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1. I do most of my food prep for the week (prep, cooking, and portioning) on Sundays to save time, hassle and temptation during the week. Once I've hit the store, fridge, freezer, and cupboards, I get to work.

This week: )

2. Thoughts about food + recipe )

3. Thinking about my mom and her cooking, did any of your moms/dads have a MAGICAL piece of cookware? Like, my mom had this thin-ass stainless steel cookie sheet and no matter how you effed up the recipe, the cookies were always perfect. I have probably spent $250 lifetime trying to find the perfect cookie sheet, but NO. Only my mother's magic cookie sheet makes perfect cookies. And it is long gone. :\

Now I want some chocolate chip cookies. FML.

4. Have learned my lesson about Google Image Searching. Did a GIS for "Peter Firth" last night and - did you know that he was the first to play Alan Strang in Equus? Well. O.o

5. I am trying valiantly to get through the flist! May prevail. Probably won't. Still love you, warts and all. :)
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Ugh.  Am sick.  *snorfle*  I hate being sick.  Especially when it's nice out.  Blergh.


1.  Lived out of my gym bag and at the YMCA for most of the week, between social things and other things and just plain not-having-time between things things.  I'm glad the Y is nearby, nice, clean and cheap.

2.  I saw Morrissey in concert on Wednesday night!  <3 that man.  Had I been up front, I totally would have been one of those crazy people who jump up on stage and try to hug him, only to be tackled by security and thrown back into the crowd.

3.  One of my pals is moving to Cali at the end of June, and I'm going to miss her like crazycakes.  We've both been seriously stressed out over other people's life catastrophies (we didn't realize that we both knew Eric, the man who killed himself last week), the uncertain future, et cetera.  The two of us are not much for superficial emotion, so we spent some time just venting and not having emotional discussions, but talking about not having emotional discussions...it's hard to explain, but we both felt better by the end of the night (the Killian's and Jim & Coke probably helped, too).

4.  Had dinner at Ha Long Bay on Friday night with friends - Columbus peeps, hit this place up if you like fresh Asian food.  The pictures are up on my FB account.

5.  Did breakfast with my dad, his wife, my sister, BiL, BiL's mom, and niece on Saturday, then went to the ultrasound place to check on the Blob.  Dude, that 4D imaging stuff is horrific - seriously, I nearly puked on Natalie about halfway through.  Or maybe it was the onset of this 'flu.  Dancing fetal skeletons are still the stuff of nightmares.  D:  Oh, she's having a boy - we saw the hot dog rather than the bun.

6.  My current Rainbow Assembly had its Reunion on Saturday, which was much more sparsely attended than we had planned for based on the number of folks who RSVP'd, but it was a nice turnout.

7.  Went to dinner (OMG I NEED TO EAT MEALS AT HOME ONCE IN A WHILE!) at Shi Chi Steakhouse with my college roommate and her hubby, then to the new "dueling piano" bar in the Arena District.  Lame, lame, lame.  We stood outside for half an hour to enter a half-full bar, the singing was first episode American Idol bad.  So, we did what we do almost every year (this is Shannon's birthday time) - abandon our grand plans and hit our favorite dive bar for karaoke.  Which I totally BLEW at, considering I've not sung even in the car for a good month, didn't warm up, etc.  She was a voice major, completely dropped off her butt drunk, and got up and sang some country song cold but with perfect pitch and timing.  *jeliz*

8.  This morning I cooked my meals for the week (down already to 172), went for a run, and threw up.  Yay.  Mr. K. is in the doghouse again, but is rallying a little by cleaning at the Lodge this afternoon so I don't have to go over and clean toilets while yakking up my own guts.

9.  They're calling for snow at the beginning of the week.  :-(

10.  OH - watched part of the pilot for First Blood last night - I liked it!  Vampires?  Southern settings?  Crazy hillbillies?  Psychic waitresses?  OMG WUT.  So, how does one go about getting the other episodes before it comes out on DVD?  *eyebrows*

11.  There is no 11.
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First off, let me thank all that is holy that February is over...definitely one of the worst months I've ever had.

