com profile] photosinesis' advice and fill up my galleries, do phone posts (maybe), and fill my userpics - make 6A pay to have me here, then let my account lapse to free.

I feel so boring!  Right now it's work, work, work, climb, run, work, work, work, climb, run....rinse and repeat.

This week, however:  I will be going to the fair.  I think I should take my trusty camera along and take pictures while I people-watch.  And eat lots of things that are served on a stick.  Mmm, corn dogs.

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Holy mother of...it's only THURSDAY.

I don't know if this is good or bad, it just is.

Tomorrow at work is going to be EFFING INSANE. We're doing this all day/all night Harry Potter thing and we're going to be open from 9am until 1am Saturday morning. The NEWS was here today; hopefully they didn't broadcast anything. In the last two weeks, we "sorted" 1200 people. So, potentially, that's 1200 people who know about this, plus allll the publicity, the local press, etc.

So, yeah. Potentially not pretty. Everything looks awesome, though. Maybe I'll take pictures tomorrow before we open.

It's strangely annoying to have Harry Potter invade my "real" life - everybody wants to talk about it, and most people are...not in fandom, shall we say? They've never discussed the finer points of Snape's attractiveness vis Alan Rickman's portrayal or the Dumbledore-as-Ron theory. Many of them consider The Leaky Cauldron (or Merlin forbid Mugglenet) the be-all, end-all of fandom information.

I'm being snotty, aren't I? I have no sentimentality about The End Of Fandom, either. We stay, we go - fandom became more about relationships than Harry for me a while ago. :)

Ahahaha, Harry Potter and the Endless Buildup. Yes, even the Daily Show is in on this. Sigh.

I'm not gonna be offline, haven't been spoiled yet, not worried. Going to Kroger at midnight like I did for HBP, grab some string cheese, pop and a copy of the book.

*hugs you all, just 'cause*
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Just so you all know, I've spent 4 hours writing tonight.

Looks like the movie has given me some good mojo.

Feels good. :)
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Been busy trying to avoid spoilers for the movie, book, etc. and have been doing a decent job lurking and evading. I'll be heading out to the Arena Grand tomorrow night with the [livejournal.com profile] hp_ohio crowd to see OotP.

Is anyone else super jazzed for this movie? I know I am, but maybe it's just because I decided that I didn't want to see anything ahead of time - I haven't even really seen the trailer. I would have gone up to Rave tonight, but I have to be up early for work tomorrow, so.

I'm old.

[livejournal.com profile] alissomora, I am SO upset I missed your call! I will be sure to have my cell with me everywhere from now on (I took a bike ride and didn't bring the darned thing with me). :-( This Sunday, I will have that thing stuck to me like glue.

I am also super-jazzed that I'm heading to Pittsburgh on Saturday to spend the day with [livejournal.com profile] nsmom! *dances*

Back on the insulin bandwagon. Have gained 10# of water and sleeping like I've been attacked by a swarm of tsetse flies. Dammit, my HbA1c WILL be under 8 this time, if only to prove my doctor that yes, I can do it. Grump. I hate being diabetic. >:( But pretending that I'm not isn't the best way to handle it, so.

That's that.

Also: Michael Chertoff, go to hell. "Gut feeling" my ass. You better have better than that to back your shit up, buddy, if you're gonna be scare-mongering all summer.

Night, all, and I'll be around on the flip side!


Jun. 11th, 2007 11:44 pm
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I think Honeybunch is officially jealous. Read more... )

In other news, the Chemical Brothers have released a single from their album We Are The Night. Video for the first single under the cut: )

In other, other news, my schedule at work has changed. I'm now opening on Monday and closing Tuesday. This really pissed me off at first, but then I realized two things:

1. I will be able to take the Monday night circle step class and toning, which is very nice (no excuse not to go, either).

2. I am opening/closing alone Monday-Thursday, which means that I will be completely responsible for whatever happens during my shifts. (If you know me well, you will understand why I consider this awesome.)

