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First off, let me thank all that is holy that February is over...definitely one of the worst months I've ever had.

March has GOT to be better.

I got my car tuned up (and my wallet, too) and now the thing practically refuses to run.  I think they messed up the spark plug wires or jogged something loose around the battery.  The idle is too low as well. 7:30am Monday morning, I will be at the service place with my lovely car and an equally charming smile, since they will be fixing this for free, oh yes they will. 

Friday was the split of the bad and good.  Bad = funeral of someone I knew growing up.  I got to hold her beautiful 5-month-old baby, but I couldn't be sure if I was sad for the baby or hopeful that the universe was unfolding as it should.  Once again I got to talk to many people I don't see all that often, which is often the side effect of funerals and deaths. 

I went out with [livejournal.com profile] midnightcircle, [livejournal.com profile] madlori and [livejournal.com profile] rachet on Friday night to see Zodiac. A++ WOULD SEE AGAIN.  The only thing that I could say against it was sometimes the pacing was a little slow, but oh, the story was well-told and captured the milieu of the time.  Lots of good actors, as well (Anthony Edwards!  Dermot Mulroney!  Jack's dad from LOST!) as natural makeup -I LOVE to see real-looking people on screen.

I busted both of my knees in the parking lot at the theatre.  Luckily I didn't bust my head; I threw my arm up enough to protect my head from my rear-view mirror.  I got the air knocked from me and I slid halfway under the car next to mine, but all I could think about was how appropo it would be for me to have been that third bad thing.  If I'd hit my head as hard as I hit my knee, there would have been scrambled brains, for sure. Not too much pain now, just stiff and annoying knee and elbow pain.

Anyone super-excited about a) 300 or b) The Grind House? Because I am.  This year's couple resolution (well, MY resolution,which Mr. K will just have to bend to) is to see one movie a month in the theatre.  So.  We're up to one, El Oh El.

Speaking of Mr. K, he left me a present in my car today - a bottle of Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi, and a note, which read:

I'm sorry you've had such a shitty week
It's bound to end this awful streak
The thing to remember most of all
Just give the word and I'll kill them all

Yes, my husband, he's such a romantic!  (This is a Simpsons reference, no need to worry.)

Hope you all are having fun weekends!
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Wow. This would be an amazing break, wouldn't it?

I remember the Adam Walsh story; luckily, my parents had the good sense not to relate the story to me at the time it happened. This kind of thing still scares me enough to give me nightmares.
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I was looking at alumni profiles of people from my high school when I found a slide show titled "All I need to know about Islam I learned on 9/11", complete with burning towers.

Glad to know that no matter where you go, some people will never get the dirt from under their fingernails.  You can take the boy out of the trailer park...oh, you know how it goes.

I almost sent a message, but ignorance like that can only be countered by a large conflagration that I do not personally believe in.

Oh, and thanks ever so much, dudes, for making Saddam Hussein that much more of a martyr by
mocking and baiting him at his execution, in earshot of cameras taping it for mass consumption.  Way to go.

Fark.com:  Fark won't be linking to the Saddam execution video. We realize CNN and Fox have it, if they want to run snuff films and call it news that's their business  <--FTW!

I have no problem looking at post-mortem pictures (I don't have a screename at rotten.com for nothing), but watching someone be killed isn't my thing.

All I need to know about "faith-based initiatives" I learned from
Dubya mocking Karla Faye Tucker as she pleaded for her life and as he intended to deny her clemency.  The Decider, indeed.
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I'm up early today. Damn insomnia.

For whatever reason, I tend to root for the good guy. Sure, bad boys are attractive, but they've no long term potential. Love 'em and leave 'em, I say.

I've been getting increasingly annoyed at people who've belittled and criticized Steve Irwin and the folks who are upset by his death. He should have known better, he has kids, he never should have let himself be put in danger that way, he had it coming, how irresponsible.

Would you have said that about a police officer? A firefighter? A construction worker? What about the guy who eats McDonald's every day? Who doesn't work out three times a week? Who speeds around another car and cuts them off?

Should any of them be allowed to have kids? If any of those people die prematurely, should we just shrug and say, "he had it coming"?

Steve Irwin was a good guy. He didn't get his kicks from drugs, cheating on his wife, or beating other people up. Whatever clout he did have, he used it to further the cause of conservationism; he respected the power of the animals he dealt with. Steve Irwin was NOT a thing like Timothy Treadwell (the guy from Grizzly Man). Steve did not think of animals as having human emotions. He knew the reality of what he was dealing with, understood the difference between r and K selection. This was just a freak accident, like what could happen at any point in a person's life.

His death does add another level of credence to "only the good die young". Lance Armstong, that one-balled, philandering cheater-pants, he'll live to be 90 years old. Same with Darryl Strawberry - he'll be around to accuse his grandkids of hiding drugs in his glove compartment. Heck, with those stents, Bill Clinton might make 90, too.

And, as we all know, Voldemort Dick Cheney is immortal.
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I'm in mourning for the Neutron Man.  :(  I sat in "his" section my sophomore year at OSU, and he was just the greatest.  I hope they play "Neutron Dance" one last time in his honor and retire the song forever.

Rest in peace and Go Bucks, Mr. King.
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Discovered my gall bladder problem may have been connected to the ice cream Honeybunch brought home last week...peanut butter fudge...40% of one's daily fat intake in one scoop! Well, who in the world eats only one scoop of ice cream? Put your hand down, you're lying.

So, my tummy feels much better. The green goblin will remain inside my body for now.

An aside for Misha and my RL friends )

I'm trying to force myself to stay up and get some beta work out of the way, play with the Checkmated queue, and clean out my inbox. Good luck on that one. *snores*


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