March has GOT to be better.

I got my car tuned up (and my wallet, too) and now the thing practically refuses to run.  I think they messed up the spark plug wires or jogged something loose around the battery.  The idle is too low as well. 7:30am Monday morning, I will be at the service place with my lovely car and an equally charming smile, since they will be fixing this for free, oh yes they will. 

Friday was the split of the bad and good.  Bad = funeral of someone I knew growing up.  I got to hold her beautiful 5-month-old baby, but I couldn't be sure if I was sad for the baby or hopeful that the universe was unfolding as it should.  Once again I got to talk to many people I don't see all that often, which is often the side effect of funerals and deaths. 

I went out with [livejournal.com profile] midnightcircle, [livejournal.com profile] madlori and [livejournal.com profile] rachet on Friday night to see Zodiac. A++ WOULD SEE AGAIN.  The only thing that I could say against it was sometimes the pacing was a little slow, but oh, the story was well-told and captured the milieu of the time.  Lots of good actors, as well (Anthony Edwards!  Dermot Mulroney!  Jack's dad from LOST!) as natural makeup -I LOVE to see real-looking people on screen.

I busted both of my knees in the parking lot at the theatre.  Luckily I didn't bust my head; I threw my arm up enough to protect my head from my rear-view mirror.  I got the air knocked from me and I slid halfway under the car next to mine, but all I could think about was how appropo it would be for me to have been that third bad thing.  If I'd hit my head as hard as I hit my knee, there would have been scrambled brains, for sure. Not too much pain now, just stiff and annoying knee and elbow pain.

Anyone super-excited about a) 300 or b) The Grind House? Because I am.  This year's couple resolution (well, MY resolution,which Mr. K will just have to bend to) is to see one movie a month in the theatre.  So.  We're up to one, El Oh El.

Speaking of Mr. K, he left me a present in my car today - a bottle of Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi, and a note, which read:

I'm sorry you've had such a shitty week
It's bound to end this awful streak
The thing to remember most of all
Just give the word and I'll kill them all

Yes, my husband, he's such a romantic!  (This is a Simpsons reference, no need to worry.)

Hope you all are having fun weekends!
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<td width="30"></td><td>

I'm already burned-out for Christmas and it's not even Christmas Eve yet.

My nephew spent the night with us on Friday.  What a great kid.  We watched Goblet of Fire and debated the finer points of the books.  Andy is still amazed at the level of geekitude I possess (as if the cross-country travel didn't tip him off).

Easton was not nearly as crazy as we anticipated.  We managed a good space near Bath and Body Works, there was room to turn around in the store, even!  I got dad's girlfriend a gift, we stopped at Factory Card Outlet, then went for lunch at Logan's Roadhouse.  Everyone got there early, anticipating a long wait for a 12-top table...but we were seated right away.  O.o  My sister's kids are also amazed at my HP geekitude (which is rich considering they were the ones who got me interested in the books in the first place).

Best Buy was a little nuttier.  I worked my way back to Graceland to hit Garden Way for a gift for my boss.  I even went to Whole Foods for papadums - and it was manageable.

I think I must have exhausted every bit of holiday shopping karma today.

We're going to my in-laws tomorrow; supposedly they know we're not going to church.  I went to work at 10pm tonight to do the bookdrop, so hopefully it'll be okay if I don't get there until 6pm tomorrow.  Christmas Eve is a slow return day *crosses fingers*

I get to sleep in on Christmas Day.  Ah, bliss!

Obligatory "my family is batshit insane" post coming later on.

Have a happy Christmas/Chanukkah/Festivus!

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I have a question before I start to ramble. Embarassing as this is, I don't know how to upload my pictures from my cell phone (I have Verizon) without just emailing them.

Help me, flist, please!

