Jan. 13th, 2009

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'Cause I posted it over at Sparkpeople, it's already written:  Things that have changed since I lost weight, volume 1: )

I did have a moment of whoa recently...maybe it will make you think, too.  I was reading an article (and goodness knows I can't remember what magazine it was in - possibly Prevention) and it made the point that most people could not save themselves or their loved ones if they were in an accident/disaster.  Meaning, they do not have the strength to pull themselves out of a shallow hole, the ability to control their exit/descent from a second-story residental window; they could not carry a 50-pound child up or down 5 flights of stairs without stopping.

While I hate those "OMG OMG PANIC PANIC ABOUT SILLY THINGS THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN!" kinds of articles, this really struck a chord.  Going into scenarios would only add to that panic above, but think about it:  if you were in imminent danger, if your kids were in imminent danger, could you do those things above?  And no BS about the adrenaline effect?  Honestly?

I'm starting plyometric work this week.  You know, just to be sure.


Since I work in what most people would consider Eden, I am free to listen to NPR to my heart's content, take a longer lunch so I can work out, etc. etc. (I hear you gagging), I've gotten to listen to our President-elect quite a bit over the last 2 months.

I'm not sure if it's because I've been forced, for eight long years, to listen to a monkey-man talk about policy and planning, or if Obama is just that awesome.  But wow man, I'm psyched for the inauguration and can't wait for the new administration to get in here!

The vast difference (paraphrasing, natch):

Q:  What are you going to do about Gitmo and the allegations of torture and rendition?

W:  Wut?  Oh, uh, I ain't gonna do nuttin.  Dem's bad people down there in, uh, down in Gitmo.  Those evildoers are hiding secrets and we've got to find out what they know by whatever means we can.

Obama:  We're going to close Gitmo.  Yes, I realize that there are a lot of bad people there, and it will take time and effort to work through this complex situation.  But we will do it with all due diligence and as quickly as we can, protecting both the rights of the detainees and the safety of the US.

It's like a tall, cool drink of water, I tell you.  (The rhetoric, not the man.  Michelle would cut a bitch if you stepped to her man like that!)

Finally, Cbus peeps:  I'm going to a water aerobics class on the west side, Saturday 1.17, 9:30am.  I have free passes for the gym.  Buzz me if you're interested.  It'll be fun!


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