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Something more like an actual update:

1. I've shrunk an entire INCH! Am now 5 feet, 8.5 inches, due to skeletal "readjustment" after weight loss. Quite surprising, since it never crossed my mind that this would/could/does happen, but it makes sense - less to cart around, less bone needed for supporting structure. My doctor is not concerned with bone loss, because I get plenty of calcium, high-intensity exercise, and am in generally good health.

I started intensive Vitamin D therapy (uh, intensive for me in that I'm taking supplements for it) and have added Omega-3 supplements to my regimen over the past 6 months. My serum vitamin D was low with my last CBC, even with the extra, which the doctor is concerned about, but kind of makes sense given the whole "readjustment" scenario.

This must be why people who've lost a lot of weight and kept it off sometimes look completely different. My college roommate and I were looking at pictures - one of us when we lived together (at 225 and 275 lbs respectively), one of us in 2006 (at 190 and 220), and looking at ourselves now (170 and 200) - and it is insane the difference even between 2006 and 2009 in what we look like.

2. Now that my BMI, RMR, and BMR has been adjusted, I really need to jumpstart losing those last 20 pounds!

So. I've been workin' on mah fitness (ie trying to get more 'cut') for about 6 months now, with some weight loss - a quick 20# from a 10% reduction in calories + 2.5 extra hours of running/week - and quite a bit of build/cut in my upper body. My delts are poppin', rather than just the 'pancakes' I was so excited about in the beginning. I do three lifting days a week, using the 3-pronged method that I just learned was ACTUALLY a method and not just my brain being s-m-r-t:

Monday: super-heavy lifting major muscle groups for strength, 8-10 reps max
Wednesday: lighter lifting with smaller muscle groups for endurance, 15-20 reps
Saturday: moderate lifting, major muscle groups and some 'spot' lifting for growth, 10-12 reps

Man, whoever said that women bulk up if they lift heavy should be dragged into the gym and made to do calistenics until they take it back, call uncle, and publically denouce such a silly notion. Pah.

Seriously, I look kinda hot up top - and no more batwings!!!!!!!  *angels sing*

ANYWAY. This week's SP blog post on training for fitness modeling got me thinking - why can't I do that as a jumpstart program? The whole less-food-more-cardio thing is NOT doing it for me anymore. I am way too efficient, and it's probably not as healthy as I think it is.

I ate 500 extra calories on Wednesday night, and was actually WARM when I got up the next morning. That says something not good about the amount/quality of calories I'm taking in on a day to day basis. Mini-calorie cycling, I'll call my 4 tablespoons of peanut butter and toast evening snack!

Looking over my meal tracker for the past few months, I've made so not-so-surprising discoveries:
1 - I'm over on calories most of the time, by about 200 cals/day - mainly in the evening, when I'm tired/bored/starving post-workout

2 - I 'cheat' just about every day, even if it's something small, like a little taste of banana bread or a Girl Scout cookie or, or, or...

3 - I get WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY too much fiber, and I'm only supposed to get the minimum acceptable level, max, because of my stomach (oops) 

4 - I've slowly been reducing the amount of protein in my diet (bad!) in an attempt to meet the carb requirements of the SP plan as well as control my diabetes a bit better (I got a stern talking-to at the doctor's office about the drain bamage low blood sugars cause)

Now, I see the changes I will have to make:
1 - I have to at LEAST cut back on the amount of diet soda I drink D: This is by FAR the scariest part of this diet plan! Meeble.

2 - I have to bow down to the protein drink deities and buy some of the stuff, or possibly have my EAS and an apple rather than my normal snacks (almonds + apples or granola bars)

3 - No more cheating, period

4 - QUIT EATING AT NIGHT - I need to get some peppers/carrots!

1 - Make iced tea/chai tea, and slowly wean off the diet soda - get it manageable to 2-3 cans/day maximum

2 - Eat better pre- and post-workout meals to curb evening hunger

3 - Possibly reduce amount of insulin taken, and rely more on fast-acting to bump me through meals

4 - Use fruits and veggies to snack on to reduce sugar cravings

5 - Keep eye on prize!


March 29 - Weigh-in and measurements

April 1 - 7 - Detox, scheduling, plan meals, reduce insulin as needed

April 8 - 14 - Complete reduction/detox of artificial sweeteners, work on increasing intensity of cardio workouts

April 15 - 21 - Go low-carb all the way, reduce calorie intake by 10% - 20%

April 21 - 30 - Maintenance of goals, carb-load 1 day per week

May 1 - Weigh-in and measurements

May 1 - 14 - Intensify weight training, increase protein intake

May 14 - 31 - Maintenance of goals

June 1 - Weigh-in and measurements


And I will see how this little fast break does at that point!

3.  This weekend is the weekend of eating but mainly regurging whatever I want!  So far, I've had:  McDonald's ice cream (it's non-dairy!), pizza, Raising Cane's chicken fingers, and a donut.  Tomorrow, pad thai and Jeni's.  Then, on the wagon (if I can get up on the damn thing).

4.  Listening to Ministry and Erasure just makes me happy.  <3

5.  I love crossword puzzles and Augusten Burroughs.  The end.  :-)
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