[livejournal.com profile] chickadilly, you told me about a site that you used - what was it??

I am not at the Pyrate Party tonight as I spent the day at my dad's house filling the largest dumpster ever. Read more... )

My uncle is in the hospital after having a heart attack. He is nearly blind, has raging diabetes and high blood pressure, and he's already had two previous heart attacks. They're going to put him on dialysis after catherization because his kidneys are barely functioning (they won't be able to clear the dye from the catheterization procedure). My dad is pretty upset, and I hope my uncle pulls through, at least enough to pass away in his sleep. ):

I dread going to sleep tonight, for fear of being paralyzed by stiff muscles in the morning.
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I feel so accomplished. :) Today was the best day I've had for a LONG time. Things just went my way.

My sister and I planned to meet at my dad's house to pack up anything salvageable and take it to AmVets/New Uses. When we got to the house, the neighborhood was having their annual yard sale.

We started chucking everything that wasn't bolted down/ruined out onto the lawn and people FELL ALL OVER OUR CRAP. People bought stuff, left to get more cash, then came back. Other people came back four or five times as we pulled more junk outside. It was AMAZING the way people will take anything if it's almost free. I had to call dad (who's in Vegas this weekend) to tell him we made a HUNDRED AND SIXTY-EIGHT DOLLARS selling stuff rather than just chucking it. OMG WOW. I think some of our neighbors were pissed that we were selling all of our crap and they were trying to make money. :P

A lady asked if it was hard to sell my mom's stuff, and really, it's not. I don't consider it "mine" nor do I care about what's left there. The material things aren't important. It's hard to see our neighbors so old, concerned about my dad, and they all miss their kids/grandkids.

Not bad for three hours of work. New Uses gave us about $25 for a few things (mostly my stuff) and we took the rest to AmVets and Volunteers of America. All told we have close to half of what it'll cost to have the junk crew come out and take the rest. Several people asked about the house itself o.O but we're not sure when/if dad will list it.

Unfortunately, I was exhausted and slept through the OSU/NIU game.

When I got up, I went to Odd Lots in search of a tool box. Didn't find that, but I did find a mop-n-vac for $15 and one of those snazzy new Brita pitchers for $15. Then I picked up Chinese. Score.

Pluto must be exerting his PLANETARY influence to give me a day this nice. I needed it!
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My holiday weekend is pretty much over at this point. I have to work tomorrow and Tuesday (thankfully, only 10-6 Monday and without patrons on Tuesday, and with help), then back to the salt mines Wednesday before Grand Assembly Thursday-Sunday.

I don't know what we're going to do about transportation this week, since Honeybunch STILL doesn't have his car fixed. Yes, we've been living with one car for almost SIX months. And the guy (who, I just found out, is a friend of a friend of Andy's boss, not a close acquaintance) isn't returning phone calls now. Add this to the lack of action on the IRS front, and well.

But back to this weekend! I went to see Elvis Costello on Friday with a co-worker. Good show, I got to drink a little. (I have to chug down a drink, then I'm pleasantly drunk for 45 minutes or so, then sober again. Good times.)

Saturday, we picked up my nephew (who I've mentioned before, and who is 15 now) and took him to visit at my sister's house. Then we went to see Nacho Libre - or, Andy and Zach saw it, while I napped through the middle third.

Today we went to Dad's girlfriend's house for a cookout and swimming. Andy kept making comments on how nice her place is, and it irritated me so much (refer above for source) that I had to just walk away. It's like he doesn't understand simple math - you have to make/have money to buy a nice house. You can't work for peanuts because you like the person you work for and expect to have material goods - you're trading mental ease for house and home.

Wow, I didn't realize I was so resentful of that until just now.

I crashed out when we got back here, so now I'm totally awake. Sigh.
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I think hope we've solved the separation anxiety problem with Natalie - by sending her over to Aunt Donna's house, where there are TONS of things to do.

