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1. I do most of my food prep for the week (prep, cooking, and portioning) on Sundays to save time, hassle and temptation during the week. Once I've hit the store, fridge, freezer, and cupboards, I get to work.

Food prepped for this week:

- 4 servings of "creamed spinach" = 1 can spinach, 1 packet of hollandaise sauce prepped with Smart Balance Light spread, 1 small jar of artichoke hearts, minced onion and garlic to taste

- 1 large mix of homemade pico de gallo = 1/2 c. each yellow/orange pepper (on sale this week), 1 can diced tomatoes with green chiles, slightly drained; 1 T. cilantro, 1/2 t. minced garlic, 1/4 c. canned corn, chili powder, cumin and paprika to taste

- Grilled and sliced 3# of chicken breasts for salads and wraps

- Cut/prepped romaine lettuce for salads

- Cut/prepped yellow/orange peppers with and without onions/cilantro, for salads and omelets/scrambles

- Cut/prepped the canteloupe, which FINALLY was ripe enough this morning, Bernie was driving me insane begging for it!

- Prepped berries and pineapple for cottage cheese and yogurt mixes

- Marinating pork chops in raspberry vinaigrette for dinner tomorrow

- Made turkey tacos for dinner, with the leftovers probably heading into a bean mixture for a pre-workout snack tomorrow


I never realized that I absorbed so much from my mother - she always let us into the kitchen and told us what she was doing, there was always a pot of something on the stove. We had a huge garden every year, grew every different thing (my dad planted too much rhubarb once, that was the last year of that), canned, pickled, froze, and stewed everything. Our freezer was stocked with a whole pig and a side of beef.

The term "community gardening" meant that you dropped off whatever you had too much of on the neighbors' back porch. It wasn't a neo-Green catchphrase, it was just good manners (and a good way to get rid of those wax beans or zucchini).

In the summer, we had whatever was ripe. In the winter, my mom sent us to the crawlspace for whatever we wanted to have with dinner.

ANYWAY. I have become a "garbage cook" - I look at what I have and throw things together and make awesome food. My genes didn't fail me on this one talent! Woo!

My favorite: greens, beans and 'maters. Best carry-along health food ever, make as fresh or canned/frozen as you want.

1 can spinach/greens of your choice = enough for about a tightly packed cup of cooked greens
1 can beans of your choice
1 can diced tomatoes, seasoned or not, drained to your preference
1 T. strong spices of your choice - use whatever theme suits you

Cook what you have to for prep, and toss together, heat and cook 'til you like it. Pair with salmon, tuna, chicken for a full meal.

3. Thinking about my mom and her cooking, did any of your moms/dads have a MAGICAL piece of cookware? Like, my mom had this thin-ass stainless steel cookie sheet and no matter how you effed up the recipe, the cookies were always perfect. I have probably spent $250 lifetime trying to find the perfect cookie sheet, but NO. Only my mother's magic cookie sheet makes perfect cookies. And it is long gone. :\

Now I want some chocolate chip cookies. FML.

4. Have learned my lesson about Google Image Searching. Did a GIS for "Peter Firth" last night and - did you know that he was the first to play Alan Strang in Equus? Well. O.o

5. I am trying valiantly to get through the flist! May prevail. Probably won't. Still love you, warts and all. :)
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