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Ugh. Long week, long weekend!

Sorry that my posts are generally life-updatey, and not fandom-squee-updatey, but there you have it.

True Blood has slightly lost its luster, but hey, I got to see Anna Paquin naked. *grins* I love her. I mean, she's cute. Gah. You know what I mean. >:) I just don't have time to watch TV. Thursday night had me near tears because I just had so much STUFF to do, and I needed to get two episodes in and OMGFREAKOUT.

I will be the FIRST person to have a cable feed implanted directly into my brain/optic nerve.

Have been perusing apartments in the areas of town I'm looking to move into, and I now know: I am spoiled. I want central air. I want washer and dryer hookups (or at least an on-site laundry). I need a place that will allow pets (or will allow them intermittently). And I also want 2 bedrooms, AND to pay less than $650/month with most utilities included.

Oh yeah, and I want to live in the hippest neighborhood in the city. BWAHAHAHAHA. I will prevail. Eventually. Dammit.

Saturday a few friends and I went to the Asian Festival, which is held just outside of downtown Cbus at the Franklin Park Conservatory. I drove, and we came in from the north in order to find side-street parking. The conversation in the car went like

"Uh, where are we?"
"South of 670, we just passed the VA hospital"
"Are you sure you know where you're going?"
"Yep, my dad used to own apartments down here."
"Wow, and I thought I lived the the ghetto."

LOL. The Asian festival was made more awesome by the distinct lack of CAUC-asian people - we came down a bit after 7pm, so my assumption is that white flight had already taken place. Which meant talking to people, and kids, and asking questions about what people were eating, etc. Quite enjoyable! I had food from a Laotian place, papaya salad and a summer roll. Then, something bad happened. Zen Cha, a local tea shop, was selling (hugely overpriced) iced fruited tea. So, my dumb ass orders one WITHOUT ASKING IF IT WAS SWEETENED. My dumb ass hasn't had liquid/simple syrup in oh, about FIFTEEN YEARS. Three hours and 3 units of fast-acting insulin later (thank goodness I noticed that it tasted strangely sweet, not normal) and my blood sugar was STILL 133 from 12oz. of liquid. D:

3 units of insulin = 45 grams of sugar = ~half a CUP of granulated sugar processed. 7.5 grams/hour processed by my basal insulin x 3 hours = 22.5 grams of sugar = ~1/4 cup. PLUS the 15 grams or so that wasn't processed because of insulin exhaustion. Let's see, that's - A HELLUVA LOT of sugar.


I got a parasol, too, which made the 5-year-old girl in me very happy. :D

For some reason (reason being one of my toenails finally came off), I got it into my head this weekend that I needed to clean my feet up for bare feet/flip-flops/sandals. Runners? You understand what this means. Black toenails. No toenails. Blisters in various stages of healing. Callouses in weird spots. It took me three days, but I got those dogs looking pretty spiffy, good enough for polishing, which I haven't bothered to do since 2006.

I kinda sorta musta forgot how to do the poilsh, because I tipped the bottle while I was painting along, and poured half a bottle of DARK RED NAIL POLISH on the carpet. Yeah, just call me Grace. :P

The night ended with many hours of hanging on the stoop of my friend's place, shooting the breeze and being eaten by mosquitos, debating the use of vibrators and what constitutes cool.

Today, I cleaned, I weeded, I watered (to ensure those afternoon t-storms, dontcha know), and I shopped.

Tonight, I will sleep with acetone fumes charging my dreams.

What are you all up to? :)

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Date: 2009-05-24 10:54 pm (UTC)
manifestjoy: From the online comic Sinfest (doggo - cookies husky)
From: [personal profile] manifestjoy
OMG, yay! I *can* leave my comments here! So happy. :)

I can't believe you drank the sweetness! I can't drink sweet drinks anymore - Except for the occasional coffee with the flavored creamer. Even then I can only drink one cup. At least I've cut out sweet drinks and fatty meats.

What color is your parasol?


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