Like, not sleep. She's taken to grabbing the first two fingers of one hand in the other and slamming that double fist on her bottle, her Pooh, and whatever is nearby, all to fend off sleep.

The dog and the cat really, REALLY want to play with the baby. They both keep sneaking over to look at her sleeping on the couch. Bernie thinks this is the coolest thing that has happened for a long time (we trained him to be "nice to the baby" - a doll - so he would know not to jump or lick) because this baby laughs and smiles and grabs his nose.

I wonder how much they'll like her if she sets to howling when she wakes up...which I hope will be at least 45 minutes from now...Mal's not coming until 2...I want Natalie to wake up happy instead of terrified, for once!

ETA: She cried for about 30 seconds, mainly because I was talking to Jay and couldn't pick her up right away. So we danced to the B52s and read The Very Clumsy Click Beetle and Mal came and now I'm free!
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I'm really sick and tired of Girl Scouts attempting to extort $3 out of me for cookies. Whatever happened to selling door-to-door, at church and to the family? Molesters don't bother kids whose parents chaperone them. *I* bother girls who holler in my face and heckle me when I say no, thanks.

I bought ten boxes of cookies this year; don't mess with me, greenie.

Other news, other news...

Music: If you don't have this little gem, you're missing a great compiliation set. And there's a DVD companion *adds to Amazon wishlist*

Books: Have been reading When She Was Bad: Violent Women and the Myth of Innocence. Heavy stuff, pretty damning. While the author has a clear conservative bent (not Conservative, mind), the points she makes are right to the point. Women can be just as evil as men, more so, and society does all it can to enforce the stereotype of women as helpless victim, even in the face of clear sociopathic behavior (such as Karla Homolka's).

Movies: Watched Walk The Line. Not sure it lived up to my expectations, but it was worth the watch. Reese Witherspoon = my hero.

Sex: yes, please.

Drugs: Need to remember to take my Protonix every.single.day. (Note to self: that burning feeling? That's your stomach eating itself.)

Rock N Roll: I want to see NIN. I do not have money to see NIN. *pouts* I have no idea how I ever managed to see 15+ concerts a year in college (oh, yeah, running every credit card I could get into the ground. I remember now.), but there are several bands coming to town in the next few months.

Love: I love Honeybunch, even when he breaks his glasses trying to clean them. Anyone who knows Honeybunch knows why this is to be expected.

Money: *sigh* Owe ~$1500 in taxes. Bloody marriage penalty for not filing jointly (by which the Feds would make a cool $8K from us). >:-O Andy's brakes are shot, my deductible has to be paid tomorrow, we need a new couch, and Bernie has to go to the vet for his shots. Not to mention the geriatric PC and my ratty, ill-fitting clothes. The lottery is the only way we're gonna get out of this mess. But eh, while it's stressful, I can deal with it. It will work itself out eventually (and so long as we have DSL and something to route it through, we'll survive).

Health: Feeling frisky. Bike needs a tune up and new seat (no more butt blisters) before I hit the road this season. Goal: 10-15 miles, twice a week, with no "bonk". Must invest in low-calorie power bar of some kind.

Family: Niece still pregnant. Brothers still crazy. Dad still acting like 16-year-old. Nat had her ears pierced (and only cried for ten seconds before giving everyone a gummy smile, the stinker).

Friends: Loving all of you. Hitting the town for Gallery Hop (maybe?) for birthday bash next weekend. I haven't seen the birthday girl since she was in the clinic for her WLS...and she's almost 100# lighter. Wow. :)

I think that's every last thing I can think of! *brain empty*

Good night!
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I know you are all excited to hear about my week. *crickets chirp*

First of all, my car is finished and I can pick it up Monday morning! OMGYAY. Nothing sucks more than being carless in a city with crappy public transport.

My niece is pregnant. Haven't decided whether or not I'm really happy about that, but so long as she's happy, I'm happy.

