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Has this not been the crappiest beginning to a year in recent memory?


1. This is the journal formerly known as Purebloodgryff.

2. I am now on Twitter: Quidditchgrrl. There will be no Tweets posted here.

3. My in-laws have been married in the eyes of the Catholic Church. At Midnight. After a 3 HOUR Easter Vigil Mass. If God does exist, he would have struck me dead last night inside that church. They did baptize a bunch of people into the Church, Confirm a bunch more (including my mother-in-law), and all the other accoutrements of the Church in full Holiday mode.

Now I understand why there are so many lapsed Catholics. The sitting and standing and singing, I can get with (I grew up Presbyterian), but the thinly veiled gay priest, the incense, the holy water, the crystal bowls - I was a little out in la la land. Also, I have a fear and loathing of churches, so I was not feeling well after 3 hours up and down and smoky and wet and the SINGING -

The wedding was cute and intimate and sweet. I will miss my in-laws. :(

4. In keeping with the sucky state of 2009, when I called my sister this morning, she told me that my uncle (the one with my brand o'diabetes) passed away in the night. He was fighting a MRSA infection he got from his dialysis port. The MRSA attacked his heart. His kids brought him back from Florida this week, after putting their feet down about where he needed to be. His heart defibbed and they couldn't get a rhythm back. So, if there is a silver lining, it's that he died in his sleep. Or at least that's what I'll tell myself and everyone else.

The worst is that my dad has lost his best friend of 73 years. They co-owned racing teams and cars, and a service station. Both retired from the same General Motors plant, went to Daytona together (my uncle has a winter home in Florida), and talked to each other just about every day of their lives. Dad had rallied a little when I talked to him tonight, but this week is going to be very hard on our entire family. My uncle was extremely affectionate and likeable, an all-around good guy who never met a stranger.

This is why I've been having dreams about my grandfather - they were needed to help guide us all through this, my dad and my aunt most of all.


1. I have tomorrow "off" - I only have to do Lodge stuff, then go to the dermatologist. No work-work.

2. Amazon sux. Yep. Anyone have words as to the WHY? I mean the REAL why, not the "OMG 4 DA CHILDREN!" why. Amazon Rank is gonna get this taken care of.

3. Easter was a success. I Spy Bingo was played and candy dispensed from the butt of a wind-up chicken was eaten. And, is there nothing more Midwestern than green bean casserole? I SAY NO.

'Night all. Sweet dreams and merry memories!
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1. My Granny died last night, after more than a week in hospice care. I'm taking it with much more grace now that I've given up anthromorphized religion. As long as you've influenced others, you are immortal.

2. Dad is going in for prostate surgery (some procedure with a cutesy name - why don't female surgeries have cutesy names like TULIP?!) next week. That is, if he can keep from throwing out his hip/back/sciatic nerve every other day. He can barely walk right now, and lying down is out of the question.

3. And to cap off the bad-things-happen-in-threes, my brother was in a serious motorcycle accident earlier this week. Luckily, he's an experienced rider (he had a bike before he had a license, IIRC) and he and his wife managed to survive a 75mph auto sideswipe with non-life-threatening injuries.

If any of you yahoos go riding without a helmet, I'll beat your heads in myself. Call it preempting the inevitable.

Trying to stay up later to stave off nightmares (had a tremendous one this afternoon, mitigated by the bad news and windy conditions), trying keep my sanity in the face of the next two days of family time, and trying to see the brighter side of things, no matter how bad it looks right now.

Also have been feeling rather guilty at the idea of my relative lack of suffering in this crappy economy, wherein I'm paying off bills/debt, saving money for a down payment, planning new savings for trips, giving more money to charity.  I know it's silly, and I certainly don't gloat or flash any bling.  But it seems that my fortunes go up when everyone else's goes down.  Three cycles of that now, hm.
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So, I'm still taking on air, feeling a lot better. Thank you all for your good healing thoughts!

Tomorrow, my dad is getting married. There will be karaoke. I will sing country music. Pray for me (and everyone else within earshot).

Holidays = good. My family is sane, and we quit that "perfect holiday" bullhockey long ago. Makes the holidays much nicer, I must say. Sometimes, my pathological inability to care what other people think comes in very handy, and luckily, it's genetic!

Bhutto being killed = bad. Media reports Dubya "looked tense." Yeah, bet he did. Now he's got to figure out how to get Musharraf out of there without rousing even more suspicion. Hm.

Also, Susie Bright just wrote up her take on...the Spears girl...Jamie: Abstinence Poster Child, Jamie Lynn Spears. (NSFW ads) Very astute observations, I think.

Slowly, I am getting caught up. I have the next four days off (before hell is unleashed again), so I'm going to stick close to home and veg out, man. :)

Ta, all.
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*listens to crickets chirping* Boy, nothing like a post about serious real-life dilemmas and issues to dry up the readership, eh!? I figure, though, that it's better to acknowledge the problem, talk it out somehow, and deal with it rather than to indulge in self-denial...that river tends overrun its banks if you don't watch it.

To add to my post about song intros that put you into a mindset..."Run to You" by Bryan Adams.

I STILL haven't finished the last of my holiday shopping...I have to get my dad and his fiancee gift cards, and find them some suitable wedding present (they're getting married on the 29th). This morning I got up at 7am to go to Sam's Club (omgggggg I hate that place, so much) - we have a business membership, so we can go in starting at 7am rather than with the suburban hordes at 9:30 - and it was blissfully quiet. Went to North Market to get popcorn for my dad, then to Polaris for a special Christmas card purchase. Got the hell outta Dodge around 10am, before the previously-mentioned hordes descended.

All the time in the car gave me time to practice my singing for the wedding - they're having karaoke. I'm down to three/four songs that I'm sure I have down pat, and that are sufficiently country enough:
"She's in Love With the Boy" OR "Xxs and Oos" by Trisha Yearwood (yargh)
"Passionate Kisses" by Lucinda Williams
"Safe in the Arms of Love" by Martina McBride
"Kiss Me" by Sixpence None the Richer

Do you know how hard it is to find upbeat country songs!? HARD! I still might do "Strawberry Wine" just 'cause I like it, and it's fluffy enough for me to sing without going the least bit sharp. Anyone have other recommendations? I refuse to do anything Faith Hill after 1996, and while I'd LOVE to do "Jolene", that might go over like a lead balloon, LOL.

Ran 3 miles today, full-stop, in 37:30. If I can get into a groove, I can run. If not, it's a tough row to hoe...I sure as hell hope that I'm in the groove when this half-marathon comes along. Cripes. My boobs are horrifically sore from not having a sports bra on - those little oranges get heavy after a couple of miles!

Now, off to catch up on LJ and read teh pr0n. Happy holidays, and stuff, ya know?


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