What is NOT awesome? That I will miss the HP-Ohio pre-OotP movie premiere dinner BECAUSE I HAVE TO WORK. *cry* :'-((

This, unfortunately, leaves me with even *less* time to do anything that would be considered "leisure". I pop online, check les blogs, email, then off again to sleep or work. Boo! I haven't logged into AIM/Y!M for a couple of weeks because I'm only here for 30 minutes, if that. Double boo. I think I'm still catching everyone's posts on the fly (but if something has happened and I've not responded, wing an email my way...).

I did download a screensaver and background from OotP from the WB website. I am quite excited about this movie - when I was reading it I figured it would translate well to the screen. This summer is gonna be Potter-licious! :)
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Thank the great goddess...

Pictures of Daniel Radcliffe looking his age.

I could almost call him cute, again.
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*clears cobwebs and dusts*

Well, hello!  Of course, my life has been so exciting that I have nothing to talk about.

Working, working out, angsting, making a possibly life-changing discovery, cycling, angsting...you get the picture.

Speaking of, I did take some pictures recently.

For those of you going to New Orleans next week, you will find me somewhere along the way...here's what I look like.

If you are so inclined, post a picture of yourself in the comments here, if I haven't already met you in person (or even if I have).

Other stuff, other stuff...I got nothin'.

Warm fuzzies to:
[livejournal.com profile] zorb, on her upcoming job/location change
[livejournal.com profile] hermorrine, on her ongoing move and new job
[livejournal.com profile] strangerface, for good apartment-hunting vibes
[livejournal.com profile] teshara, so she can get some sleep
[livejournal.com profile] hula_hagrid and [livejournal.com profile] badonkatonks (gonna miss you at PR!)
[livejournal.com profile] thaliachaunacy (same for you, babe)

And to all the rest of you, too.  :)
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I did something today that I haven't done for five years...I went running.  Sorta.

Did 2.5 turns around Ohio Stadium, jogging along the big planters just outside the gates.  Let me tell you, I am freaking out of shape for running and the muscles I normally use for biking are not happy being stretched another way.

But, wow, did it feel good (once the burning wore off)!  Rar!  :-)

It's almost swimming season, too...maybe I need to take up triathalon-style cross-training.  I bought a new swimsuit in Vegas last summer, so we'll see.

The OOTP trailer...exciting, no?  Can't wait for July.


Mar. 28th, 2007 10:31 pm
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I've been staring at the new HP covers for a bit now (thanks, [livejournal.com profile] fearthainn, for being one of the few to actually link to them), and all I can say is:

I love them all and I cannot WAIT to have my hands on a copy, regardless. (The UK adult version, however, is my favorite.)

There might be tears before I even start to read, but then again, in four months I might be darned ready to get on with it. Right now, though - *wibble*

The banner ad on TLC is amusing...it says "Pre-order Harry Potter 7...Extremely Limited Quantity Available".

DUDE, there will be enough books printed to ensure every man, woman and child in the entire WORLD can own a copy of each version! As if we out here need any poking to pre-order our copies...

I am soooo excited. *t00bs happily off to look some more*
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So, we get a new HP movie and the last book in the series in July?

*holds back a squee*

I believe I am one of the few who are kinda, sorta hoping Harry is offed, somehow. He can't come back for a sequel in 26 years. He stays 17 forever.

I don't typically get excited about books or movies until the time is upon me. I think I shall be taking a few days off in July, however. Hee.

There will always, always be fanfic.

In other news, I see that Current Biography magazine has an article on Stephen Colbert. Hmm. If only I didn't have 42375248715287 things to do this weekend, I'd be all over that.

Hope you all are well, and are planning loads of fun for the weekend!
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<td width="30"></td><td>

I'm already burned-out for Christmas and it's not even Christmas Eve yet.

