Mar. 28th, 2009

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Things that you should not Tweet:

1. The fact that your husband has committed suicide.

That is a hell of a thing to read on your Facebook update list. :'-( I will be heading over to her house soon, once I think of something appropriate to say to her.
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Something more like an actual update:

1. I've shrunk an entire INCH! Am now 5 feet, 8.5 inches, due to skeletal "readjustment" after weight loss. Quite surprising, since it never crossed my mind that this would/could/does happen, but it makes sense - less to cart around, less bone needed for supporting structure. My doctor is not concerned with bone loss, because I get plenty of calcium, high-intensity exercise, and am in generally good health.

I started intensive Vitamin D therapy (uh, intensive for me in that I'm taking supplements for it) and have added Omega-3 supplements to my regimen over the past 6 months. My serum vitamin D was low with my last CBC, even with the extra, which the doctor is concerned about, but kind of makes sense given the whole "readjustment" scenario.

This must be why people who've lost a lot of weight and kept it off sometimes look completely different. My college roommate and I were looking at pictures - one of us when we lived together (at 225 and 275 lbs respectively), one of us in 2006 (at 190 and 220), and looking at ourselves now (170 and 200) - and it is insane the difference even between 2006 and 2009 in what we look like.

2. Now that my BMI, RMR, and BMR has been adjusted, I really need to jumpstart losing those last 20 pounds! Read more... )

3.  This weekend is the weekend of eating but mainly regurging whatever I want!  So far, I've had:  McDonald's ice cream (it's non-dairy!), pizza, Raising Cane's chicken fingers, and a donut.  Tomorrow, pad thai and Jeni's.  Then, on the wagon (if I can get up on the damn thing).

4.  Listening to Ministry and Erasure just makes me happy.  <3

5.  I love crossword puzzles and Augusten Burroughs.  The end.  :-)


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