ETA: My niece is almost 21 and has an 18-month old and is married to a military man.

My sister and I are going out tomorrow to shop, then get Nat's ears pierced. (I guess this is better than waiting until she's seven or eight, when she can pick at her ears and give herself infections easily.) Haven't decided how I feel about that, either. *shrugs*

Maybe I should make waffles tomorrow, just to make it three out of three.

I've been amused by several emails I've received this week. One, for you Columbus folks, is under this cut, and evil )

Also, Sarah Brightman's cover of "What A Wonderful World"? Makes my ears BLEED. Some things are just not meant to be butchered with a vibretto.

However, Norah Jones and Charlie Hunter's cover of "More Than This" is like buttah.
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In the interest of posting crap on my journal, here's some picspam of my new (three-months-new) niece:

Read more... )

Not much else new 'round here. No new Lost, watched Corpse Bride (very cute) tonight.

Oh, car will be done in about 2 weeks. *headdesk* They didn't total it, thank goodness. Now to hit up Dad for funds. Yay. -.-

The plus side of this is that I'm getting about 2 hours more gym time. Not the most efficient way to make time to go to the gym, but I'm reaping the benefits. And the bus isn't crowded going to work in the early afternoon.
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*whiiiiiiiine* Okay, done.

At least the Oscars start after 5 tomorrow, right? 'Cause nothing is going to come between me and watching Jon Stewart Heath Ledger Jake Gyllenhaal the Oscars.

Must post about good stuff...good stuff...good stuff...

I'm getting a lot of time in at the gym, what with Andy dropping me off there on the days when I close. I've lost five pounds, 1/3 of the way to my 15-pound goal.

Now to be sure that all the cruddy life stuff that's been dredged up lately doesn't come back and undermine all of my work.

Eardrums are back to normal after being assaulted this week:

Natalie is still having mommy attachment anxiety, which meant that she SCREAMED for an hour and wouldn't eat Wednesday night. No kids for me, I can't handle that screaming. And no, it is not different when it's your kid.

My nephew's orchestra concert was Thursday. Middle schoolers playing string instruments *dogs howl* Egads. I told him he'd understand his mom's comment about us coming out to see him play in about ten years. ;)

After seeing Pride and Prejudice, my eyes may never lose the taint of Keira Knightley's overblown acting. Yech. I'm keeping Crispin Bonham-Carter and Colin Firth, thank you very much.

GoF on DVD Tuesday. :D

OMG, the new VW commericals are teh funniest thing ever. Reminds me of the German hip-hop [livejournal.com profile] rlanto listens to.

Much hugs and loff to you all, especially [livejournal.com profile] redblaze and [livejournal.com profile] zorb.



Feb. 12th, 2006 08:37 pm
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I really hate TurboTax. It's trying to tell me I owe $2100, even after my deductions. AND I already paid my 10% from cashing out my IRA to pay my medical expenses. AND you can't take your student loan interest deduction if you're married filing separately.


This caps the shittiest day I've had for a while. I won't detail aside from saying:

family + pissy Honeybunch + church people + Cracker Barrel/(hair dyeing debacle * poorly thought out trimming) = le SUCK

But hey! It's not snowing! This is a very good thing.

I think I will attempt to cheer myself up by watching TDS/TCR clips and reading some fanfic. *nods*
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So, Christmas:

1. Visit in-laws. Check.
2. Attend church. Check. Sermon without anti-abortion lecture - check.
3. Loot ) Check.
4. Have scrumptious Christmas dinner of prime rib with all the fixins - check.
5. Have stomachache from said dinner - yup.
6. Spend three hours at work on Christmas Day - yessir.
7. Watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, A Christmas Story, and Home Alone - sho' nuff.
8. Plan to do it all again next year - you bet your sweet bippy.

In other news, my dad is engaged (again). His fiancee is nice, puts up with him. If this will get him to sell the house, it'll all be worth it.