My nephew spent the night with us on Friday.  What a great kid.  We watched Goblet of Fire and debated the finer points of the books.  Andy is still amazed at the level of geekitude I possess (as if the cross-country travel didn't tip him off).

Easton was not nearly as crazy as we anticipated.  We managed a good space near Bath and Body Works, there was room to turn around in the store, even!  I got dad's girlfriend a gift, we stopped at Factory Card Outlet, then went for lunch at Logan's Roadhouse.  Everyone got there early, anticipating a long wait for a 12-top table...but we were seated right away.  O.o  My sister's kids are also amazed at my HP geekitude (which is rich considering they were the ones who got me interested in the books in the first place).

Best Buy was a little nuttier.  I worked my way back to Graceland to hit Garden Way for a gift for my boss.  I even went to Whole Foods for papadums - and it was manageable.

I think I must have exhausted every bit of holiday shopping karma today.

We're going to my in-laws tomorrow; supposedly they know we're not going to church.  I went to work at 10pm tonight to do the bookdrop, so hopefully it'll be okay if I don't get there until 6pm tomorrow.  Christmas Eve is a slow return day *crosses fingers*

I get to sleep in on Christmas Day.  Ah, bliss!

Obligatory "my family is batshit insane" post coming later on.

Have a happy Christmas/Chanukkah/Festivus!

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So.  New OotP posters and trailer.  Yes.  Exciting.

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I'm finally up after the Las Vegas Hangover of DOOM. The entire time I was out there, I tried to work on East Coast time, but when I got back here, *thunk*

We left LV a little late, and Honeybunch was nice enough to drive up to meet me at the hotel for some...alone time. :>

Oh, god, I picked the WORST hotel - it was clean, but scary. We drove back last night, risking death on the road rather than listening to the other residents of the hotel through the walls. :-S

I was bursting with things to say about Lumos, but now I feel like I'd just be reiterating what everyone else is saying, or boring the stuffing out of the rest of you.

But, in the interest of navel-gazing, a few observations: Read more... )

Long story short, I came, I saw, I met 534656 new people, saw old friends, missed a few others. I hit the Strip everyday and had a wonderful time. A little bit of a fandom pick-me-up. Good times.

But, now I'm back to the reality of trying to move heavy furniture and a waterbed so we can have our carpets replaced. Then I have to go back to work *cries*

Oh, yeah - feel free to friend me, and I don't mind having my picture posted for all to see. I friend back unless you're a known psycho or an unknown quantity.

I'm going to be posting my pictures soon, so if you don't want your mug on ElJay, let me know.
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At Lumos, having fun, meeting new and previous friends.

Need to meet up with <lj-user="hughroe">, <lj-user="truesalcove">, and <lj-user="rebeccasama">. 

There is a valet here which is providing much eye candy for me.

40+ people at the informal Checkmated meetup...wow.  :)

New mantra:  Living good, dying bad!

Miss all you <lj-comm="notgoingtolumos"> folks...
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In case you missed it:

To: Lumos Registrants,
We have alimited number of registrations that have come available as a result of some very late cancellations and we are anxious to allocate them as soon as possible.  If you have a family member or friend who would like to be registered for this event, please would you reply to this message with their NAME, EMAIL, MAILING ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER IMMEDIATELY and your confirmation number so that we can register them now. 
Please, only reply if they can definitely attend Lumos!!  We regret that no refunds can be offered on any registrations purchased beyond this point.
Once we register them, we will send you a confirmation number and instructions on how to login to our registration system to pay for the registration.  The registration fee is $180.00 PER PERSON for the 4-day event and we would greatly appreciate immediate payment by credit card.
Please make sure that you meet the age requirements for attending Lumos before replying!  You must be 18 or older to attend Lumos alone.  If you are 14-17, you may attend with a parent/guardian or a chaperone who is at least 21 - this person must also register for Lumos.  No persons under the age of 14 may attend.
At this point, we will consider requests to add more guests to the registration (especially in the case of minors who need to be accompanied), if you can pay for them immediately.  Please include the names of all guests and their email addresses with your reply. 
You must register for Lumos under your real name!  We will need to verify ID when you check in to Lumos. If you do not want your real name (it would be your first name only) to appear on your name badge, please tell us what nickname you would like us to use instead.
To find out more details about the program of events, please visit the Lumos website at



