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Ugh.  Am sick.  *snorfle*  I hate being sick.  Especially when it's nice out.  Blergh.


1.  Lived out of my gym bag and at the YMCA for most of the week, between social things and other things and just plain not-having-time between things things.  I'm glad the Y is nearby, nice, clean and cheap.

2.  I saw Morrissey in concert on Wednesday night!  <3 that man.  Had I been up front, I totally would have been one of those crazy people who jump up on stage and try to hug him, only to be tackled by security and thrown back into the crowd.

3.  One of my pals is moving to Cali at the end of June, and I'm going to miss her like crazycakes.  We've both been seriously stressed out over other people's life catastrophies (we didn't realize that we both knew Eric, the man who killed himself last week), the uncertain future, et cetera.  The two of us are not much for superficial emotion, so we spent some time just venting and not having emotional discussions, but talking about not having emotional discussions...it's hard to explain, but we both felt better by the end of the night (the Killian's and Jim & Coke probably helped, too).

4.  Had dinner at Ha Long Bay on Friday night with friends - Columbus peeps, hit this place up if you like fresh Asian food.  The pictures are up on my FB account.

5.  Did breakfast with my dad, his wife, my sister, BiL, BiL's mom, and niece on Saturday, then went to the ultrasound place to check on the Blob.  Dude, that 4D imaging stuff is horrific - seriously, I nearly puked on Natalie about halfway through.  Or maybe it was the onset of this 'flu.  Dancing fetal skeletons are still the stuff of nightmares.  D:  Oh, she's having a boy - we saw the hot dog rather than the bun.

6.  My current Rainbow Assembly had its Reunion on Saturday, which was much more sparsely attended than we had planned for based on the number of folks who RSVP'd, but it was a nice turnout.

7.  Went to dinner (OMG I NEED TO EAT MEALS AT HOME ONCE IN A WHILE!) at Shi Chi Steakhouse with my college roommate and her hubby, then to the new "dueling piano" bar in the Arena District.  Lame, lame, lame.  We stood outside for half an hour to enter a half-full bar, the singing was first episode American Idol bad.  So, we did what we do almost every year (this is Shannon's birthday time) - abandon our grand plans and hit our favorite dive bar for karaoke.  Which I totally BLEW at, considering I've not sung even in the car for a good month, didn't warm up, etc.  She was a voice major, completely dropped off her butt drunk, and got up and sang some country song cold but with perfect pitch and timing.  *jeliz*

8.  This morning I cooked my meals for the week (down already to 172), went for a run, and threw up.  Yay.  Mr. K. is in the doghouse again, but is rallying a little by cleaning at the Lodge this afternoon so I don't have to go over and clean toilets while yakking up my own guts.

9.  They're calling for snow at the beginning of the week.  :-(

10.  OH - watched part of the pilot for First Blood last night - I liked it!  Vampires?  Southern settings?  Crazy hillbillies?  Psychic waitresses?  OMG WUT.  So, how does one go about getting the other episodes before it comes out on DVD?  *eyebrows*

11.  There is no 11.
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Oh my, I have had the most fun weekend!  The curse of February is broken!

I went out to dinner with one of my besties to Black Olive, a newish restaurant in a popular area of town.  We were able to be seated without a reservation (which is a true testimony to the state of economy that one can go to any of the dozen restaurants in the Short North at 8pm on a Friday without a reservation), and had the AWESOMEST food!

Really, I usually don't go on and on about eats )

Then, Axis, which was full of fairy princesses *flings hand in air* Whatever.  So, texting for help, we ended up at Sweatin', which is a Friday night hipster dance party )

I dragged my sorry butt up this morning to get to the Y to try out an aerobics class.  It is quite amazing how much easier it is to get up after 4 hours of sleep when you've not been drinking the night before!  I liked the class - it was a lot of different plyometics, step, rebounding, and jump roping - and I'm hoping my friend Shannon will like it too, when she joins me next week.  (Uh, Columbus peeps?  You want to come with me to the downtown Y on Saturday mornings?  Hit me up!)

Then, I made a critical mistake - I decided to stay for yoga.  Ow.  Ow.  Whoa.  OW!  I am not cut out for yoga, man.  My knees and hips do not like it one bit.  *rubs flanks*

But long workouts mean one thing - recovery meal! )

Right now I'm alternating between hot pickled cauliflower and mixed nuts dipped in peanut butter.  Do you think I'm having symptoms of PMS?  Really?  :-P

Tomorrow is Lodge cleaning day, then I'm heading out to see The Airborne Toxic Event.  Can't wait.  Yay March!

So, how was YOUR weekend?
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I could be a very successful trust fund baby, methinks. This week off work has been great - I can't remember the last time I took a not-going-nowhere-just-hanging-out-here-at-home vacation.

It has been, in a word, nice. There was time and relaxation to write (Honeybunch makes me too anxious to allow me to write - he Does Not Approve of teh Smut - and he's here ALL THE DAMN TIME. Seriously, when I say I married a hermit, I wasn't kidding. As I don't have a laptop, I have to plan special to do any writing at all.

Anyway, yeah. The fic is written, beta'd (*smooches* to [livejournal.com profile] alissomora), corrected, and is ready for submission. I am very happy with what I did, and I hope my recipent is happy, too. Even though I've written different things, this fic was my first on many levels.

The weekend was a little up and down. First off, OSU beat Michigan, which will always start the weekend out right.

I came to a sad realization this morning: )

Birthday doings were nice - and THANK YOU to everyone who posted/commented for me today! Mal and Natalie took me out for lunch on Friday, and gave me a Cranium desk calendar and a gift card to Sephora (OMG WOOT). I bought something small - an angled eyeliner brush - but I'm amazed at how much better the brush is versus trying to use a pencil eyeliner. I made a list of things I want, although I have the feeling I'll be filling that list myself. No matter, I'm headed back tomorrow to buy a 9-color cake eyeliner palette and check out some of Too Faced's little compact eye creator kits. They are carrying Clinque and another department store brand now, too, so I might try some of their stuff to see how I like it.

Why yes, I am a Sephora whore, funny you should ask. :-P

Andy and I went out to lunch on Saturday. Funny/sad/pathetic that here in Columbus, on the weekend of the OSU/Michigan game, you can be one of a handful of tables in a popular restaurant during Saturday lunch because the game is on. We were excited; we went to Best Buy and bought a couple of movies (Zodiac and Sixteen Candles). Also, I found this for the PS2. WANT.

Today I spent the day with my family, surrounded by cake and presents - none of which were for me. :-| It was Natalie's birthday party (her birthday is the 21st). My sister made a great Sesame Street cake (100000000x better than store-bought, and she had the exact color of Sesame Street red) and Natalie got tons of toys, including a Dora the Explorer tent.

Why can't I get toys on mah birfday? :-S

Brother update )

What else? Going to the in-laws' for Thanksgiving, NOT shopping on Black Friday (whatevs, man), and chillin' in general. Sounds like a plan (that is impossible for me to follow, but it's nice to have goals ;D).


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