Dad also did not seem to like my present - I got him HPSS on tape. I'll pick him up a restaurant card for Bob Evans this week, methinks.

In other, other news, the semi-annual Bath and Body Works sale begins Tuesday. Life is gooood! :D
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Anyone else find it amusing that the President has found his way to Mongolia in his quest to avoid his testy constituents?

Beware, Mongolians: the President might be scouting for oil trying to bring democracy to your fair land.

Okay, okay, I'll take the rest of this to my political journal.

Well, this morning my sister had her baby )

1:30am. Morpheus mocks me. Mock mock mockety mock mock.
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By this time tomorrow, I will be an aunt for the...18th 19th time. A little more exciting this time as it's my younger sister and I'll be there for the early hours (she's been scheduled for a c-section since the baby is breech).
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Do any of you ever feel like you and your siblings grew up on different planets, even though you shared the same time and space? The difference between the beautiful people and the rest of us in this case, I guess.

I'm feeling rather maudlin tonight, in case you can't tell. I was without the intarnets for a couple of hours and was all OMG WHAT WILL I DO (that was answered pretty quick - laundry).

ANYWAY, I need to list the things that make me happy:
--The way [livejournal.com profile] redblaze says, "byeeee" IRL just like she does on YM
--The way [livejournal.com profile] tonksnymphadora and [livejournal.com profile] redblaze use the term "special"
--I won a $50 natural doggie basket from Wild Oats today
--New computer system at work
--Upbeat email from nephew in Afghanistan

Things that are not-so-good:
--3 openings on my staff (that's 30% of the manpower!)
--Feeling puky all the time *wibble*
--Being awake at 3am with nothing pressing to accomplish

I could be waiting to re-enter the earth's atmosphere with a faulty heat shield, however, so things are looking up overall.

Must go to bed. Must sleep. Yes.
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Whenever I start thinking, 'maybe it's time to consider having kids,' some holiday pops up to rain on my thought parade.

I'd mess my kid up.  I have no passion for the things kids need, like holiday traditions.  The thought of wading through thousands of smelly people to find one patch of earth to stand with a crick in my neck looking at explosions that aren't nearly as awesome as the *real* stars makes me feel a little ill.

Don't I make a post like this at every holiday?  Why yes, I do!  :P

Okay, I'll stop kvetching now.  Still not having kids.  With my luck, they'd turn out to be born-again Republicans who celebrate every holiday with materialistic fervor that would make every suburban soccer mom proud.  Or worse, they'd *be* that soccer mom. 

I gotta stop thinking about this.  *om*

What I really did over the holiday weekend )

And OMG, hate meme.  Posting to a hate meme anonymously (or at all) is bad karma.  Shame on you.  YEAH YOU.  Yeah, I'm talking to you, you douche.  Douche. 

I still love all of you, screw those douchebags.


Jul. 1st, 2005 10:57 am
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I'm at my dad's house - embarrassed to even park my car in the drive, the place is an eyesore. All it needs is a couple of broken-down cars in front to complete the picture. :|

But there will be fried cheese (darn you, [livejournal.com profile] queenkatiett for mentioning it last week)! Am off to the Ashville 4th of July festival to procure said product.

Wish me and my digestive tract good luck. :P
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My mom always loved this time of the year, when everything had sprouted and it was hot and humid and rain fell fast and furious and the sun dried the runoff into instant wavy creekbeds.

There was always enough shade and not a whole lot that needed to get done.  You could relax and let the day pass by.

I like to think that my mom wanted to wait for this time of year to leave, so that we wouldn't remember her passing with the horrible gloom that mid-winter brings, or the glittering false hope of spring.  I like to think she wanted to go when the sun was the highest, the days the longest, so that we'd remember an eternity of sunshine rather than dry falling leaves.

It's been five years and there are still times when I want to pick up the phone and share the mundane details of the day with her.  Or ask her some silly question that only she knows the answer to.

It's not fair to want her back.


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