When you arrive at Lumos, you will be required to show a valid ID upon check-in to prove that you are the person who is registered for the event.  This means that the name on your ID MUST match the name in our database so please check your registration to make sure your name is listed correctly in our system. If you have any questions or concerns about this requirement, please contact us immediately at registration@lumos2006.org to make any necessary arrangements.

Registrants who are between the ages of14 and 17 and are attending with a chaperone (i.e. NOT the parent or legal guardian) MUST bring with them a signed and notarized parentalpermission slip appointing the chaperone.  A signed and notarized Waiver and Limitation of Liability form will also be required for each minor who wishes to participate in certain informal programming activities, such as Water Quidditch. Copies of the permission slip andliability waiver are available for download from the Registration page at the Lumos website.

Full details and instructions for logging into the registration system are on the Registration page at the Lumos website:  http://www.lumos2006.org/registration.shtml.

If you have any questions about the registration procedure, please contact us immediately at registration@lumos2006.org.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all at Lumos!

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First, happy birthday, Jim!

Second, I don't care who JKR takes out in Book 7, so long as it's a good ending to Harry's story. *nods*

Third, I really want a miniature caramel banana split from Sonic. But the nearest Sonic is almost a hundred miles away. Why does the TV mock me so? :((
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Oh, I have to weigh in, since my name's in there somewhere (and I STILL use that icon, dammit):

I don't give a care about what some people are dishing/beefing that's THREE YEARS OLD. It wasn't ongoing - someone pulled this out of their hat and started the wank going again. Thanks, wankateers!

That people believe anything that's posted on F_W as the gospel truth amazes me, especially when it's written by people who have had direct clashes with the parties they're flinging mud at. Pot? Kettle calling.

N00bs weighing in on this based solely on the reading of that tripe? Thanks for your opinion, toddle along then.

I'm upset that there are a lot of people who have been truly hurt by this. No one is in the right here, myself included. I hate to be wrong about anything, and I don't like being deceived. (Wow. That makes me almost human, doesn't it?)

I do find it amusing when people who were, at best, on the far fringes of this as it was happening are scrambling to "distance" themselves -- a distance that has always been there. (But no, if you're thinking I'm talking about you, I'm not.)

It's happened before, and it'll happen again. It's called life. We live, we learn, we resolve not to trust another person like that again. Then we do it anyway. Grab a helmet.
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I feel like I'm debasing Michael Hutchence's memory; I actually like the new lead singer for INXS. Their new album isn't half-bad, either.

Concert-going is where I'll draw the line. Might break a hip or something.

Looking around, my house is cleaner than it has been for at LEAST a year, probably 18 months. And it's not even really spotless, just neat and tidy. You could eat out of my refrigerator and use my keyboard with impunity. I even decluttered our upstairs coat closet - Honeybunch was speechless - so our vacuum cleaner would fit.

It's amazing what a little extra time and lack of stress can do for the soul (and the house)! Sometimes I feel like I'm slowly letting out a breath I've been holding for a long time.

Maybe I'll be able to sit down and work for a few hours on A Night In Paris. Writing has been a luxury of late. Or the last two years, give or take.

I'm really in love with the girl they've cast as Luna Lovegood. She's very cute, and very girly. I agree with [livejournal.com profile] heidi8's assertion that Dan should play James...it just fits, doesn't it? The actor cast for Tonks looks good too - she was Marcus' crush in About A Boy.

I dun wanna go bed...


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